6 easy pieces

Is it possible to go away for a weekend with 6 pieces of clothing?  I just did.  Why would someone want to do this?  I honestly have no idea.  But doing things like this intrigues me no end.  I suppose it has something to do with my love of simplicity.  So here are my 6 easy pieces, excluding shoes and accessories.

white thermal
grey sweater
black belted peacoat
black dress

Where these pieces took me...

way too many casinos
breakfast, lunch, dinner
hiking (if it wasn't freezing)

Let me first say that while vegas is usually noted for its glamour there is also a strong western fashion influence, probably because it's situated in the middle of the desert.  So naturally I went with the western look.  When in vegas we usually stay at THEhotel.  I highly recommend staying there if you don't like cigarette smoke.  It's attached to Mandalay Bay just in case you do like cigarette smoke.  When we checked in, our room was not ready so they upgraded us to a corner suite with strip views which i thought was very nice of them.   Did i mention our hotel room was only $72 a night.  

note the no smoking sign

While in vegas, we walked and walked and walked some more.  Vegas is so spread out and the casino next door is in actuality about a mile away.  I knew my cowboy boots would work because they are like walking in slippers.  We only had one nice dinner planned and so i only needed one dress.  

The biggest challenge was not what to wear but as always, what to eat.  Why is eating vegan so hard?  Steve Wynn the owner of the Wynn hotel and casino recently became a vegan so all his restaurants within the property supposedly offer vegan meals.  Umm, not so.  We went to his highly touted buffet and only after finding a couple of things that i could eat, i asked to speak to the chef.  He took me around the whole buffet pointing out things that were vegan like green beans, etc.  Hello, green beans?  He mentioned several things that they can make but they were out of the ingredients.  And lastly he asked me what exactly is vegan?
 so i was hungry a lot of the time.  But oh well, with all the walking and no eating i think i lost 3 lbs.

i tried, really tried to think of something 'bad' to do.  i even considered getting a jack white tattoo and in light of this tragic announcement, i wish i would have.  at one point i stood next to a police officer.  that's as close as i came to handcuffs.  so maybe next time.

levis with rrl thermal, gray salvation army sweater belted and cowboy boots

vintage turquoise cuffs

a bad picture of the living room just before my camera died 

Red Rock Canyon, so beautiful but not much hiking took place because it was so windy and cold.

james perse dress and kitten heels

Because my battery died i came home and photographed the rest of the outfits i wore.  um hum, i'm nice that way.  

and may i sing the praises of this james perse dress?  it's a nice cotton, not too heavy, not too light.  it has long sleeves that can be pushed up and the neckline covers my decollete but still shows a little shoulder and has a draping thing going on that covers the tummy perfectly.  and it packs w/o wrinkling.

i wore the same jewelry day and night

rrl workshirt and bandana

brooks brothers peacoat and warm scarf for night walking

So there it is...6 pieces.  Not real glamorous but real comfortable.   All my choices came from my list of 33 with the addition of the grey sweater. 

Also, may i just say a HUGE thank you to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary.  It was so sweet of you all.   Larry says thanks to everyone who noted his very obvious talents.  



  1. If Jack White is divorcing the White Stripes, doesn't that mean he's available to marry you? What's the prob?

    Unbelievable about a green beans and vegan question.

    My mother and sister want me to meet them in Vegas next January. She said there are lot's deals in January. I can't believe the $72 a night.

  2. Wow! I can't believe a chef doesn't know what vegan is??? That's crazy! But you looked smashing in your six pieces! Bravo!

  3. steve - a couple of problems...one is he doesn't know me and i'm kinda already married. but it's tragic that they will never play together again.

    b - crazy, huh?

