I'm packing for a long weekend away to Palm Springs to celebrate our anniversary. There will be hiking, yoga, massage and lots of good food involved. I'm wondering if I can get 3 days worth of clothing into this bag. It's always worked before, I think it will work again. I'm a very light packer. People are amazed at what I can fit into this bag. The weather is supposed to be a mix of rain and gorgeousness so a bathing suit and raincoat will be required. While I'm packing I am slathering myself in L'Oreal instant tan stuff. My natural skintone is somewhere between transparent and Benjamin Moore's Ultra White. I purchased a couple of items for this trip. A new vegan purse (that's fancy talk for polyvinyl) that has an origami look to it. Also, a sort of retro looking dress that has a very Palm Springs vibe to it. We are staying here, which Kelly Wearstler designed. It's all black and white with yellow accents. I will take try and take lots of photos.


  1. Well have a fabulous time! I'm quite jealous. :) Take lots of pictures and whatever you don't fit in that!

  2. Oh Janet, sounds wonderful - have a great time. Packing is always so hard - you want to look nice on the road but don't want to schlep too much stuff. xo Terri

  3. By the way, love your cute new dress and bag.
    P.S. I am the same colour as you, and gave up about 13 years ago worrying about it and use sunscreen always. Rather look young later in life than good now haha. I just avoid bathing suits haha.


  4. Janet, I take it as a huge compliment! I adore everything about her home. I even thought maybe I would do my post tomorrow as they are basically the same posting!
    Have a wonderful time on your getaway! Sarah

  5. Sounds like fun! And I am loving your frock!


  6. Gorgeous.. have a great time Janet - the place you are staying looks absolutely fabulous... Lovely dress too btw. And am most envious of your light packing.
    How do you find the L'oreal tanning stuff.. one I thoroughly recommend (as no 'sunbaking' (as the Australians call it - so funny!) here for me in the Oz harsh sun) is the Nivea firming gradual tan moisture lotion. Gives fab. results NO streaking and very natural and plus smells of apricots too.
    Have fun xx

  7. I had to go to Palm Springs once on business. There's such incredible positive energy there. I loved it. (The flight back to LA in a 10-seater plane was a different story.) Have a wonderful, relaxing time!

  8. Janet, have a happy anniversary!!
    Kisses, Ana

  9. Love your bag and dress! Have a wonderful time - and think of me in the middle of a major snow storm.


  10. Have a wonderful time I will thinking about you as I comtemplate the snow drifts out the window. Cute dress and bag.

  11. Hi Janet!
    Happy, happy Anniversary!
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I think KW designed this hotel for YOU!!
    Three days in that one Coach bag?? You really are a good packer! BM's Ultra White?!!! Too, too funny. Love your dress- take a photo on your trip with you in it for us! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!
    Happy Anniversary!
    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment!

  12. Hi Janet - Have a wonderful time! I love that dress and admire your packing skills. I inevitably over pack and don't wear many things I bring on a trip. Sunscreen has always been a must for me.....very fair skinned here too. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing the photos. Happy Anniversary!


  13. Love the fact that you can pack all your gear into that Coach bag...what are you taking? I go away for a weekend and have the regualtion size carry on plus a makeup bag!
    Lovely looking resort! Enjoy your anniversay!

  14. Wowee wow. Have fun! Perfect time of year for the desert.

  15. Love the dress! I couldn't fit my clothes in that tiny bag! It would barely contain my makeup! Happy Anniversary! Will it be hard to source vegan produce in Palm Springs? Pls take photos xxxxxxxx

  16. Oh Janet, what a gorgeous place to stay! It's absolutely scrumptious...such beauty everywhere. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! XO Trina

  17. Have a wonderful time Janet! Love your bag and I think you can fit it all in there too.

    xx kelley


kindness is never out of style.

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