this morning

a few pictures of my garden this february morning.  we have been having beautiful spring-like weather for the last couple of weeks making garden chores quite wonderful.  i've moved lots of irises and pruned dozens upon dozens of rosebushes.  something is eating my lambs ear and my orchid is actually blooming and i found out another one of my orchids has buds on it.  quite satisfying.



  1. omg...whatever. We have snow piles taller than me and the high yesterday was below zero! I can't imagine how nice it must be to be out in your garden and having things in bloom. I'm tired of staring at my store bought flowers!

    It looks so warm and peaceful and cheery out there ~ hope you're enjoying your day.

  2. hhhhihi, lélegzetelállítóan szépséges fotók:)))

  3. Your garden looks all tidy and spruced up for the arrival of Lady Spring! Looking after a patch of garden, don't you think the pleasure and satisfaction, the benefits to body and mind means on some level humans were designed to do it? I mean, weren't we, even if it's just a window box? Something so uniquely good and right about it. That's all. Amen.

  4. sarah - i'm heading back to the arctic soon so i'm soaking it up. whatever...

    katalin - hi, welcome!

    belinda - yep, amen!

  5. Lovely promises of what is to come for those of us with snow still coming down. I love your pictures. I remember having roses almost year around while living in Northern California.

  6. An hour in your garden would do me a lot of good! All I am growing outside are icicles.

  7. I don't think there's anything I can add to what Katalin said other than love your galoshes! Are those orchids outside? So jealous right now I would lick your dining room table if I were there.

  8. Well, at least I know someone is enjoying spring! That Steve!

  9. Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You've got my geranium!

    What evil varmint is eating your dear sweet (Vegan) lamb's ears? I love they grey soft furry texture.

    Jean Brown sale starts today. Pity you not here you could come along with me for a look see.

    You look wonderful in your garden.


  10. bonnie and paige - thanks and come on over and get warm.

    steve - katalin says it all. yes the blooming orchid is on the porch at the moment soaking up the warmth. it's colder inside than outside right now. maybe you could lick my boots?

  11. And to think I just home from driving amongst HUGE snow piles -- and I have to go back out soon!

  12. deb - steve is bad.

    ff - i don't know what's eating it. i wish i was going with you today!

    bruce - i hate driving in the snow. i prefer to ski in it.

  13. Your garden is just lovely.. really enjoyed the pics.. looks like caterpillar holes on the lambs ear.. so you might need to spray or just pick them off. take care, Maryann

  14. Hi.I just came across your blog.

    I'm thinking to myself, where does this lady live??!!

    I live in Toronto and today it is -20 degrees celsius outside. It's been such a LONG, cold winter here. I'm a true summer girl, so i find winters painful!

    I love your garden. The red geranium is my favourite. Love your Vegas story. I have never been but hope to go soon.

    Happy warm weather gardening....


  15. Oh you are on top of it, aren't you? Very, very good. Spring approaches quickly. Aren't we having the most wonderful springlike temps? I am especially fond of the eco friendly pebble paths. I am thinking of digging up my lawns next year.

  16. I am in Northern Nevada, elevation 4800 feet and usually at this time of year if there is no snow it is freezing(!) but we are having a really unusual February. In the mid-60s this weekend and I am DYING to go out to my rose garden and prune and cut back and fertilize but have to restrain as I don't trust NV weather! Your geranium looks gorgeous and our daylilies don't bloom until summer. Envy over here!

  17. How gorgeous your garden looks. And your orchid is amazing... Can't believe that you are having such wonderful warm days in February and you look a very chic gardener Janet...XX

  18. ##**# it, why oh why don't I live in California?

    Raking, pruning, the scent of geranium leaves... All like heaven to me.

    xo jane

  19. Looks like you are having wonderful weather for gardening...I think our may be warming up a bit time for pruning.


  20. I'm so envious! I can't believe I was so excited about the little nubs of tulips poking up and you have full fledged blooms. You deserve to enjoy every minute of the spring like weather and your beautiful flowers.


  21. We are covered in snow here. Your photos make me anxious for spring. I have so much clean up to do to get ready for the warm months in my yard...I'm wishing for warmer days to do it. Your garden is lovely.