  4. Hi Janet, Oh, you look very, very glamorous, and being comfortable is the ultimate luxury. Love the black dress and those bracelets. Just perfect. Hugs, Joyce

  5. You're very chic! I love your clothes. My cowboy boots feel like slippers too. I love them.

  6. Dear Ms Janet, I love your experiment with a limited weekend wardrobe. It is good not to have to schlepp too much stuff about on holidays. Your frock is 11/10. I think your great jewellery and shoes complete these looks. We are off on another marathon driving trip this time to the south of Chile and I will see whether I can put these ideas into practice. Everyone could do with a few vegan dishes which include protein in their diet. I think you would be doing the hotel a service if you would write to suggest how they might include some vegan meals into their menus. Linda xxx

  7. Janet,

    Where to begin? Love, love, love your sense of style-you make it look effortless. Your boots and bracelets are amazing. Beautiful.

  8. I just love it. Love the challenge and that you pulled it off - - effortlessly, yet you look like a million bucks! I LOVE THAT DRESS! And, you look stunning it it. Sorry about the lack of vegan choices. I see you were able to find the important thing though - - the wine! :)

  9. I just love you!!! In this one post you had me laughing to tears, gawking at my computer to see those bracelets closer and wishing I had half the ambition you have! Sorry for the tragic Jack White news...I know you're bummed and sorry that the exclusive buffet only fed you green beans. I'm glad you had fun otherwise!

  10. Janet,

    Thank you for leading the way in weekend dressing...you are my hero!

    I am very sorry to hear about Jack White, how timly that you went to see him recently...

    On a personal note...I tried on some cowboy boots at a thrift shop and they were my size but not comfy...I was sad....and I went to a raw food restaurant and loved it!

    It's nice to hear that Vegas has some affordable places to stay...too bad about the vegan food...am loving your James Perse dress...happy to hear that you shared our comments with Larry!

  11. joyce - thank you lovely and comfort is the ultimate luxury.

    deb - so glad your boots are comfy too.

    ms linda in chile - yes, i may just write them a letter. that is just wrong.

    julia - thank you so much.

    angela - thank you and i don't know who's wine that was. ha.

    sarah - you know i have no ambition!

    leslie - thanks and just to be clear jack white is not dead, he just split up the white stripe band.

  12. Janet - while I adore your sense of fashion, I'm always jazzed to see pictures of your yard/garden. Is it covered in pea-gravel? We want to do the same to a section of our yard - and I wonder how you like that look in your yard? Would you prefer a patio of cement of pavers instead? I really think I would love the crunch-crunch of the gravel. Please share opinions.
    xoxo MMW

  13. mmw - i'm planning on posting some pics of the garden this week. the area you see is in the rose garden. so gravel really is the only medium that works there. i too love pea gravel for the look and the sound.

  14. You look adorable in your 6 easy pieces Janet -and especially chic in your black dress - so beautiful, slim and trim. Very pleased you had a great time despite lack of food!! What a bargain the hotel is! XX

  15. Janet you are gorgeous and I greatly admire the strong convictions you hold regarding your diet. It must be so frustrating at times.
    $72 for a hotel room is unheard of down here.

  16. You look great in all of the pieces!

  17. You look great in every outfit!! I think your cuff is FANTASTIC!! And I'm afraid to ask, but do you remember the chef's name or did he strike an uncanny resemblance to my husband? Matt's twin brother is a chef in one of Steve's restaurants out there.

  18. Red cowboy boots and turquoise cuffs are totally up to the challenge. And I love the James Perse dress - I think he's the perfect solution to this kind of weekend.

  19. My husband is wishing he had taken you to Europe instead of me...we (he) toted about 150 pounds of our (my) stuff around for three weeks. Isn't that shameful?

    I was thinking about your vegan lifestyle and since I know Vegas so well, I knew it would be a challenge. Nevada is not exactly a healthy state - but I think it's slowly getting better.

    Bill and I always stay at Mandalay Bay (the smoking version) but will have to try the other section where you stayed.

    Red Rock Canyon was a place my family would go exploring when I was a kid. It is so beautiful, like you said.

    You look dynamite in that black dress...very flattering.

    Happy Anniversary!

