day 2 - sunday


Wide awake. Start french press and open windows.  I see today is gonna be the hottest day of summer so far, 105!  Yikes.  I read, write, pray and meditate.  Feeling that Sunday lazy that I love.


2nd cup of coffee, slice of toast as much as I want to lay here I get up and out on my walk.  Ran into a neighbor and discussed me getting a dog.  It will happen I just don't know when.


Had to slow down and do some deeper watering today.  We are scheduled for several 100+ hot days and I want my garden to survive.  Picked some tomatoes and green onions.


My normal breakfast of oats, bananas and blueberries.  3/4 cup oats, 3/4 cup soymilk, 1/2 banana 1/2 cup blueberries.  Wash up.
Going to yoga so just a splash of water and moisturizer.  Wipe down sink, swish loo, fold towels.

10 am - yoga.


Starving as usual.  My refrigerator is jam packed with fresh produce from my garden, friends gardens and the market.  What to eat?  What to eat?   Threw together a chickpea, cranberry, walnut salad.  Easy and delish.  Wash up.


Work on the blog.  Read the news, so depressing.  Snacking on peaches.  Sprouts had them on sale, 3lbs for $1.  Needless to say I bought a ton and they are so sweet!


Dinner is a bunch of red and yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden simmered and smashed in a small pot with spinach, basil, red pepper flakes, a drizzle of agave and a small amount of water.  Serve on top of brown rice pasta.  Dessert is a slice of chocolate zucchini bread I made last week.  Wash up and prep breakfast.


Went to a girlfriends house for a visit, nice to catch up.


Bath routine but skipped the mask and serum tonight.  Just the Purify Cleanser and Quench Moisturizer.


Thanks for all the tv recs.  I have my eye on The Great British Bake Off.  My friend recommended the show Fleabag so I watched the first episode for free on Amazon.  It was funny.  Lights out shortly after.

Daily Total - $0


  1. Hi Janet- it is so nice to read about the hum of your days. Love the idea of a dog! My daughters are grown and out of the house now -it's just me and my dog. It is so nice to see how excited she is to see me each morning; she's my protector, my enthusiastic walking companion, and my faithful side kick. Oh- and you got me hooked on overnight oats, super-easy and delicious. I am enjoying your daily posts and look forward to each one.

  2. Your meals look soooo good! And, now I'm going to have to go out a buy some peaches. We got a puppy this past January after not having a dog for 22 years, and I'm enjoying her so much. She's a miniature Australian Labradoodle...I think she's about full grown now at 23 lbs. Very manageable after having had large dogs for years.

  3. Hello! Just read yesterday's post and here you are again... Dog? Most definitely! My two are the happy greeters, devoted beggars and soulful snorers! Just two little Yorkies that have bigger personalities than most people. You will know when the time is right and then the cold - wet nose of your dreams will surprise you! Keep cool and until tomorrow!

  4. Janet, reading your Daily posts makes my heart rate slow and a sense of calm comes over me. Stay cool!

  5. Oh Janet a dog sounds wonderful. Golden Retrievers are fabulous gentle loving and faithful companions....we had one and he was the best!
    Try to stay cool in that heat wave.

  6. Janet, I had thought of suggesting you getting a dog but I wasn't sure if you were going back to work. I have been home with both of our dogs which I think is important as she is not being left alone all day. Our dog is 13 1/2 and up until now she rarely had any issues, (she is a mixed breed) but I would definitely say the last year has been the most expensive. They are great companions and we have met so many of our neighbors over the last 20 years living here.just by walking the dog. So I think it's a great idea!
    I bought some of those peaches too at Sprouts, a great deal. We really need to start a garden, I don't know why we haven't yet. We saw some nice raised bed kits at Home Depot recently. We have always had a gopher problem but now it's a rabbit invasion...I planted a few Gazanias and they even ate those! So we will have to make some sort of cage to keep them out. Do you have any problems with critters?


  7. You might like Jill Abramson's book on getting a dog. She says something about needing a dog when she had a teenager so that there at least was somebody (not the teen) happy to see her.
    Your salad sandwich looks yummy and your tomato dinner sounds delicious. Peaches at 3lbs for $1 is a steal.
    The biggest shocker was yoga on Sunday. Nothing here is open on Sunday. I often do Pilates with two neighbors on Sunday mornings, but it's informal, just us.

  8. Dearest Janet, Am so enjoying your daily posts! I actually was going to suggest to you a bit ago about considering getting a dog so glad to see this is a consideration for you! I could not live without a dog! Would you believe we had four dogs for many years! Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a Pekinese (adopted from a hospice patient) & a Boston Terrier. It was heaven. Sadly they all passed according to their age & this Feb., we were without a dog & it was so hard. Thankfully, BooBoo came into our lives through Cavalier Rescue in March & we couldn't be happier. He is like my little shadow & we adore him. I know you have allergies, but there are dogs, like Shih Tzus, Poodles & Bichon Frises, who are better for allergy-prone people. The shelters are full of wonderful dogs just waiting for a great home. And they make great walking companions too!
    Will try the Chickpea Salad, sounds delicious!
    Your days have a beautiful rhythm of calm, peace & serenity.
    Sending hugs, Katie from Huntington Beach

  9. The Chickpea Salad sounds delicious for these hot summer days, will be trying it for sure! Sounds like a perfect Sunday. I've been working in my garden in the mornings too, tomatoes are still hanging on, but the rest is cleanup and getting ready for fall gardening. Be blessed! xo

  10. Love reading about your days on the other side of the pond. Can highly recommend GBBO and Fleabag, they're both favourites of mine (for different reasons!). Temperatures here are cooling down, thankfully, and the wonder that is autumn is knocking on the door. Enjoy your week!

