It's hard to imagine a more beautiful garden than Sissinghurst.
And for me, next to Highgrove, it was the most anticipated on this tour.

Sissinghurst is ancient.  Originally built in the middle ages and at one point in the 17th century was even a prison.
Vita Sackville West and her husband, Harold Nicolson took ownership in the 1930's and together they designed the gardens that are here today.  The garden is a series of rooms created from clipped hedges and the original walls and the effect is nothing less than stunning.

I often just had to pause and take a breath because my eyes were overwhelmed with its beauty.
And while overall the garden is gorgeous it is the details that stop you in your tracks.
I did my best to capture some of those details.  

Joan, I'm thinking you and Dan can make this with all the stone on your property!

Of course I had to squeeze in a cream tea before I left.  

 Have a gorgeous weekend friends.


  1. Breathtaking! It's the one garden I missed. Can you believe that? I think it was timing or distance. Something. Thanks you for letting me visit with you. Beautiful. Those Brits certainly know their gardens!

  2. Oh my gosh, I think this is my favorite yet. So many beautiful shots, Janet.

  3. Amazing. And beautiful. Amazingly beautiful!!!!!!

  4. Had my first, and only, gooseberry's at Sissinghurst. They were in a tart.

    We were told to get our garden visit tickets for after lunch, the kitchen was wonderful too. It was.

    Cannot get enough of the tall meadows....

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Oh Janet, your photos are spellbinding and so totally capture the essence of that incredible place....I read Vita's novel 'All Passion Spent' after visiting and it opened up yet another dimension of Vita's personality for me...I loved it. Greetings from I took the family to the ABBA museum! So funny! Hope all well in sunny California! Rx

  6. Simply Beautiful, Janet! Your detailed photos are lovely.

  7. It looks absolutely amazing, and your photos are stunning, such a visual treat!

  8. loved it too. Wept when I walked under that tower. Will never forget my time there. Just so special.

    Am reading Portrait of a Marriage and loving it sick. xxxx

  9. Oh my gosh it's breathtaking. I'd love to have those gardens...I always think I don't like sculpted manicured gardens until I see ones like this.

    Who owns it now?

  10. Janet, you have an absolutely exquisite eye. The photos make one feel that they are literally there doing the looking. And, oh the cream tea, how it makes me miss England! ~Dany

  11. The garden has fabulous" bones"...I am swooning over the walled gardens and boxwood.
    Ancient architecture that has stood the test of time is such a testament to the diligent caretakers and landowners of the past.
    Your cream tea looks delcious too.

  12. Janet, just beautiful! The photo of the two people by the bench, amongst the white flowers... Beautiful.

  13. Dear Janet
    These pictures are stunning! Such inspired photography of a legendary garden - and it's not only the camera, it's the eye of the artist that creates such wonderful pictures. Loved the way you finished up with the cream tea too. The immaculate gleam of the white china, the luscious ooze of the cream and the richness of the jam, even the tiny chip on the edge of the plate and finally, of course, your reflection in the silver teapot. Magical.
    Pamela xx

  14. It is wonderful seeing Sissinghurst through your eyes! A place as wonderful in reality as in the anticipation. Another beautiful day full of happy memories. Paula x

  15. Janet, Really enjoyed your amazing photos and seeing your trip! I haven't had time to comment before, but it's been wonderful seeing all you did! Thanks for sharing. Love seeing it through your eyes!

    Have a great weekend!


  16. Awesome landscape design. I wish i could see these landscapes by my own eyes.

  17. Lucky girl. And as ever, thank you for sharing.

    Overwhelmingly beautiful, the gardens and the photos. Now I want a cream tea. And I want it now.

    xo Jane

  18. Janet,
    I got the fabric suggestions that white and gold suggested and love it! If you go to their Pinterest page you will see them. I have already ordered the fabric and can't wait to get sewing. Thank you for the suggestion. Finally that room wil feel put together Gina

  19. I picked the vase fabric for the end pillows and will do one in the blue stripe! I am thrilled to see the results.

  20. This takes me back. I once spent a day with Nigel Nicolson before he died. He made me tea, we visited with friends in his living room (a sculpture or cast of Vita's actual hands was quite mesmerizing), and I did research in his crowded little office after touring the grounds. This was in October so the place was autumnly beautiful very quiet.

    Have you read Adams Nicolson's book on Sissinghurst. It's quite fascinating, both on its history and present-day attempts to make it sustainable.

  21. ha!! how did I miss this post?! I will show the bench to Dan upon his arrival home tonight and we'll get right on the challenge!!


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