  20. As usual I am late to the party, but here are my comments for what it's worth -
    1. Heard about Jack yesterday and thought immediately of you!
    2. LOVE the dress!
    3. What is so weird about 6 pieces for a weekend? I'm known for my light packing...went to Peru for 8 days once, with an overnight bag. I think it's admirable that you did an entire weekend with 6 pieces - and what cute pieces they were!
    4. Glad you had fun!

  21. sarah - thank you and the hotel was quite a steal.

    anne marie - thank you for noticing my strong convictions. i am committed.

    paige - thank you too!

    julie - unless matt's brother happens to be black, i think you are safe.

    lisa - thank you re the boots and turquoise and james def fit the bill.

    adrienne - it is totally not shameful, esp if you used it all. i think packing for 3 kids is what turned me into a minimal packer for myself. there are only so many arms, you know? red rock was gorgeous and we'll def go back when the wind isn't blowing so hard. and yes vegan is hard in vegas.

    karin - rip WS. i didn't think it was that weird but i was kinda surprised that 6 pieces did it.

  22. Good to know you had a great time in Las Vegas.
    Have learnt lots of simplicity from you but really I´m more like a different person so when going to Buenos Aires on Sunday just for 4 days I need to take lots of clothing and pick over there what I will wear... always do the same.
    hugs dear Janet, and you look so beautiful in all your outfits.

  23. I too love the challenge of packing light. Your black dress is fabulous~ love, love it!!

  24. Dear Janet, Travelling light is such a splendid idea and something I always aim to do. It makes everything so much simpler and helps one to focus on all the other things that a visit is all about...the sights, the food, people watching.....rather than worrying about what to wear. As most of my wardrobe is composed of monochrome pieces, that also helps as everything really does go with everything else. I love the LBD!!

  25. Amazing packing skills, your travel wardrobe looks great! WHY OH WHY didn't I buy turquoise jewelry when I actually LIVED in the United States for years and years? Love the way you wear yours.

  26. Jannnneeetttttt!

    The thought of making ends meet with 6 easy pieces sends a veritable chill down my spine.

    But I am of course all for Choice and support your desire to challenge and limit yourself in this fashion. Plus it's nice to have a hobby.

    Meanwhile, you think you've got things tough in Vegas with vegan options- in Australia you would STARVE. The beans'd be swimming in butter for a start and the rest of the vegan products would be mixed with chicken stock, butter and cheese.

    We just aren't equipped for such things. Despite paying 49 cents in the dollar tax and about 5 times more for groceries than you Americans do. Go figure.

    You look so young and slim. Well Done Janet, and I luff your jewellery- looks fab x

  27. Another thing- in Australia that hotel room would be $700 a night.

    For $72 you'd get a shared bathroom situation in a run down boarding house with rats and drug deals going down.

    How can everything there be so cheap?

    Next you'll be telling me that you can buy a 3 bedroom family home for less than a million dollars. Or that a bottle of OPI is cheaper than the $20 I pay here.

    The groceries for my meal last night cost $45!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You kids have it so easy.

  28. maria cecilia - i support your right to pack any way you want to my dearest. have fun in buenos aires.

    t - thank you for your lovely comment.

    edith - yes, all black would be even easier. i wear all black at work and it makes getting ready quite easy.

    golla - my oldest sister had a wonderful collection of turquoise but robbers took it in a burglary many years ago. i get lucky sometimes at estate sales. old turquoise is expensive now.

    ff - as you well know i support everyone's right to live any way they choose to. the thought of you packing this light sends chills up my spine! our hotel room this coming sunday, b/c of superbowl will probably be $600 a night.

  29. When you get tired of the jewelry, or feel you need to pare down more, will you send it my way?

    I too am a light packer but then I don't have anything I like with me.

    There's smoking in hotels in Vegas?

    Now I really can't wait for our road trip.

