day 3 - monday


Ugh, I had high hopes of sleeping in but not today.  French press, open windows, weather forecast.  Check, check, check.


Toast and 2nd cup of coffee. Pray, meditate, journal.


This is the sun coming up over the orange trees across the road from me.  They pleached the entire grove and it's a thing of beauty.  Time to walk, it's overcast, breezy, lovely.


Breakfast of champions, oats, banana, blueberries.  Wash up and survey the contents of the refrigerator so I can see what needs to be eaten next.  I still have a lot of zucchini to cook and a bunch of greens and tomatoes.  I'm not complaining.


Spending the day with my grandaughter to do a little shopping and have lunch with friends/family.  On my way I fill up the Fiat.  $34


We split a veggie burger and fries for lunch.  $8.50
We also pick up a pair of earbuds and vintage tees for her.  $17


Back home and dinner is the last of the tortilla soup bc I'm still full from lunch.  Wash up and prep breakfast.


I take a nice long soak with Epsom salts and just relax.  It was a busier day than normal and I know the less I do the better I feel so I had probably gone over my limits.  But it was still a good day.


Instead of Netflix or reading I listen quietly to Eckhart Tolle.  I find his voice so soothing.


Can barely keep my eyes open...see you on the tomorrow.

Daily Total - $59.50


  1. Money spent on quality time with grandchildren is money well spent.

  2. oh I'm going to like your Dailies... Do you find yourself loving the days when you spend zero dollars? Not sure why but I feel such a sense of accomplishment on those days....I can go 4 days in a row (the longest so far) without spending a dime! :-)

  3. One of the things I regret most about being an older mother is that my kid's grandparents died when my kid was still young. I loved the time spent with my grandmother (who lived to 99 1/2). Grandparents have such a special relationship with children.
    I was just about to shut down my computer and checked Bloglovin' just one more time to see whether you had posted the latest is so enjoyable to read what others are up to. Somehow it feels stabilizing, like we're all in this together.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I have a fitbit and it records my sleep patterns. I am not surprised that most of my sleep is in the "light" range and I do waken several times each night.
    Have you ever thought of wearing one to track your steps ?

    $34 for a fill up is way better than my car...I try not to drive everyday.

  5. The less I do the better I feel. That statement describes me most days.

  6. Love these daily posts and that sunrise photo is spectacular. I am wondering how much sleep you need to feel rested simply because sleep is something I am struggling with lately. It appears to me that you are getting 6 or 7 hours a night- do you feel this is enough? I also try to see how far I can go without spending money- it is like this little game I play with myself. So happy you had a wonderful day with your granddaughter. I have such fond memories of my grandmother (she was literally my favorite person on earth!). Can't wait to read about how you spent your Tuesday!

  7. this has been a lovely little series of posts.
    I love the relaxed calmness of your days.
    I just finished reading Living in the Now by Eckhart Tolle and have just started A New Earth. he is a wonderful person. I am learning so much.
    thank you for your blog dear heart.

  8. The view across the street is spectacular. I would love to look at an orange grove!

    Grandchildren are precious - how wonderful that you can spend time with yours. My daughter and family have lived far away for my grandkids' whole life (eldest is now 18), but my son is 70 miles away and has 2 little boys. It is such a joy to spend time with them, and so healing. I'm so glad you have that in your life.

  9. I enjoy reading about the rhythm of your days. The discipline of your routine and the intention of not "overdoing" is to be emulated. Thanks for doing these posts.

  10. I love the quote about ordinary things. After my husband died I realized that the thing I missed the most was "the gift of an ordinary day". That became my mantra...reminding myself not to miss the gifts I received each day in the ordinary things that make up our lives. I can see that you live that as well.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  11. I'm enjoying the daily reports, and I love reading about your lovely home. I don't think I've posted here before, but as you and several other posters have mentioned sleep problems and early waking, I thought I'd pass on a suggestion. I was waking very early and not being able to go back to sleep. At a friend's suggestion, I started taking my magnesium supplement just before bed, rather than with dinner. This has made a big difference. Hope it helps someone else.

  12. Had to look up the definition of "Pleach". Love learning new things! And you dailies are so soothing to read. Thanks!

    1. Me too... thought it was a typo, but couldn't figure out for what!

    2. I did too! We've learned a new word.

  13. Simple days are the best, especially spent with a grandchild.

  14. Spending time with your granddaughter sounds lovely! I'm inspired by the quiet rhythm of your days. And, I'm going to miss having a post from you every day when this week is over.

  15. Dear Janet, I look forward to your blog every day. The smell of the orange groves must be intoxicating. Have a wonderful day. Best, Deb

  16. Another interesting, somehow lovely account Janet.

  17. You, my dear, are never out of style....loving your daily posts, they bring calm to my life. Merci

  18. OMG I love these daily posts. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. I too LOVE these daily posts. I must begin a morning practice like yours. Pray-meditate-journal. I'm a spiritual teacher so no excuse ha!. Eckhart Tolle - YES! YES! Such an inspiration you are! Thank you sooo much for continuing the blog and gifting us with yourself.


kindness is never out of style.

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