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Recently, Blighty  bestowed the stylish blogger award to me.  Thank you dear Blighty for making me laugh every time i read your blog.  Now i'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me that you don't know.  I feel as if i have already told you everything about me but i'll give it a go...

1.  You already know that i like to sneak into movies but I have to report that sneaking in, or more accurately, walking past the teenage ticket taker, no longer does it for me.  It is too easy and i no longer get the racing heart that i once did.  This worries me (and larry) as I wonder how I'm going to ratchet up this game.

2.  Thanks to blogging I can spell fuchsia and privilege without having to use spellcheck.

3.  My husband and i met when we were 17.  It was not love at first sight.  In fact, the reverse.  But he finally charmed me with his considerable talents, such as the one above.

4.  Our oldest son will be 32 this year and Jack White will be 35.  This bothers me, but obviously not enough.

5.  A few things I won't miss when I'm dead...tweezing pubic hairs (others, not my own.)  facebook, twitter and texting, blow-drying my hair straight and driving.

6.  I can give a complete facial massage with my eyes closed.

7.  Right now potatoes are my favorite food.  Fried, mashed, baked, whatever, i can't get enough of them. 

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog.  And thank you to those who take the time to leave me a comment.  I would love to extend this award to a couple of blogs that i have recently found and enjoy.


  1. :). Did you know that 'privilege' is apparently the most mis-spelled word in the English language? Yup. Killer way to choose a blog title:).

  2. You did not just say tweezing pubic hairs!!! Lady, you are awesome! I might be a little too mellow to be your friend. :)
    It's always the off the wall things I love to learn about people...the real things.
    Glad you played along and gave us the real scoop on Janet!

  3. lpc - well i believe it b/c i used to mispell it. did i just mis-spell mispell?

    sarah - tweezing pubic hairs does not make me awesome, just thorough.

  4. Yikes! Tweezing the pubic hairs. TMI. I love Blighty too.

  5. Janet,

    Okay...you get the award for THE BEST Stylish Blogger 7. Really...I'm teary-eyed with laughter. Everything from the picture of your husband to the pubic hair was just hilarious.

    I, too, am proud to say that I can spell "Fuchsia" sans spell check. But I'm embarrassed to say that it took a really long time. Is there any other word in the English language with "chs" in that order in it? I think not.

    Funny, funny stuff Janet.

    Thank you!

  6. Janet...

    I cannot believe that kind of tweezing is required of you...

    Larry looks very clever I am sure he has other talents too :)

    I'm with you on the passion for potatoes!

  7. Too funny! I love that you sneak into the movies and I share your passion for Jack. But, I understand that he's yours ;)

  8. WHOA, WHOA, WHOA I just ate dinner!

    Thank you for not picking me. I like to start a Mediocre Blog Award but I have a feeling it won't be well received.

  9. ... I thought you didn't 'do' this type of thing.


  10. Ha! I love the list. I have to admit, sneaking into the movies is still pretty fun for me...what else do you have in mind?

  11. loved, loved, LOVED your list!!
    I'm with Larry... a little worried about number 1. Could you maybe just flash the pimply teenage boy when you go by?!
    You met Larry at 17?! Wow. How could you not succumb to those charms and talents?! I would like a photo of L doing that trick 'today' please!!
    I'm thinking JW might be too old for you... what about the beeb (isn't that his name?)
    Cannot even discuss/ think about p. hairs.....
    do you give yourself facials, or is that not the same?!
    regarding potatoes... pregnant women crave foods too... do you need to tell us something?!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    you're a hoot!

  12. This list is so funny Janet. Especially love the pic of Larry's buff chest, may we see a recent edition?. Tell him he does not have to balance the bottle.
    I'm thrilled you have the guts to sneak into the movies because I never have and would die if caught.
    Truly J you crack me up!

  13. Janet you crack me up - so funny! And I love the pic. of Larry, no wonder you fell for him.!! How gorgeous and romantic that you met when you were 17.
    Now you have got that new thing :'you might like this' at the end of each of your posts I go off at a tangent (i.e. waste more time on the computer and enjoy myself!) and look at past postings and one I saw recently was your closet... (this is going somewhere, don't worry!). I know you said you only have one closet and so my question is (at last) "what does it look like now after your de-cluttering and the editing of your wardrobe" - Photographs and a post soon perhaps please? S xx

  14. Love this post...my kind of woman! Thanks for the smiles! Aloha, Connie

  15. You are so funny! I love your list. Keep on keeping it real!!


  16. You're making me laugh again.

    Surely you cannot be blamed for not wanting to pluck another pubic hair.

    Jack White - yes he is just a tad older than your child...but some things must be considered worthy enough to flaunt convention. Go for it.

    Although, your husband's talents are undeniably stellar - he will give Jack White a run for his money.


  17. Janet, you crack me up. My dear friend and esthetician seems as undaunted doing a Brazilian bikini wax as she does a facial massage. Wow, what would we do without people like you!! Love this post and a well deserved award, my dear!

  18. Janet,
    Holy Cute!!!!
    You are the queen of cuteness.
    Last night I made potato quesadillas. I made caramelized onions, mixed them into mashed potatoes, placed in one corn tortilla, folded it over, and fried in very little oil--just enough to get brown and a lil crunchy. Served with tomatillo sauce and a salad with avocados and tomatoes. Very good and different!

  19. joan - are you referring to the youngster justin? omg, now i think that is illegal. i can and do give myself facials. it is v boring but necessary. i prefer to have them done to me. and no i'm def not pregnant. impossible.

    anne marie - i'll ask him but i doubt he'll oblige.

    sarah - i did post pics of the finished product i think. can anyone bear to see my closet again? i think not.

    emily - those sound beyond fab and i'm making them tonight for sure. thanks for sharing.

  20. haha :D Great list! ;) :) XX Nicky

  21. Sorry I'm late to the party, had to make time for State Of The Union.

    Frankly I don't ever think we'll know enough details about one another, an unquenchable thirst for details we have.

    Where are you off to next week?

    xo Jane

  22. Janet,

    Your sneaking into the movies reminded me of the one and only time my friend did it. (I think I was 16) However, we had paid for a movie and decided after wards we wanted to see another one, "The Longest Yard" with Burt Reynolds. My friend and I were the only one in the theater and we were obviously busted because the projectionist put on "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". We sheepishly left but laughed all the way home.

    You crack me up as always...and staying married that long to your high school sweetheart, you are a dying breed.


  23. Hi Janet, your 7 things are so cool! You are a star. Won't be able to look at my tweezers tonight.xx Balancing a beer on your head is an undevalued talent.

  24. 7 sweet smiles.
    ~Congrats on the award~
    The Gardener's Cottage Rocks!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  25. You really are so stylish tweezing....ha ha....
    and sons that old....no way!

  26. Janet,

    Oh my gosh...you are so funny. I must have missed your post on sneaking into movies. I love it! And to think I get a thrill out of taking way too many items into the dressing room at Forever 21 where my daughter can't seem to get enough of...Madeline at 5'4" thinks they are intimidated by my height. I'm 5'11"...not scary tall.

    xo annie

  27. janet, you never disappoint...

    xo terri

  28. every time I pay for a movie ticket I think of you !

    Fuchsia is hard to spell!

  29. I'm another sucker who pays for the movies. And I'm with you on spuds. Yum. Yours is the best stylish blogger list I have read I think. It's pure Janet.

  30. That bottle-on-the-head picture is absolutely adorable! I think you two should re-create it while in Vegas;)


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