day 4 - tuesday


I slept past the 4am inner clock!  French press, open windows, check weather.


Ezekiel toast and another cup of coffee.  Pray, meditate, journal.
However the rest of my day unfolds I'm ok bc of this little routine.



The garden is really starting to get on my nerves.  This happens every year around this time.  The heat persists and hand watering gets old.  I know it's over soon so buck up Janet.   My walk was nice tho bc I ran into a friend who is buying a house near me.  It's a big, gorgeous Victorian and I'm thrilled and a little jealous 😂.


Having my breakfast while reading your comments and emails.  You guys are the best.  Seriously your comments bring tears to my eyes.  I'm so fortunate.

Wash up and tidy the rest of the house.  I plan to deep clean tomorrow.


I'm meeting one of Larry's dearest friends for lunch today.  I not only miss my husband but I miss seeing and hearing about his friends too.  They've been a part of my life for so long, they are like family.

I've decided to wear what can only be described as a Victorian nightgown from Shop Sunset Vintage to lunch.  I started with no belt but felt like maybe someone would think I'd escaped from the "home" so added one.  Good call.


Lunch was so good.  I almost always get the same thing at this particular restaurant.  The big endive salad with beets, pears and walnuts.  It sounds boring but it is not bc the dressing makes it and I can't quite figure it out.  It comes with big slabs of homemade bread that they brush with olive oil and grill.


TMZ - the real news and wondering what I'll make for din bc I'm still stuffed.


I skipped dinner and so now I'm hungry.  I have a little homemade granola with soymilk and banana.


Bath routine and blissful bed plus a little Veep.  Julia Louis Dreyfus is soooo funny.  I have only one season left 😱.


Good Night.

Daily Total - $0


  1. Love that vintage dress and the belt adds a bit of oomph. Good for you to keep in touch with friends...I believe maintaining social connections are critical to our well being.
    The salad sounds amazing. Big salads in spring and summer are my favourite lunches in fall and winter I prefer soups. Fortunately there are oodles of restaurants that do them well...
    Sounds like you had a better sleep!
    That’s my goal every achieve a restful and restorative slumber.

  2. Love reading all about your daily routine. I'm still working so envy your freedom. I'm totally with you on the gardening. So much to do but here in Indiana it's still so hot and at 61 I'm not quite as anxious to get out there and work for hours.

  3. Good day, Janet, from the sizzling East Coast where despite schools opening while neighborhood pools close, we are reminded that it truly isn't fall just yet. I too have been hand watering . . . perhaps it's our nurturing motherly instinct that compels us to do this.
    My own deep clean has begun . . . I believe it a seasonal hard-wired behavior. A little bit each day.
    Ah, lunch with a dear friend. A very good thing.
    My recent evenings have closed with a couple episodes of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. One simply isn't enough. Am I the last woman on earth to just now be watching these?
    And, lastly, I will close for now where you began . . . at your front door. The color reminds be of a door I photographed in Maine this summer . . . think it might bring a pleasant change to mine. Do you recall the name of the color?
    Not sure if you ever will know what a delight these daily chats are at the receiving end. Thank you.

    1. thank you so much linda. yes, it's benjamin moore woodlawn blue. it's gorgeous!

  4. I laughed aloud at the nightgown/dress. Funny girl. Those birdies you modeled are so cute , I hope the company sees that shot and it goes viral.Enjoying your day to day news.

  5. Count me in as one who's really enjoying these snapshots of your days. And I made your overnight oats last night for my breakfast this morning, complete with half a banana and a handful of blueberries. Thanks for sharing that!

  6. I know that salad! Yum :-) Enjoying your daily posts.

  7. Honestly, you could wear a bin liner and make it look chic! Love the sound of that salad (my current cafe lunch favourite is a fig, walnut and green been salad). The season is on the turn here and I'm very welcoming of autumn and the cooler weather.

  8. Can I just say how much I am enjoying these posts ... after enjoying every post you've done all these years. That dress is divine!

    Shelley Rose

  9. I thought the first shot was of you waking up, so, yes, the belt was everything in taking that outfit into the world. Looks great!
    I am sure your husband's friends need to hear from you, too, to have a chance to talk about him.
    We will continue to have heat for another month, and it's SO dry (another wildfire not far away; our house is choked with smoke). I avoid watering because of the drought, but as a result my tomatoes have been near-dead for two months. Difficult decisions.

  10. I'm really enjoying reading about your daily routine and happenings, Janet - not for the cost effectiveness - just because it's interesting! You look smashing in this linen dress. You are tall, slim and pull off these beautiful clothes like a model. I'm short (5'4") and have a little extra padding. Not into dressing up. Right now I'm in yoga leggings (I did go to yoga this morning) and a t-shirt that advertises a bookstore. ;-)

    I hope getting together with one of Larry's friends touched your heart...I hope that you two talked about Larry and shared wonderful stories together.


