day 1 - saturday

Hello lovely friends.  This week I am attempting to give you a day by day account of what my life looks like now bc many of you had questions about my dailies.  I am going to loosely follow Refinery29 money diaries.  Instead of grouping the whole week together I will do each day of the week separately.  You will see just how ordinary my days are as I'm no longer working and have lots of free time.  Also, not every minute of the day is accounted for bc who can do that?  Also also, some details/times are approximate for safety reasons.  So lets give this a go...

Saturday morning 4:30am

Despite being 4:30 am this is still my favorite time of day. I wake up this early most days bc I'm still trying to break the 3am medicine schedule that Larry was on for over a year.  Some days I will sleep later but now I don't fight it.  I figure my body will sort it out one day.  Today is not that day tho.  I turn on the hot water for my french press.  I go around and open all the windows in the house to let in the cool air.  When my coffee is ready I get back in bed and begin thinking about my day.  The first thing I check is the weather to see just how hot it's going to be and plan accordingly.

This truly is the most special time of my day.  It's so quiet and peaceful.  It's my time for prayer, meditation and journaling.  This sets the tone of my entire day and I love wondering how it will unfold.


Ready for another cup of coffee and a slice of ezekiel toast.  Then I'm dressed in walking clothes and get out for my morning walk.  I usually see the same walkers each morning which is nice.  It's a gorgeous walk and I'm grateful each day for it.


Time to do the watering and small garden chores.  I don't have a sprinkler system so its all by hand which in this heat is almost a full time job.  I will deadhead and pull weeds, trim ivy etc. Nothing too strenuous this time of year, big things can wait til fall.


Back in the house and I'm starving.  I made my breakfast oats the night before.  They normally consist of oats, soymilk, 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup blueberries but last night I made a carrot cake bowl of oats.  It consists of oats, soymilk, 1/2 cup shredded carrots, raisins, a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon.  It's really good but I prefer the simpler blueberry and banana.  Wash up dishes & sweep kitchen.

Time to put myself together.  I rinse my face with water and apply my moisturizer.  I've had horrible allergies this year and so I'm not wearing any eye makeup a all. I apply my Revlon Foundation and a slick of On Fire Red lipstick.  I'm as shocked as the next person that I'm using drugstore cosmetics but circumstances were what they were.  Before hospice I spent hours and hours at my pharmacy.  Literally on a first name basis with everyone there.  My life was upside down and I could barely think straight.  I bought these products and now I'm hooked.  Not saying I'll never change but they still fit my lifestyle and esp. my budget these days.  Wipe down bathroom sink, swish loo, fold towels.  Make my bed,  straighten closet, decided against doing laundry.


I usually start thinking about lunch now.  I almost always go to a 10 am or noon yoga class so I want to have something in my stomach bc otherwise my energy will be too low.  Today it is tortilla soup which I've blended in my Vitamix.  I just recently discovered the recipe and I love it.  It's basically veggie broth, garden tomatoes, celery, zucchini, onion, jalapeno, spinach, garlic and a teaspoon of taco seasoning.  I chill it in the refrigerator and it's so refreshing on hot summer days.  If I'm ambitious I'll throw a corn tortilla on a skillet to accompany it.  Wash up.


Yoga was lovely.  I love my studio and instructors.  The owner really has created a serene place of healing.  She adds so many little niceties like cold eucalyptus towels, deodorant, hair ties and clips.  All the things you need if you are running errands or going back to work.  I really do adore this place.


I'm starting to  think about a snack.  I make peanut butter with celery.  I'm working on my blog this afternoon.  If I'm taking pictures for the house I usually do it now because the afternoon light in here is perfect.  I always shoot anything outside in the morning because of the shade.  Now that I have a small tripod and remote I can shoot whenever I want and that's a game-changer for me.  Larry always took my photos of me prior so I really had no idea what I was going to do and how I'd be able to keep the blog going.  My daughter in law suggested the tripod/remote and it has opened up a whole new level of creativity for me.  I received a pair of Birdies yesterday and they are so pretty I wanted to figure out a way to shoot them properly.  The photo above is what I came up with.  I now look at my blog as a small job, something I never did before.

Quick review of the Birdies - Beautiful, absolutely beautiful sandals.  They call them slippers because they are so comfortable.  The reviews said to size up if you are unsure.  I went with a 7 and they fit but a half size up would have been fine too.  They are like bedroom slippers but you can wear them outside because they have a very durable sole.  We still have a good 6 to 8 weeks of summer here so they are much appreciated.  Pretty & comfy period.


