flowers and chalkboards

Last monday i missed jane's flower party and that made me sad so here i am, better late than never and londen is having a chalkboard party today so i thought wow, how convenient. 
here are some flowering quince from my garden and johnny cash lyrics that i love for valentines day.


and and check this out...a new reader to my blog, emilee, who has her own graphic design business called
 designs by freebird, who happens to live right here in redlands, loves jack white and is a vegan was inspired by one of my older chalkboard messages and made this.  
thank you emilee! 


  1. Good Morning!
    Have I told you that is my favorite song?! Actually by Mr. Cash and his beautiful wife.
    Love the quince ... you are the queen of beautiful simplicity. :)

  2. My God you're up early. But I guess if I had quince blooming in my garden and a bright,bright, bright sunshiney day I'd get up early too.

    I also love this song. Though I've been known to wander off the line now and then....

    xo jane

  3. Happy Monday!

    The quince is oh so lovely to look at this morning.

    How cool to meet another vegan in Redlands.

    i agree with sarah- you ARE the queen of beautiful simplicity.

  4. Love the song.
    Love the flowers.
    Love the chalkboard.
    Love the space.

  5. Dear Janet, Your sprigs of Chaenomeles are so pretty and look very attractive in the simple glass vase. I do so think that it is so much more effective to have a few choice blooms arranged with simplicity rather than overblown fussiness. All the impact without the performance!

  6. sorry ... forgot a word..I meant to say I love ANY song by Mr. Cash and his lovely wife. and I could watch the movie over and over ~

  7. Looks like a picture out of magazine! The flowers are perfect and so is the song.

    Thanks for coming to the party Janet!

  8. I love Johnny Cash, but your flowering quince makes my heart sing. We're still far from anything blooming outdoors here in Maine. Thanks for a glimpse of early spring.

  9. Better late than never for the flower party. Beautiful photos and love Mr Cash and Mr White too!! Sinead

  10. janet,
    Reading the Johnny Cash was heart broadening! Love the truth in his lyrics. I am having one of those, "nothing is by coincidence" moments right now. The beautiful art by feebird is similar to a graphic I used on my post today. Seems like we are in a deeper place. Fantastic.

  11. Such a lovely vignette. I love the colors of the flowers juxtaposed against your neutral home

  12. I love that shade of pink, especially against the black board.
    How great to find a like-minded friend in your own backyard.

  13. I gained a love for Mr Cash's music from watching Walk The Line. This song in particular although I've not taken notice of the words before - thank you. Your home photos are always beautiful and inspiring.

  14. Hi Janet, I'm thinking about a chalkboard for my kitchen, perhaps above the stove? I loved how it looked in your son's house. I wondered about your opinion regarding using chalkboard paint to cover an existing board, or to buy a real chalk board cut to size? Any ideas about the best places if I chose the latter? Thank you so much! Christina

  15. Your quince is simply gorgeous!! ♥ your Johnny Cash lyrics're the best.

  16. As if I weren't hoping for an early Spring already, the quince is driving me crazy! A lovely sight on yet another dreary day here in NC! I didn't know about the chalkboard party, but perhaps I'll post a pic of mine, when I post my flowers for Jane, later this evening!

  17. Hi J

    I love your flowering quince. Quince is my favourite fruit of all time- do you cook it? I love its ruby redness when it is poached.

    I wish you lived here, I'd make you meet me for lunch or something.

    K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. HI Janet,

    How lucky you are to have quince in your garden...they look stunning against the black chalkboard. Truly, right out of a magazine. What a wonderful idea especially at Valentine's day to have the words to your favorite love song on your chalkboard. Btw, I think I found another one of your many talents...your handwriting is beautiful!

    Enjoy your flowers.

    xo annie

  19. Love the quince! I've been wondering if it is too early to try to force a branch to bloom. Gotta love June and Johnny.

  20. Flowers, chalkboard and message- all fabulous!

  21. Love the chalkboard and that song, as well.


  22. The quince is so pretty and such a lovely colour and I think I spy a Blenko...vase that is, if I am not mistaken...
    Love your chalkboard too....

  23. Oh, so lovely. I knew that song as soon I read the first line. What a great, simple, loving idea. May steal it. :)

  24. Dear Janet
    The salmony/coral shade of the flowering quince is so Zen-like against the Johnny Cash/Jack White blackness of the chalkboard.

  25. Dear Janet, That is soooo romantic to have in your cottage on your blackboard. You and Larry are such a dreamy couple to me. Beautiful pictures and colors too. Johnny Cash, no one like him. Joaquin Phoenix did such an incredible performance playing him in the movie I think. He sang all of Johnny's songs himself! He was nominated and I think he should of won an Oscar for that. Ooops, I wrote a lot! Hugs, Joyce

  26. P.S. Wow, that song and those words really get you, what a beautiful Valentine. Hugs, Joyce

  27. your flowers are so pretty! hard to imagine you have flowers blooming with all of our snow, but it's such a lovely reminder that sping is right around the corner (I hope;)


  28. I copied the song and emailed it to my husband. So cool!

  29. i am so mad you have quince. it doesn't even grow here, not even in june. we got 2 ft of snow today. can you mail quince???
    love, terri xo

  30. i seriously love your home & the giant chalkboard!! So very lovely! looking forward to following your blog.
    -Kristen @ Just Live Simply

  31. c mcdonald - i would def just paint over a board. on this particular chalkboard i actually painted right over the picture that was in it!

    ff - i think we had this same convo last year. i've never made or eaten quince!

    leslie - i don't know what a blenko is.

    joyce - us dreamy? omg that just cracks me up beyond belief!

    to everyone else - thank you so much. i too love the words to johnny's song and think joaquin phoenix did an amazing job in the movie walk the line. plus i love joaquin for narrating the movie earthlings which turned me into a vegan instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. We have beautiful flowers in Hawaii, but I do love the quince!

  33. Very neat chalkboard!! Love the pretty flowers too. = )

  34. P.S. I'm your newest follower!!

    I'm loving reading about the tasty dishes you have been cooking. Although I am not a vegan, I have been a vegetarian for 11 years and I try to avoid milk.

    SO glad I found your blog!

  35. walk the line for some flowering quince amidst this snow....
    love the look.

  36. Hi Janet - Love the beautiful flowering quince. The Johnny Cash song reminds me of my Dad. He had all of Johnny Cash's albums when I was growing up. I think he sold them all in a yard sale when he and my Mom downsized their home. An unexpected memory for me. Thanks!Deborah

  37. What a gorgeous space...and the quince adds the perfect touch!!

  38. Very Oriental, Janet - and very lovely, the colour of the flowers against the black and neutral tones.

  39. Hi Janet,

    I had a vase of the same branches on my table. They look so beautiful! Almost as if they come from China or Japan.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  40. Saw your chalkboard over on Sixty Fifth it and that's a great song to have on it!


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