  22. mariondee - thanks i'll check that out pronto.

    eileen - thanks for dropping by and try to stay warm.

    bodeci - thanks and it has been spring-like hasn't it?

    amy - my geraniums thank you.

    sarah - thanks and i'm v proud of that orchid.

    jane - i don't know? that's a good question.

    my granma's soul - i hope you are warming soon.

    julie - thanks and you have nothing to be envious about.

    nita - thanks and sending you warm wishes.

  23. Oh my gosh, Janet. It's like you never had a winter. I cannot fathom this :) I'm glad you're having great weather and enjoying yourself in the gardern. My (few) boxwood are squished under snow banks and will have to be replaced, poor things! Okay, I'm done feeling sorry for myself!

  24. Lusting after your weather...
    I admire how you keep the garden so tidy....and it's not a small garden.

    Where's the quince?

  25. So stylish... even in the garden! I'm such a fan of your red geraniums and buxus in pots.

  26. How lovely to see flowers in a garden mine seems to have been sludge for months. I was just wondering when I should prune my roses yesterday , is thus about the rig time? I'm in Scotland so there might be a little but if snow to come

  27. Dear Ms Janet, Looking at your lovely garden I have a sudden yen to be in mine with the girls to prune and plant and weed but that is still 2 years away and we have to be satisfied with our window boxes and pots on our 10th storey balcony. Did I tell you that one of our window boxes has been host to a second set of pigeon twins? They are just outside my daughter's window and have been spied on with delight since they were eggs.

  28. Colour, flowers, sunshine! Oh, Janet, such lovely images. I am shivering here, rain lashing down outside and I'm about to climb into a ridiculous amount of outdoor clothing in order to walk the dog!

  29. There are not that many times I miss living in California...but this would be one of them. Here I was all happy that we didn't get the snow that was predicted, and that we will be in the upper 40's today, and then I see - THIS. At least I can say I'm glad SOMEONE is having Spring early, and that you are enjoying it.
    I'm not sure why, but I seem to be getting all my blog posts late these days. Not sure why.

  30. Janet,

    your garden looks so beautiful...and your photography is always amazing! I love the second photo and the red geranium one too! This spring like weather has been nice, hasn't it?


  31. Dear Janet, It certainly looks much more like springtime weather with you than it does here in very grey, very wet, not cold but miserably muddy Maida Vale. You are certainly making a good start on the garden chores and everything looks very tidy. It is, Ithink always best to get ahead of oneself before the real growing season starts otherwise one never catches up.

    Just one small suggestion. The urn contaiing the evergreen in your front garden which acts as an eye-catcher....raise it up on a plinth of some kind. It makes all the difference.

  32. We have been having delightful weather up north here as well. Our chickens have even started laying eggs again!

    You are the most darling and chic gardener I've ever seen!


  33. Dear Janet, Oh, you look so cute, and every thing trimmed up and pruned....and already blooming! Love that garden bench and stepping stones to it, now that is dreamy. Hugs, Joyce

  34. Our gardening world is still buried under snow in Vermont, so right about your posts are just the proof we need that indeed Spring is on the way! Thank you Janet...I could almost smell the warm Earth!

  35. I am so jealous, as we are covered in mounds of snow in northern Illinois. I wonder how many months till the mountains in the parking lots are melted away, and here you're tending your lovely garden. We have 40 degree days to look forward to this next week, so there's hope. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us. It feels like a Valentine's gift!


  36. such a lovely sight as we sit covered (and I mean COVERED... can't even see the stone wall at the road) in snow. I'm "almost" ready for Spring!


  37. Lovely garden!! I’m so jealous, here in Sweden its still snowing if you can believe it :) Have a great weekend! XOXO Nicky

  38. Hi dear,

    I always love peeping over your garden gate to see what's going on.

    We're so spoiled here in California. I lost myself outside today, hours and hours trimming lavender, tending a potager, and grooming a native garden.

    Sending sunny wishes,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  39. Oh, I am soooo jealous! We have had some spring-like weather, but there is no activity in the garden yet. It remains a tired shade of brown, with no signs of the life lurking beneath the surface. You look blissful out there amidst the greenery. I hope you are well and happy.



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