Okay don't make fun of me but my guilty pleasure is TMZ news.  I know I know.  But it's lighthearted and I love the banter between Harvey and his staff.  I call it the real news.


Dinner.  The other day I made a big batch of zucchini fritters so I'm having them cold on homemade bread with a slice of homegrown tomato with a peach and a pear for dessert.  Nothing fancy but it's delicious.  Prep my morning oats and coffee.  Wash up.


It's cool enough tonight so I'm taking a quick evening stroll through the park.  It's just beautiful out and the sky is pink!


Bath - my 2nd favorite time of day.  My hips are extra sore tonight from yoga so I add Epsom salts which really do work. I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap on a bath poof to help exfoliate my dry skin.  I wash my face with Osmosis Purify Cleanser, the orange scent is intoxicating.  Since I'm going to be soaking I apply the Osmosis Barrier Repair Mask.  You only need a nickle size amount so it lasts a long time.  When I get out of the bath I apply olive oil to the bod while still damp and then Osmosis Epidermal Repair Serum and then finally Osmosis Quench Moisturizer.  I switched from Aveda to Osmosis about 4 years ago and I can't believe what a difference it has made.  My skin has never been this smooth!


In bed I watch one or two episodes of Veep which I'm addicted to.  I'm running out of episodes so any suggestions in the comments will be much appreciated.  Finish the day with prayers and then Zzzzzzz

Daily Total - $0


  1. Janet I think your day sounds blissful. Simply serene and you are incredibly mindful as you move graciously throughout your day...walking is my form of meditation and your comments about the yoga studio reminds me that I must get back to my yoga practice.
    Look forward to reading more...lovely shoes!

  2. Sounds lovely and I am so enjoying you posting more. I too am in to finances big time right now. You might enjoy my favorite podcast, Choose FI.

  3. Congratulations on striking out on a new path, your day sounds lovely and comforting. The Great British Baking Show is fun to watch.

  4. I enjoyed this, Janet. May do something similar on my blog if you don't mind? I'm enjoying Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.

  5. I love those sandals! They are adorable , and your feet looks so pretty! Goodness, you eat so nice and healthy. Something I want to do , and do sporadically, but then I start veering toward wicked junk food. Really enjoyed this post. Kay

  6. Janet - thank you for a fantastic post which is right up my street! I love reading about your day and in great detail. I need to up my game re. getting up earlier and going for an early morning walk. My rising time has slowly gone from 0700 - 0830 which I don't like at all. Then I skip the walk. And I need a serene yoga class.
    I can just see you pottering about in your gorgeous home. You're living an extremely high quality life on a small budget - my goal.

  7. Thanks for posting your day - all the little details are food for thought. If you're looking for shows on Netflix particularly I have a few to recommend. Frasier re-runs are a particular favorite of mine. I've seen every season several times and they never get old (to me). Have you watched Grace and Frankie? What about The Kaminsky Method? There's also The Great British Baking Show and Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. These are all fun, not too serious and all are enjoyable.

  8. Thank you for this beautiful post. Your daily life seems very simple and's very moving to read about. I love the Great British Baking Show as well, for some good kindhearted fun. I also love The World's Most Extraordinary homes on Netflix. The hosts are charming and it's fun to see incredible architecture all over the world. <3 from portland

  9. Gorgeous toes, reminds me of Kate spade circa 1990’s. Classic as always. The simplicity is encouraging. You are so strong and I am so sorry your road has been so painful.

  10. This is exactly what I wish people would do when they say they just do this & that, but don't give any details. I want details. I love very early morning as well & have no problem with getting up at 5:00 a.m. in the summer, but as the days shorten I have a harder time because I tend to just follow the sun's rhythm. I plan this winter to set my alarm for 5:30. It is because I love that early time best for reading a devotional, praying, reading scripture & then journaling about what I have read.

    I'm not a TV watcher, but do have Netflix & Amazon to watch movies & certain series on my computer. I also listen to podcasts & watch TED talks in the evenings when I have extra time...watching on my computer. I'm going to look up the podcast recommended above by Mickey. I don't have a meal schedule, but just eat when I feel hungry...trying my best to keep it healthy.

    I am so very glad you decided to continue your blog! Godspeed...

