the perfect black flat

One of my very favorite outfits.  

black slim pant and black turtleneck
with loafers


bass weejun penny loafers

the ultimate black flat

who am i to argue with audrey, grace or jfk?

simple, classic, comfortable.


what is your perfect accessory?

post it to your blog

if you don't have a blog, email me a picture and i'll post it next week.

this could be fun.

happy weekend ladies and gents



  1. I love a wonderful black flat, too. And a strand of pearls.... You can't get more classic than that!

  2. Perfectly chic everytime !And a black turtleneck Im sorry should be forever published in any book on fashion must haves its signature for me.You can dress it up or down.

  3. Dear Janet, Yes, black loafers...I am completely with you...but I live by Russell and Bromley....bought them for years and wear them until they die!!

  4. Dear Janet, What a beautiful picture of you and the sun shining your front lawn and drive. This will be fun! I can't wait to read everyone's favs. Be back with some of of mine. Love your penny loafers, they just get better. Bet you RL has a pair of those! Hugs, Joyce

  5. I'm with you on the loafers. But you knew that:). You do look just fabulous.

  6. Oh yes! I remember my first pair of penny loafers. I rushed home to show my grandmother, who promptly pulled out two shiny new pennies to put in them. Thanks for helping me to remember.

  7. Janet.... OMG Those are not just loafers....those are Bass Weejins....I am back in high school, mine were chocolate brown...spent a whole week's pay check on them...The next check went to a Navy Pea Coat from the Army and Navy store!!!! Life was Good. And you do look very Classic!


  8. Janet - You're ALWAYS classy! But you can NEVER go wrong with head to toe black!


  9. Hi J
    you look adorable, as usual. I don't own loafers but I think some of those Tods loafers are pretty cute and if I had to loafer it up, I'd get my paws on some of them. My perfect accessory isn't clothing, I think it's my rolex watch. It's not solid gold and it hasn't got diamonds but I love it anyway and you would not believe the whinging and begging I had to action to finally get my mitts on it. xxxx

  10. I'll have to think about my favorite accessory; but, I agree. This could be fun! BTW, looking at you in your loafers, sans socks, I am so jealous. My bare piggies barely see the light of day this time of year. Come on, spring!

  11. Loafer lover here...Just another reason why I enjoy your blog!

  12. I would have to say makeup. Nothing like a freshly made up face!


  13. Fun idea.
    I'm a ballet flat girl but I love those loafers Janet.
    Hmmm I have a few favs, must decide.

  14. Lovely as usual, Janet! I'm posting mine now! Karin

  15. Janet,
    Blighty is Tiny,very pretty, terribly smart, has gorgeous STRAIGHT hair,and could wear anuthing.
    Do NOT believe anything she says about Sucking In, or other rubbish, she's a total cutey.
    She looks about 25.
    Oh, and you will not be surprized to know that she is as funny as a hatful of monkeys.
    At present my latest "can't live without accessory" is the wheely walker. Should ahve it on my blog i a few hours.

  16. can you fix up my typo please - anything not anuthing. typing from hospital bed

  17. Great idea Janet. Love your look all in black, and am particularly entranced with the red geraniums in pots on your pathway.

  18. Oh geez- do we have to pick just ONE??!

  19. Hey Janet!
    I posted my favorite accessories. Thanks for the idea and a little self discovery.


  20. Janet, you are tres chic! My fav accessories are my cowboy boots. Love 'em to death.

  21. You look beautiful! And I love the shoes.

  22. Janet,

    Classic loafers...where are the pennies?
    I had pennies in mine when I was ins chool but now my loafers are penny-less!

    I cannot choose just one favourite...that's why I cannot do the 30 day challenge either.

    You do look magnificant Janet...
    Hugs from the Hostess

  23. great look! You fit right in with Grace and Audrey.


  24. Hi Janet,

    You look very stylish in your black outfit! I like it very much. I enjoy wearing black as well. I am not sure about the accessory I cannot do without. There are so many things that I like!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  25. Janet... I'm going to have to say, my pearl earrings that were given to me by my mother are my perfect accessory. Classic & timeless! Grace Kelly is my ultimate icon, hero, obsession & love! You look beautiful in your post! Perfect from head to toe black... :)

  26. They look fab on you the loafers..well the whole outfit does...sadly they remind me of my convent school days too much so no longer care for the style..prefer my Chanel flats.

