kayce hughes sale!

Hey guys, just a reminder that Kayce Hughes Annual Summer sale is on right now.
All of Kayce's dresses are beautiful, comfortable and so wearable.
I always get compliments on them - and they are all well made in nice breathable cotton.
So important for sweltering summer heat.

So incredibly easy to style too.  A pretty dress, sandals and sunglasses and I'm set for the day.
It cannot get any simpler.
So pop on over and get them while you can.
At 50% off they won't last!!!

Also, if you have any questions on fit or sizing just contact the store or website directly and they'll be happy to help.


  1. Pretty dresses but they're all too short for my old lady knees. If only they were a tad longer...

  2. Oh my, I love all of it! I wish the bust sizes were just a little larger, I would order quite a few then. Passed it on to my 30 year old daughter who will love it! I may have to purchase one of the clutches! Darling!

    Lisa in Fort Worth

  3. Well, this has been interesting. This is MY kind of clothing. I wish I could sew to make them myself, but I buy out the linen sheath dresses (my dad would call them SACKS) from J.Jill at the start of the summer because it's the only place I can find hot-weather cottony shift dresses I can fit into; dear Janet, we are not all your thin size although we should be and I aspire to be and I am TRYING. Linen really IS the most comfortable, cool-feeling in terms of comfort. J.Jill had the solid colors this season but also some tropical prints, very Lilly Pulitzer (you're probably too young to remember Lilly but she was very big in the 1960s-70s although I think she ahd the brand continued for a long time; she just recently died; one of my favorite Barbie Collector dolls is the Lilly one from several years ago; Lilly Pulitzer gets a lot of copycats but there's nothing like the real deal). Anyway, I guess I've been living under the proverbial cave but I did not know about Kayce. I dutifully went to her site and blog after you've posted here, only to find that Kayce is related to Lilly. What the??? Life is so full of interesting coincidences and connecting threads (I guess that's a pun, since we're talking about fabric and style). I would love to be able to wear Kayce's clothes here in hot SoCal; they are more fashionable than J.Jill. Thank you so much for putting me on to this for the future, hopefully more near than far on the wearing!

    1. yes, isn't that fascinating that she is lily's niece?! and she used to work for ralph lauren!


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