spicy potato stacks

darling, aren't they?
and wait til you taste them.
they are spicy and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

i only make 2 changes to this epicurious recipe.
i halved the amount of oil and i do not sprinkle the extra salt at the end, as they are plenty salty w/o that extra amount.

i think they pair beautifully with the enchiladas and it's a fresh way to serve roasted potatoes.
wouldn't they be perfect for brunch?

see you tomorrow.



  1. The potatoes look delicous, Janet. Thanks for the link!

  2. Look delicious . . . I saved recipe into Paprika.
    For years I have sliced potato thin, put on parchment paper, spray with evo, add spice, baked at 400 degrees, 10 minutes or so. This is a new creative twist. . . . Thank you

  3. I have to try this, they look delicious. My husband hates potatoes in any shape or form but we are having house guests that I need to feed and yes, these would be perfect for brunch. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I'm making these tonight!!!!!

  5. Darling potato stacks.

    My husband is making your enchiladas for Thanksgiving. I see no reason why he can't add these potato stacks to the menu.

    Sam Twain

  6. Look and sound delicious and how clever to add the sprigs of rosemary!
    I'll try this one Janet.

  7. They look delicious Janet! Have a lovely new week! Madelief x

  8. these look adorably rustic, not to mention delicious ♥

  9. I luff these! Am very sad about our changed plans too. But it's enough that you think of me while Tripping the Light Fantastic.

    Post storm I have no foxtel (cable tv) or internet so I have been decluttering- 3 huge rubbish bags from the kitchen laundry and bathroom.

    So satisfying to get rid of stuff I truly do not need or use and doesn't value add.

    Pop over to my blog and have a look at O's paintings from kindy. So sweet.

    Love you xxxx

  10. adorable...they would be great for a brunch, or just about anytime! Cool photos!!

  11. I love potatoes in any form and these look delicious. My favorite way to make them is to cheat a little bit and put them in microwave for about 2-3 minutes and then slice them and fry them with all the spices. Not so healthy I am afraid but they are always a hit in my family.

  12. Those will be stacked on our plates tonight!
    Do you mix sweet potatoes and ordinary potatoes? I love sweet potatoes, they are just a bit hard to find at the supermarkets.
    Commenting here I often feel as if I were living behind the iron curtain, pre-1990. ;-)

  13. yes i mix the potatoes but i honestly prefer the regular russets over the sweet. but you will love these paula, they are a bit spicy so prepare yourself.

  14. We want to try this... Looks so Delicious, Presentation was amazing..We really glad to join your blog..and feel so happy and hungry...


  15. I made them and they were easy and incredible! Love them!


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