    I love your small home my dream to down size to one just like it. Ida

  27. I second your perfect accessory being a black loafer, they go with everything and are seasonless. That and my birkin bag are my two must haves.....that I always feel confident wtih and they never ever get old!
    I am new to blogworld and glad to have found you...please visit me at
    I have a new blog about the building of our new home and my love for design and decor. Enjoyed poking around your blog...will be back!

  28. Dear Janet, You look beautiful, wow! I love black loafers and black turtlenecks and ballet-neck, 3/4 length sleeved tees. Your post and the comments have been so much fun to read. Hugs, Joyce

  29. Timeless.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  30. I have those same black penny-loafers and another pair in cardovan. I bought them both at the Bass store in Carmel while visiting my Sister...they are super comfortable, I usually wear them with jeans. Very cute picture.(-:

  31. One of my favorite
    shoes, too!

    Your outfit is very classy!!

  32. Does a "Bob" Hair cut count? If not, then I would say my wedding band!
    Actually I think it has not left my finger for almost 25 years!

  33. Chic and classic again Janet... love your black flats and you look so GORGEOUS...xx

  34. wow!!! so very chic my dearest Janet, you look gorgeous, truely!!!!!
    Have been looking to the other posts I have missed, love seeing you working at your garden, you look so nice with any outfit you wear my dear!!!!
    Your blog is getting better and better....
    lots of hugs

  35. You are too cute. I totally thought of Audrey Hepburn before I even saw that picture of her! So chic!
    Lila Ferraro

  36. Hello Dear Janet:

    I will post my favorite accessory, perhaps tomorrow. It is not my whitish/grey hair, thank you very much! :).

    Your photos make me think that I should really move west. How I miss the sun and warmth. I too love a black flat...and pearls...

  37. Love the black flats! My favourite accessory is the humble strand of pearls:

    K xx

  38. Only you could make Bass Weejuns look so good, Janet! I was shocked those were Bass shoes. I haven't worn penny loafers since high school. Must get a pair. Thanks for the idea!

  39. Perfect! Love everything and every detail of your outfit. You look lovely.

  40. Oh look fabulous as always!! I love the black penny loafers and the entire look. I must get a pair next fall...I only wear flats so how could I not own a pair of these?

    As to my favorite accessory...I'm with Faux Fuchsia, only I don't actually have a Rolex watch. For quite sometime i have wanted a very simple, classic mid-century man's Rolex. Nothing fancy. Maybe I need to ramp up the whining a bit?
    One of these days...

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    xo annie

  41. You look adorable! You always look simple and classy in how your dress. I took you up on the fun and posted my favorite accessory (ies) at: xxBliss

  42. Black flats are the best!

    I got some great ones at the Elie Tahari outlet in Vegas.

    My fav accessory is my two tone diamond Rolex.

    I bought it almost 10 years ago for my 21st birthday and it brings a smile to my face everyday :)

  43. Ooh...I love these! I am in search of the perfect shoes to go with everything. These might be them.

    I tend to wear my Sperry's every day...hmm.

  44. Saw you mentioned over at Vermont Cottage and thought I'd stop by and say hello! I love your look, so classic! I have a blog, but I'll mail you a copy of my favorite accessory, simple sterling silver and pearl earrings by Waterford.

    If you have time stop by for some dessert, it's decadent!

    I've enjoyed my visit today!


  45. I am looking for the perfect black flat. I will check them out. You look positively gorgeous in your outfit. Thanks to Fiona for mentioning this perfect shoe. It is a great traveling ensemble! I will post my perfect accessory tomorrow.

  46. You look so adorable in those shoes {and outfit!} I've been thinking about my favorite accessory all week since you mentioned yours and I think i finally narrowed mine down:

    That ended up being quite a thought provoking question for me! Thanks for the fun!

  47. Oh you're so beautiful, classy and chic here, I can't wait to get rid of big winter coats and boots, I love this look.


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