  11. I love how you seem to style your life - I feel calmer and more relaxed just reading about it. The heat here is oppressive and not likely to relent until the middle of next month, so I hear you about the watering. I don't grow flowers or vegetables at the moment, but just keeping alive the few landscape plants we have is a chore.

  12. What a beautiful gift this is to us everyday! Thank you, J! xo (@purplewildflowers) ;-)

  13. I'm getting addicted to these posts, Janet.

  14. I believe the best indication of a person's well being is that they still have a sense of humor. Your comment about the belt made me laugh out loud. A gorgeous dress either way, mostly because of your inherent style.

    As much as I love to garden, late in the season is a challenge...I begin making notes about what to do differently next year. But that's part of the joy of gardening...looking forward.

    Having friends who knew your husband is a great gift. I had much of the same because of our little business, so I was able to talk about him a lot with others who knew him. It still holds true after 7 years when I run into an old customer. They all seemed to love him almost as much as I did.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  15. Your dress looks very charming! So nice you were able to meet up with Larry's friend. I hope it was a comfort. These posts are so inspiring. Thank you Janet.

  16. I love your early morning routine. I am getting ready to retire and hope I can start a similar routine. Love your dress -- you always look so stylish!

  17. I selfishly hope you continue these posts for the rest of the month- so interesting and endearing. I literally laughed out loud at the belt comment. By the way- you would be the chicest escapee from "the home!" Oh- and I am in the process of selling a big old Colonial (too big now for just me and my dog). Have my eye on a charming cottage and thought to myself; "I hope I can make it as lovely as Janet's cottage!" Thanks for so much inspiration.

  18. Joining in the chorus of those that savor these daily posts! What a delight! I don't want them to end!! I'm also on the late summer garden bandwagon where you are ready to pull the thing out, which I was going to do this morning with the green beans until I discovered them full of beans, argh! Didn't have the heart to do it and am giving them another week of life, then out they go lol. Love the comment about escaping from the "home" in your nightgown - priceless! xo

  19. I know you don’t want to dwell on your grieving on your blog and it is such a private process. I find your a woman of wisdom and compassion. A little insight for us clueless would be so helpful. Losing a husband is different from a Father or Mother. My neighbor suddenly lost his wife two weeks ago. A close friend lost her husband suddenly on a vacation. What has been helpful to you and what has not been from other people? Everything you read about what to say sounds so cliche. I want to be helpful and kind.

    1. thank you sunny. yes i've not wanted to grieve in this space but how can i not? i mean my daily movements are all part of grieving. i can write a post about what has helped and what hasn't but i'm hesitant to do so bc it's sooooo personal and everyone grieves differently and there is no right or wrong or proper timeline. and i'm no expert and would hate coming across that way. what works for me might be dreadful or even unthinkable to someone else. i will put thought into it. thank you for bringing it up bc i had no idea what to do before this and i def know now. x

  20. I can't begin to tell you just how much I enjoy hearing about the regular comings and goings of your day. You are graciously showing us all how to move forward when faced with challenges. I hope to display even a fraction of the grace that you do. And I agree with the other comments; you can make something so simple take on a classic look. Well done my friend.

  21. I rarely comment, but faithfully read. Love these daily snippets.

  22. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your activities of daily living. It means a lot to me to see such gracious and whole hearted living at its best. I love and so much admire how you minister to your own spirit rather than escaping into numbing behaviors and habits. I read today that grief is like an entity. Everybody deals with it differently but no matter how we choose to cope with it, the entity is always just "there" until eventually, as time passes, its presence becomes gradually less and less constant. Larry would love seeing you (and maybe he does) in this beautiful dress and I'm happy that his friend got to see you. It probably meant a lot to him for you to take the time and make the effort. I pray for you every day. Thank you for your willingness to share so much of your life with us. It's a very valuable life! xo karen

  23. Love hearing about your day.
    Hurricane Dorian is about to come to Charleston so it will be a long night. Hope my power stays on!

  24. Thank you for your words...your style and I wish for you little pleasures to get you through the days and nights. I work at a school and recently two of the boys, teenagers, lost their father suddenly. I saw one of the students today and he was walking in the sunshine and enjoying a laugh with his friends. His father would have been so happy and I was to see him enjoying ife, friends and the moments that make us who we are...x

  25. I love these posts too. I think I will go through withdrawal when you stop! I am glad you find comfort in the comments of your followers, because the love is real.

  26. I too rarely comment, but I’m enjoying this so much. I’m taking note on slowing down a bit and being aware of what I’m actually doing during my day. I have the impression you are so classy and genuine. And.. I loved the tutorial on the messy bun. I’ve never been able to do that and now I can. The little things! Peace


kindness is never out of style.

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