  11. I can't remember if I posted since I've been back to blogging but I meant to. I'm very very sorry to read that you lost your love. I know that's a huge life change and you miss him very very much and always will. But I am very glad to see that you are back blogging and taking care of your cottage and thinking of getting a dog! Yes, you must. You won't be lonely at all once you have a dog. Love the food you post. That sandwich looks divine. I'm a vegetarian. I try to do vegan but can't seem to do it. I really would like to. I love no guilt eating. Now..I had to mention that I just watched all of Fleabag last week and oh my.....I love that show!!! I need to watch all of it again. Apparently she is not going to do another season at least not any time soon. But oh it's soooo good! I'm sorry I didn't write sooner with condolences but have been away from blogging for quite some time and didn't know all you were going through. I've been through some very very sad times and making things pretty is always my salvation. Proud of you for getting in there and doing it so quickly. It's a very hard process.

    1. nita thank you for dropping by old friend. i was just thinking about you the other day. glad you are back online. i will be by shortly to visit. x

  12. Food looks fabulous again! So nice to be thinking of getting a dog. We have a Papillon who is going on 16. He is a smart, sweet, fun, loving companion. He next to never has accidents in the house and has not been a big barker at all. We also had a rescue poodle, before him, who was the sweetest dog we ever had - just like a baby! And as someone pointed out, they don't shed. Yes, dogs are a lot of company. Kay

  13. That chick pea salad looks so yummy! BTW, I recommend Derry Girls on Netflix. It is such a charming and delightfully funny show...I think you'll enjoy it!

    Renee in Northern California

  14. Your chickpea salad is definitely one I will be making. Always looking for healthy, easy lunch & dinner ideas. And I am thrilled you are thinking of a dog. When my husband died we had 2 Golden Retrievers & one cat, all adopted. They were such a help to me when I came home to what would have been an empty house. In the 7 years since he died, all of those animals have died. I just had to put down my female Golden last month...sad especially because she was the last dog we adopted together. But 18 months ago I adopted a very young female cat who had taken up residence under my front porch...just weeks later my very old cat died. Then in January I adopted a 7 year old white Labrador, who is an absolute love. I can't imagine my life or home without animals. They seem as necessary as a refrigerator.

    Best of luck with your decision.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  15. Getting a dog is a fantastic idea!

  16. You'd be a great dog person, you already go on two walks a day!

  17. Thanks for the daily activities post. You are an inspiration! We all love you so much!

  18. Dogs are such loving, loyal friends. We have a Chihuahua and an Irish Setter. Odd combo but they get along well and love each other. They make everyday better.

  19. Loved this post, simply living....I adore my cockerspaniel, he is number 4 and the love given and received is beautiful. x

  20. I would suggest you consider a Boston Terrier. They travel in the car well, love to be right by your side, energetic enough for a walking partner but love to cuddle on the couch. But most importantly,they are very clean and would match your home decor! :)

  21. Love these diaries of your days. SO calming and inspiring.

  22. Dear Janet:
    You have become a Guru to me! Never had one before nor went in search of the like. Then you appeared with your thoughtful commentary and now these daily accounts which have lead me to understand what I have been doing wrong . . . I am a planner/list maker but not a realist. Janet, you seem to plug into your days chores, pleasures, nourishments, friendships so that these all become one seamless thread thru time - unhurried, purposeful, pleasurable. With this comes my gratitude and pledge to begin NOW with more doing and less obsessing over unrealistic daily plans which seem to have been swallowing up "living" with my obsession over "accomplishment." Does that make sense. (Gong on a walk to think about it 🙃)

  23. additionally . . . animals do have a way of completing us. just the same, one needs to be "all in" before making this leap for our pets depend upon us for e v e r y t h i n g. We always have been drawn to Golden Retrievers - large, loving, patient, kind and very, very furry.

  24. I love this series that you are doing. Such good food ideas.

    If you don't already have a dog in mind, we adopted our guy from Living Free Animal Sanctuary in Idylwild, Ca. Amazing place and I wholeheartedly recommend the Sanctuary .

  25. I too am really enjoying your daily logs. I just returned to WI from 5 days in Vegas with whole food plant based friends (aka unprocessed vegans). It was wonderful to be amongst like minded people. But miserable to go out at 8pm and the temp was still 104! You've adapted beautifully.

    I'd love to have a dog too, just too busy right now. I would feel too guilty leaving him/her home for 10 hours a day.

  26. Yay, a dog! We have 2 standard poodles. Love that there is no shedding so house stays cleaner. Could you pretty please share your chocolate zucchini bread recipe sometime? xo


kindness is never out of style.

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