sunset to sunrise

we wanted to get out of here for the weekend, but where to go?
temperatures here, near 100 and at the beach they were going to be in the 90's.
so being the reasonable people we are, we opted for the desert.

i know what you are thinking, but joshua tree's high was going to be 85 and we hoped not many would notice this, and we were right.

we arrived friday evening just in time to get in a quick hike and watch the sunset, which is a magical time of day in the desert.

there is something about this prehistoric landscape that is both soothing and energizing.

the plan was to get up early, climb ryan mountain to watch the sunrise and have breakfast.
these rock steps are misleading b/c you steps up to the top?  this will be easy,
ummm, so wrong.  the steps get taller and taller and you have to heft yourself and your backpack up well over 1000 of them.  

i took these pictures of the steps on the way down b/c going up it was still dark.

we made it to the top just as the sun was rising

sunset to sunrise in the desert.



  1. That is breathtaking! I am always in awe of the beauty of this earth. I bet breakfast up there was two are so inspiring. XO

  2. can't say it any better than sarah!
    and . . .
    i've forgotten to mention lately . . .
    i like the little creative changes you've made on your site . . . the header and the hand writing!
    you are such a cool lady ajj . . . in every way.
    bear o's,
    tammy j

  3. I love it there, I found the landscape to be just truly awesome. You must be super fit Janet, the climb would have killed me.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, not sure I'd make that climb without bursting. You are amazing Janet! And your hair looks perfect too!

  4. How beautiful, totally different to the Lake District but equally awe-inspiring! the pink sky is something else! x

  5. Absolutely stunning, I would love to do it! Cup of coffee on the top of the mountain while watching sunset? Cannot beat that. I was in Joshua Tree once and it was unforgettable.
    When are you coming to NYC? Maybe we can get together?

  6. Joshua Tree is a pretty magical place, that's true. Great Pics!

  7. Wow, beautiful! Are those campers in the foreground of that one photo?

    1. yes. there are about 130 campsites at this location and you can see there were less than 10 campers there.

  8. Beautiful, stunning, I have no words...
    I was reading a book about the music scene in Southern California in the 60-70's, Joshua Tree was a magical place for many then..Gram Parsons ashes were left there I think.

  9. Simply beautiful ... thank you for this breath of fresh air on a Monday morning!

  10. So beautiful!!! You seem to live such a beautiful, simple and authentic life Janet.

  11. That last shot should be on the cover of a wellness magazine! Very inspiring, I think our temps are going to 'cool down' into the upper 90s today!!

  12. I have never been to the desert....seen it from a hotel room in Vegas, but one day I hope to have a dessert trek.

  13. Wow that's spectacular landscape...
    nothing like an expansive view to inspire.
    I would have never made that climb, Janet you are in tip top shape.

  14. I love your blog Janet.I was born on an island in the Caribean,lived in Europe and in Texas but I have never loved a place the way I love Arizona.The beauty of the desert is breathtaking.My husband and I have hiked the Grand Canyon many times, what a joyful place!Thank you for your beautiful photos.


  15. How magical! What a climb. Always worth the agonizing muscles.

    Do you get spooked about snakes and coyotes and stuff at night? I would be such a wimp living in a land of no scary critters! Bx

  16. Not being a morning person, I'd have to do that in reverse-hike up in the afternoon and settle in with a drink to watch the sun set :)

    Stunning view-thanks for sharing it.

  17. Amazing photographs Janet!

    Have a lovely new week,

    Madelief x

  18. Beautiful pics! I just love Joshua Tree. When we first visited (from the East Coast) I couldn't imagine what could possibly be interesting about the DESERT. Wow - it is so amazing, and the geography is so varied throughout the park. It is incredible (as is the serious drop in temperature (!). I can 't wait to go back.

  19. I'd love to do that trek, looks fantastic. Stunning scenery.

  20. beautiful place ...

  21. hi janet! vacationing in sedona,az this week and this morning we climbed cathedral rock. i did not have a backpack, only a water bottle, but that was enough! we got up early but it was not dark. you are pretty brave to hike up in the dark. take care.

  22. oh good god, I hope GG doesn't see these pictures. she'll be dragging me up there and I will breathe my last.

    Looks so peaceful and beautiful though.....

    Did your calves hurt the next day?

    xo J.

  23. Wow. I probably would have fallen on my butt. But it looks like a very relaxing place to be.


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  25. Beautiful pics and I am impressed you did the hike BEFORE brekkie. Love your goodwill outfit too from previous post. So chic Janet, so chic... XXX

  26. So beautiful and yes the colors are magical at sunset. I think I would be a bit frightened of the wildlife in the dark! Not only in great shape, but brave as well!


kindness is never out of style.

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