Who starts a blog on December 1, 2009 and in the first month does 109 posts?

Who has over 300 followers in just 2 months?

Who is an attorney who works in the Coalface but dresses like a movie star?

Who shops at Jean Browne for clobber?

Who says, "chipped nail polish revolts me"?

Who has 11/10 days?

Who makes me want to go to Australia for the first time in my life?

Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't feel bad because I have to ask her all the time what she's talking about.

She is such a fearless, funny writer, I don't think she'll be around here for long. She is definitely gonna be scooped up by someone big. She deserves a column in a proper magazine.

You've been told.

Run, don't walk. (sorry, I can't help myself)

faux fucshia


  1. Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for this lovely sweet and generous post!!! I've mentioned you in mine. No one on your blog knows who I am! This is so funny, I dragged Mr FF to the computer the second he got here to show him! Thankyou Janet xxxxx

  2. I love all her dresses - swoon!

  3. I have recently become a FF fan, and now I have discovered your blog and it looks fab too, you blogging ladies really brighten up my day (rainy old England, now coming into spring but still really cold), Best wishes Blighty

  4. I follow her blog and comment on her pretty frocks, they are lovely.
    She sets the bar pretty high for the those of us fashion wanna-be's and keeps us in the loop, very posh indeed...I agree Janet, she could be in a magazine or a paper, good call.

  5. Oh..she is delicious blog eye candy without the calories!!! Thank you for posting this. I am enjoying both your blogs now. : )


kindness is never out of style.

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