    Welcome back

    xo jane

  30. Oh! Happy Anniversay to you and your husband! What a lovely little weekend! Your outfits are just completely adorable and perfectly arranged. You. Are. THE. Best! And so happy to hear of your reserve and respect to eating clean. Everything you do is just delightful! Thank you so very much for your inspiration--You make this world a better place!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  31. OK.
    WHAT tummy are you talking about your beautiful dress DRAPING over?
    Tee hee,

  32. Janet,

    I think you give new meaning to traveling light...I mean 6 pieces and you looked fabulous in every photo. Love the vintage cuffs...looks as beautiful with a thermal, jeans and red boots as with a black dress. Can you believe I have never been to Las Vegas? We are going soon and just may stay at that hotel. The price and the no smoking make it sound pretty perfect.


  33. Janet...You know, for a while I wondered if you were even coming back! You're very brave to travel to the land of glitz (at least that's how I remember it, but that was the 90's) with 6 easy pieces...brave AND inspirational! Love the boots! I have a pair of Lucchese in that color that will sit in my closet until mud season is over. Until then, I'm on the hunt for some vintage turquoise!

  34. jane - are you kidding? smoking in vegas go hand in hand. a non smoking hotel is quite rare. you may have to fight off my offspring for the turquoise.

    suzanne - ummm, you are so sweet, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    louise - oh it's there.

    annie - i highly recommend it esp for the no smoking. register w/them online and they will send you specials all the time. it's a really beautiful hotel.

    itztru - haha. i can only handle 3 days in vegas max. thank you and good luck with the turquoise hunt.

  35. Nicely done, Janet. I have been to Vegas only once and it was enough. I did enjoy seeing Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon (I even have some red rocks as souvenirs) but "the strip" is so not me. Great packing inspiration!! xxBliss

  36. gorgeous! in the black dress and in your jeans/cowboy boots.

    i've felt the pain of trying to find vegan food in vegas many times. sounds like you had a good attitude about it.

  37. Thumbs up to your efforts to create and put such informative and interesting points in the blog. You exactly got the points which I was looking for. Keep up the real work.

  38. Nice 6-piece selection and thank you for doing some posing at home though I like the photos at the fountain best! Also the clothes you were wearing there. Hope you get the chance for a weekend-getaway soon since I enjoy the travelogue. Vegas is known for its cheap hotels, no? And for the steak. Well, not on your plate for sure!
    I am going through a green phase right now (cabbage, leeks and courgettes. It's fun, shooting photos of vivid greens boiling and grilling in the kitchen. Spring is coming, yay!

  39. love love love you in that dress soooo chic. all outfits v nice. admire your commitment to veganism, I am so unimaginative and lazy I would starve ! have a nice weekend xx I tried to get rid of my word check thing - hope it worked !

  40. You look divine! I usually try to pack with the number six in my head only I add a zero...60. Terrible.

    Interesting about Steve Wynn being a vegan, maybe it was his girlfriends idea.

    Oh and your jewelry is wonderful...I'm jealous.


  41. Nice pics Janet, they are very envying.

  42. Love your concise list Janet, and the gorgeous outfit photos. All are so stylish but I particularly like your lbd. It's terrible but funny that the beans were offered to you as a vegan option. So much choice!

  43. I love the idea of packing light. Nice job.

  44. Happy anniversary! Must have been heaven to travel so lightly! Enjoy the week ahead, Kellie xx

  45. As a fairly-frequent traveler and a wannabe minimalist, I am LOVING this post! I always tend to overpack and I get so frustrated with myself when my trip is over and I have to drag home a suitcase packed full of stuff, half of which went un-worn! You look effortlessly chic as always:)

    PS Can't believe that hotel is only $72 a night, what a good deal!

  46. Hey, at least you looked fab....glad to know that someone has a hard time finding food....and I am not even vegan, but I do try to eat lots of raw, lots of veggies and beans....
    Love to know more about your vegan lifestyle.
    I for one am loving your wardrobe simplicity....watch the eilieen fisher videos....you will love them-


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