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Thank you to everyone who participated in this accessory post.  I apologize up front for the lousy pictures.  They just didn't transfer from email to blogger very well.    I know it was hard for some of you to narrow it down, but it did get you thinking, didn't it? 
I loved reading all your choices and it also got me looking at blogs i've never read before and let me tell you there are some very stylish women out there.  I realize now that i dress like a man.  I'm gonna have to work on that.  Anyway, I would have to say that watches, or timepieces as fiona calls them were the big winners.  Gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry too.  And then everything from suzanne's crisp white shirt to scarves, birkin bags and lots of loafers, deb's cowboy boots and patricia's bob.  Oh and let's not forget Louise's wheelie walker! 
 I truly loved reading about and seeing all of your choices. 

So here are some of the great accessories that you all wear...

With a little pleading from me, steve from an urban cottage, sent me a picture of his favorite accessory.  It's his grandfathers vintage engraved hamilton watch.  love it and your denim on denim.

And while the stylish slim paley had trouble making up her mind on which accessory is her favorite, she eventually chose this wood and hammered silver necklace that she bought in India.  gasp.

Paige from the wandering cottage initially chose her diamond studs.  she waivered between her eyeglasses, which are very chic and her wonderful husband.  cute.

anne-marie, a charming reader from brisbane australia, chose 3 of her favorites...her Faith handbag, her favourite leopard print scarf and her little bit of bling silver watch.  love them all.

And the world-famous faux fuchsia
a stainless steel and gold rolex
i expected nothing less.

a  diamond rolex is the stylish shoegirl's favorite too

 annie, are you next?

  Another reader is the darling Christina.  Her favorite accessory is her pink j crew vest that takes her from casual daytime to evening chic.  so pretty.

The beautiful karin from life in small chunks loves her large collection of scarves.
i do too.

and last but not least, the beautiful sarah of my yellow house  chose her beautiful antique engagement ring. 
 i so love this shot.

Here are some more incredibly stylish and lovely women and their lovely accessories...

Thank you lovelies for always inspiring me.  



  1. How fun is this? So many beautiful accessories, too. I hadn't even thought of my watch (timepiece! I like that!) as an accessory...
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi girl! I love this's so personal and everyone is so stylish!

    you DO NOT dress like a man!!!

  3. I love this post! Everyone is so chic! I love my watch too. I bought it for myself when I was 18.

    You have great style! You do not dress like a man!

  4. thanks ladies but i kinda always have and now it's super apparent. hahaha.

  5. OH GOSH! I meant to respond but could not think of anything. I guess it would be, though, my glasses; for wherever I go people always comment about them.

  6. Pure fun are such an inspiration.
    I'm not sure that i share your thoughts of dressing like a man...just because loafers are your fave accessory...doesn't make it so.

  7. loved this post!!!! i have my moms gold and diamond Rolex, and since i know the price of it, i can't bring myself to wear it. it's like wearing a BMW on my arm! this post is helping me get the courage though, as i know once i do start wearing it, it will no doubt be my favorite accessory.

  8. That's chambray, baby.

    This was fun, Janet! Can I send you all my photos and just have you do my posts from now on? It's really more convenient for me.

  9. Geeezzzz Janet...You have such a soft voice and such a pretty look about you that even if you wore a suit and a tie, it would not look like you were dressing like a man. A tailored look may not be ruffles or flowery prints, but I don't think that constitutes looking masculine. Truth is, I will confess that I have pondered the same notion with myself...especially since I have really short hair! A friend of mine, however, once told me, "You couldn't look masculine if you tried." Now here I am telling you the same thing. No second guessing--You dress beautifully. And...what a thoughtful and intriguing post! Have a great weekend. -Suzanne in Illinois

  10. Thank you for doing this post! It was much fun to participate in.

    I don't think you dress like a man - but you do have a chic tailored look that is so classic and elegant.

    Will you pick something else and do another post like this someday? It's so interesting.

  11. Dear Janet, You have the most wonderful style, and look at that James Perse black dress and kitten heels. Now that's glamour! You always get it right. Hugs, Joyce

  12. Congratulations Janet on gathering up such a fabulous group of perfect accessories and perfect readers. Like Adrienne, I hope you'll do it again one day.

    Thank you for a mammoth coordinating effort putting this post together.

  13. Darling, you are a classic and beautiful! I love your sense of style!

  14. It was a fabulous idea, Janet! It happened on a day when I wasn't feeling the greatest so it brought some cheer and fun into an otherwise gloomy day. Thank you for the mention too. xxBliss

  15. Gosh, I sure hope I'm next! I'm going to have my sweet husband take a look a birthday is coming up... Fun post!!

  16. I'm so sorry I missed this, but I would have had to go with my knife. A small red Swiss Army florist knife. Dulled from too much work but the bloodstains washed away with tears. Ha.

    Still what a treat to see everyone else's choices. Next time?

    xo jane

  17. You DO NOT dress like a man! Okay I do too then.

  18. You never look like a man. You are very tailored and as you pointed out in your earlier post, you dress like some of the most respected classic ladies of the silver screen.

    Happy weekend!

  19. What a super fun post! Wish i'd gotten on the ball and participated. But my accessories rotate endlessly....though I guess I do wear my Helen Ficalora pretty much every day.

  20. Jannnneeettttttttttt!!!

    I love how this post is so interactive!!!

    No one who teases their 'do to add height dresses as a man. Even if you do wear loafer whatsies.

    My secretary gussied up a barbie in my image.

    Go look. Love to Larry xxx

    PS I've just told Blighty what I'm about to say to you- I do wish you lived locally. x

  21. Well I thoroughly enjoyed this little project Janet. Lets do it again one day.

  22. Boyish dressing often plays up femininity, especially when we look young enough. I did it for years. I'm in transition now, at least appearance-wise, so am moving away from the boyish lines and towards the swoopy (big scarves, pashminas, draped lines,etc.). But there's nothing like playing up how girl we are against something tailored!

  23. Hi Janet- this is such such a great post of favourite accessories - many, many apologies for coming to the party so late!! I should have emailed you mine but will do a post on them today I promise! XX

  24. Hi Janet,

    I enjoyed seeing the favourite accessories of your readers! don't look like a man. You look like a very stylish lady!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend!


  25. I wrote one too...


kindness is never out of style.

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