We had a long summer rain over the weekend that surprised the heck out of the roses.  

They are putting out a gigantic effort for another bloom.
So exciting.

The cooler temps also gave me the kick i needed to get moving on a few projects.
I've been wanting to paint the office and so I'm in the middle of doing that now.

I have a vision of navy, white and brass.

I'll let you know how that vision pans out.

This is the navy I've chosen...

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore

Sometimes my visions don't match the end result so I'm a little nervous.
My navy blue fingers are crossed.


  1. You can never go wrong with Navy, Black, or any classic sort of relative.

  2. ...or with roses that surprise you.

  3. Navy, white, and brass. Three of my favorite things!


  4. Navy is my new black!! It'll be fab, I'm sure.

  5. I am loving those colors...can't wait to see. Yes, isn't this cooler weather nice? I was wondering if it was just my imagination! Ha!

  6. I love navy - our library is painted all navy - with a bit of brass...

  7. Everything you touch turns to "gold" a good way!
    Can't wait to see the finished room.

  8. That combo is going to be stunning.....but I am familiar with visions not always panning out:)

  9. I would love to paint a room navy!

  10. Such a gorgeous colour!!!
    Victoria x

  11. good luck with the navy. Did I ever tell you that my Grandparent's live in a black house?

    Garden looks fabulous and lush x

  12. The pink-tipped roses are stunning!

    I'm afraid of dark colors on the walls. It's a bigger commitment it seems, and they fade so quickly. Looking forward to see how it all turns out if you care to share.

  13. I love your blog! I too selected Navy for my formal livingroom. But my color is called Twillight by Nell Hill.

  14. My best friens's bathroom is navy and it is gorgeous. Of course there is a lot of white, but no brass.. Wow that would be even more gorg. I'm sure it will be lovely. Can't wait to see the pics! Love love your blog!


  15. I wish I was brave enough to paint a room dark. I'm sure you can pull it off though and I love a touch of brass. I have some brass candleholders that I got at a garage sale about 20 years ago and I love them just as much today. Can't wait to see it because I love every room in your house.

    We got a cooler day today too...I feel like I'm alive again. :)

  16. It looks good in that sample, I recently took the plunge with a dark teale, with white woodwork, white gloss desk and chair, and white light fitting, am pleased with the finished result, but I was nervous whilst painting too. It helps that the room does not have bright direct sunlight, it's lovely and cool in this UK heatwave.

  17. Oh that sounds stunning and if you're going it, it will be.

  18. I was reading the new House Beautiful the other day and admiring some Navy wallpaper. Oh I just capitalized navy like we're talking about the service:-)

    Anyhoo, the designer said navy is her client's favorite color and I thought about all the years I wore navy blue uniforms to school, and even though I didn't love Catholic school, I might just love navy blue.

    So there you have it. Go girl.

    xo Jane

  19. I'm loving it! Bet that navy looks fantastic with a few gilt framed pictures hanging against it. x

  20. You will love the Navy. Ralph Lauren Home a few years back had a navy office/library decorated room with burgundy and polished nickel accents and black and white photography. The decorated room at the Colorado’s Cherry Creek Mall RL store was covered in Navy felt with the trim painted Navy. I’d been dying to paint my office Navy ever since. Back in February I did, Ralph Lauren “Amalfi Navy”. It’s hard to find RL Paint now that Home Depot doesn’t carry it. I decorated my room with polished nickel lighting, one wall covered with black and white photos, bookcases, a polished nickel and glass Pottery Barn desk, leopard printed desk chair , 2 cream colored modern versions of wing back chairs and a Target folding nickel tripod table. I love my RL Home inspired office. You won’t be disappointed with the navy.

    Happy painting,

  21. Love the blue.... and white, and brass! Seems very you! I think this room is much too lovely to be called an "office," what about "study" or "den", or the "blue room"?! It will feel even prettier if it has a pretty name! (says the woman who names everything;)

  22. Hi Janet! I miss your food-postings ... the inspiration, the photos, the stories ...
    The first all-vegan supermarket opened its gates two weeks ago in Vienna, the second is going to open soon.

    I like the navy from what I can see. Blue is almost always good!

  23. Hi Janet,

    Can't wait to see how the navy comes out...I bet it will look beautiful! A new color is always a little scary, but it's not a big commitment, you can always re-paint!

    Your garden is looking good, especially for this time of year.



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