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  11. Janet, glad to see another post from you and will check in daily! You have such pretty feet and those are very cute shoes. I have Hulu but have thought about getting Netflix as well. I love Grace & Frankie...Jane Fonda just cracks me up. I got the first two seasons from the library and bought the ones they didn't have. Tony enjoys it too. Also have you read Marie Kondo's books? I know she has a series on Netflix now. And I would not laugh at you for watching TMZ News...I am guilty of watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and this summer am watching Bachelor in Paradise. Tony will proclaim "I am not watching that tonight" but since we are usually doing dishes when it's on he gets sucked in. I usually watch RHOC when I am ironing or folding laundry. :o)
    We should meet up soon for lunch again, maybe when the weather cools off! I'm have some free time now that Tony is back in school.

  12. You are so productive! And active! Your days sound lovely and sane.
    Re allergies: my eyes got all red and swollen and itchy and my doctor suggested I switch to either Clinique or Avène products for makeup and moisturizer. I chose Avène, which is about half as expensive as Clinique here and love it. No more allergies.

  13. You might enjoy French Gardens and Italian Gardens on Netflix.

  14. Your day sounds so lovely and thoughtful. I love how you eat such simply prepared food that appear tasty and healrhdul. Always enjoy when you blog recipes. I make a recipe of yours all the time and enjoy it for days- forget what it’s actually called but it’s the chocolate chip oat patties that look like pancakes. I don’t watch much tv bit having been reading like crazy, especially before bed. Can’t wait to see how you spend the next few days. And I want to say that I greatly admire your strength and resiliency- I imagine some days aren’t easy and grief is there but your dedication to continue living a simply beautiful life shines through in your blog.

  15. Your day is so calm it has calmed me down completely! We have a teenage daughter who has been a handful this summer and last night was no exception, so I need any shred of calm I can get.
    I really appreciate how you are approaching your life with such a sense of grace and acceptance for the last year. It shows your strength and your character.
    I cannot believe how pretty those Birdies sandals are! This is so funny because I bought some Birdies about 10 days ago and I'm hoping they will arrive soon. Very excited for some comfy shoes.
    Your blog is inspiring me, I'm going to try to get back to writing mine because in the early days it helped me cope with anxiety and it was indeed a calming place. I tried switching websites but that's been a disaster so I'll have to go back to blogspot.
    Anyway, thank you dear Janet for this lovely post and for your blog XX

  16. This is my first time ever commenting on a blog. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. I first started reading your blog for the recipes but now I look forward to everything, from the decorating to the fashion and every day life. I thought of you often during your husband's illness.
    Also, if you enjoyed Veep, I think that you would really like Fleabag.

  17. Your days sound lovely - so unhurried and thoughtful. If you're looking for something to watch, try "Call the Midwife". My husband and I have been watching for awhile - there are 9 seasons. Initially, I didn't think I would like it, but I really do!

  18. I love this kind of post, Janet! Looking forward to every one of them!

  19. How great of you to share your days with us. I too am an early riser @ 4-430. I love the quiet rise of the sun and birds song softly rising as they begin their day as well. Looking forward to reading about your "Daily". Be well!

  20. Hi Janet
    That was a fun post.
    tv...I can recommend Designated Survivor. Only 2 of the 3 seasons,the 3rd was not for me.
    I am an early riser , too. Between 3 and 5. We have a similar routine.
    I find the hours of the early morning fly by unlike any other time of the day.I get a lot of reading in those hours. xo karen

  21. I'm reading your blog for first time. Thanks for sharing your day. You motivate me to eat healthy. I live alone since my husband passed away but gratefully live a full life. Attend yoga classes and keep busy volunteering and keeping up w gardening and family. Try to live in the moment but also enjoy TMZ much to my daughters' surprise. My biggest addiction is Bravo tv--so much fun watching housewives of OC and NY besides Southern Charm -- oh well.

  22. Looking forward to your posts! I love this type of thing, the "ordinary" of someone's routine is fascinating, inspiring and educational! So thanks for sharing your day :)

  23. Thank you for letting us in on your days! Your peacefulness is so wonderful! I look forward to reading about the rest of your week!
    Thank you!

  24. Janet , have you shared the recipe for the zucchini fritters?they sound delish

  25. What a terrific day you described. I'm trying a new approach to my days as I'm navigating an as-yet unidentified health thing, so like someone commented earlier I really appreciate you sharing the details of your activities. You've inspired me to clean my bathtub (it's currently housing my clothes drying rack and a skim coat of dust) and break out the Epsom salt. It does work brilliantly to relieve aches and pains but also induces a wonderful sleep, for me anyway. Thank you, have a terrific week.

  26. Loved this! Thank you for sharing!

    I've recently fallen in love w/ the show, Queer Eye. So positive and uplifting!


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