weekend wear

summer seems to be going out with a bang this year.
string together enough sweltering days in a row and what you wind up with is complete apathy toward just about everything.

case in point, this outfit.
ridiculously easy and comfy.

goodwill t shirt + goodwill shorts + goodwill loafers =  not much effort
but the total was only $5

so yay to that.

have a happy weekend my friends.


  1. Oh this is my look today but with trousers instead of shorts, it was so cold yesterday, I'll be wearing thermal vests soon, ugh.

  2. I'm wearing a sweater today...it's 49 degrees this morning!!!

    Enjoy those shorts! :)

  3. Hello Janet:
    Gosh still possible with you to bare your knees without getting frostbite?!!!! Enjoy while you can. Happy weekend!

  4. Janet, You are a classic..and that does not mean old, it means style.Smiles, Susie

  5. janet,
    you really are the knee's bees in that $5 ensemble.
    love it.

  6. The proportion of the tee to the length of the shorts is perfect. Minimalism is in the details, of course, since it's, um, minimal:).

  7. Hi Janet
    Moschino would say: 'Cheap & Chic'
    Have a lovely weekend:-)

  8. oh Janet...you always manage to look chic and put together...even if the weather has been sweltering hot...you manage to look cool in the shade.

  9. Hi Janet, you and FF's mom are on my short list of the chic-est women!!! You continue to inspire me. Hugs, Allegra

  10. I tend to "decide" that the season has changed and start wearing the next seasons clothes as a show of defiance. It's 80 here today and I'm in jeans and a long sleeve tunic. I think mother nature is winning this one :)

    Because of you I've started poking around in the clothing section of thrift stores. I'm happy to say that I've come home with a pair of chanel shoes($3), bruno magli shoes ($13), a vintage cashmere and mink coat($30), and a pair of leopard printed shoes($13) and possibly my favorite of all is a vintage silk kimono ($6).

    have a great weekend.

  11. You look terrific. The weather has begun to cool in the Midwest, hopefully you will get to enjoy some cooler temperatures soon. It is wonderful. I sure like the font you have chosen for The Gardner's Cottage. Is it a recent change? Anyway, I think it is perfect. Have a beautiful weekend!

  12. Perfect . . . love the loafers . . . used to be my signature . . . because of you . . . I'm bringing them back!

  13. janet--you look great in everything! always -! but i hear you about the hot weather- it just causes me apathy too.

    today in the north county area of san diego it's hot and dry and the winds are blowing and that always puts me on alert because of the fire danger.
    i am wearing t-shirts and cotton capris these days from the goodwill store. i scored 2 more
    pairs of 100% cotton capris the other day for $4 each.

  14. I think Bermuda shorts are so chic, and I love the glasses on head ala Jackie O!

  15. I think you look classy and chic even in your most casual outfits. On truly sweltering days I consider loafers "dressed up".

  16. Hi Janet....I am a new follower from Birmingham, AL. Still hot here and I wore thrifted black bermudas and a thrifted striped top today. I have LOVED reading your blog. Love your fashion style and your home is decorated beautifully. Looking forward to more posts.
    Mary Ray

  17. Hi Janet ventured into my first thrift shop today and walked out with a gorgeous green Italian silk shirt for $3. Loved that my money's going to the Toc-H charity who do excellent work in our country. love Pam

  18. Hi Janet
    how do you keep your whites white? I am messay and bleach them.

  19. Easy to wear, great to look at, perfect for an endsummer weekend... nearly what I am wearing :-)
    And at that price, whish I could find my cloths as such bargains.

  20. Bleach will ruin the fabric of your clothes. Sun dry them; and stop worrying about whites having to be glaringly white - clothes look better the more worn they are; colours fade naturally with the wind and the sun.

  21. Bleach will ruin the fabric of your clothes. Sun dry them; and stop worrying about whites having to be glaringly white - clothes look better the more worn they are; colours fade naturally with the wind and the sun.

  22. Cool and chic and fabulous with enough money lefty over for cocktails, that's what I call an inspired outfit! It's vile here, I had to go out in a mohair cape and knee high boots last night (with a dress underneath, just in case you thought I was channelling a superhero) xxx


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