project 333 continues

black gap pencil skirt, old navy chambray shirt, brooks bros belted peacoat, tights, kitten heels

Sorry I have been away, have you missed me?  Hmmmm, you can get back to me on that.  And just when I thought Project 333 was over, I found out that they have extended the project for 3 more months.  You can read all about the New Rules here.  The Be More With Less website is very inspiring and if you have any wardrobe issues at all, I would highly recommend popping over and checking it out.  So basically, you get to rotate in 3 new items while rotating out 3 items.  There were about 4 or 5 items that I was just not wearing so I think I'll eliminate them and rotate in a couple of accessories.  Probably a belt and another bag.  But that's about it.  For the last 2 days I've been going through my wardrobe yet again and I came up with a Huge hefty bag full of clothing to give away to friends and donate.  I dream of having a wardrobe that is small, versatile and stylish.  This project is really helping me get to that dream.  Another thing that I failed (geez) to mention about this whole project is that it is really, and i mean really helping me define my style.  I'm afraid i may have to rename my blog The Herringbone Jacket because I wear it so often and I love it more each time I do.

just to show you that i do wear other things besides herringbone and levi's

How is your closet looking?



  1. You look so cute in everything you wear, you have definitely found your style!
    Love your it layered?

  2. gosh betty i don't think it is layered but she razor thins it somehow. i have thick, coarse hair so i think she does it to control the weight. i told her she needs to help me do a post on it! and thank you for the compliment.

  3. You are so chic! I agree with Betty, I love your haircut too.

  4. I am in love with your style and your blog!!!

  5. I have missed you : ). You have great style. I am going to check out Be More With Less.

  6. Now I'm loving this look on you Janet, I'm partial to black leggings and tights.
    My wardrobe has been majorly decluttered and reorganised and now I can find stuff which is nice.

  7. Janet,

    If I could whistle online I would. You are absolutley chic. I agree with the others about your hair as well-although I am inclined to think you have been blessed with a great head of hair, which is half the battle.

  8. This is my favorite look on you that I have seen so far. If i saw you in public, I would want to stop and take your picture. Très, très chic, Janet.

  9. deb - thank you so much i will tell my hairdresser erin.

    wendi - so sweet of you to say.

    paige - i've missed you all too.

    anne marie - thank you and i can find things too now. how great is that?

    julia - no great head of hair here. unruly, yes. curly, yes. blowdried, yes. thank you too.

  10. adrienne - omg, how sweet, but i really am not chic at all. really.

  11. Not nearly as good as yours! And do you always dress like that Janet, I feel so awful right I am wearing running shoes, a long sweater from about 3 years ago, black leggings and a gardening hat! Kill me now, someone. I need to go on Oprah with you Janet and get a big time makeover. Oh and another thing, your hair, it's so great! Please help me

    your pal and soon to be made over friend.....kelley

  12. I love that you are continuing on with Project 333. And I love the haircut too!

  13. haha, kelley, you crack me up. i was having lunch with girlfriends so i put on heels instead of loafers. and somehow i think you prob look fab just the way you are. i'll help you with your hair if you help me with my pillow sitch.

  14. I have missed you janet...
    the Holiday videos kept me going and the thought of how wonderful "getting away from it all" can be.

    I'm going to check on that website now...

  15. Aren't you smart looking! I love knowing I have such a stylish friend. :)
    I wish you could help me with this...I have duplicates upon duplicates of certain items, pants I can't zip, shrunken sweater, shoes that I'm sure are way out of style and I always get stuck on the "I might someday." I think I clear it out but I never really do...
    I'm going to try this experiment and I expect you hold me to it.
    I'm loving this look on you...

  16. I'm so envious! I wouldn't know where to start! I love your herringbone jacket.

  17. What I love about this look is it is both casual and dressy depending on if you wear the jacket. And it looks great on you both ways! I too have missed you. Don't stay away so long next time!

  18. Dear Janet, Oh yes, you were missed!!! Wondered what you were up to. You look smashing in that outfit, well, you always do! Hugs, Joyce

  19. P.S. I agree with Emily, Don't stay away so long next time, we get 'The Gardeners Cottage' withdrawal symtoms. Hugs, Joyce

  20. wow... you look fabulous! I think these are my fav photos of you and your outfits yet! your hair looks great too- it is longer/shorter/new cut/growing out??
    I plead the 5th on how my closet is looking!


  21. Que cute? Tres cute.

    OMG I wouldn't know where to start.

    Maybe after I finish the attic clean up, lots of clothes leaving from there,

    Any hoo, you look fabo and i'm glad to see you back. you've been missed.

    xo jane

  22. Janet - you look amazing as always. The tailored jackets really suit you. I need to check out that website sooner rather than later!

  23. Hi Janet! I have always been simple so I often swap out my clothing when I want something new. I donate most of my clothes to a charity or our local battered women's shelter. You look fantastic btw! I think tailored jackets are so flattering. I am going to hope over to the website now!

  24. my closed does not look very good my friend. I will be checking out the project. You look smashing BTW...I don't usually say smashing but you do.

  25. I meant closet...I guess I can't type after a big glass of wine!

  26. Janet, I clicked on one of your pictures to see you in all your loveliness when my husband happened past. He's gotten to know my blog friends. When I reminded him who you were, adding that you had grown-up children he exclaimed that you looked to be in your thirties.

    I love your tied belt. Before I realised using the buckle was not the done thing, a date I went on in London wearing my new Paris-bought trenchcoat, I was called Inspector Gadget. The shame.

    If only I'd had your blog then to show me the way.

  27. I wonder if the rules adapt to people who live in a region with 3-4 seasons (cold season, mild season, wet season, hot season). Only because I did not need my hot pants during the last three months (cold season) does not mean I can toss them when I don't need them in the coming 3 months. Because I will need them afterwards, for the period from June to September. Or are they eventually suggesting toss anything you wont wear more than 6 months a year? Imho this only works when you live in a region with no more than 2 seasons/year. In Vienna Temperatures go from -10° (at noon) up to 39° (at noon). I often complained: I want to live in a part of the world where you don't need clothes for so many occasions! I don't need the snowboots often, but when I do, I do.

  28. Hi Janet!
    I started the 333 Project in December, so I'm on a different schedule than you. I thought that way when my first three months are done (because I was thinking all along this would be something that would go on...maybe forever)I could rotate my items to warmer weather clothes. So far, I agree with you - I am not having a problem sticking with it, in fact there are some things I haven't worn at all yet. Glad you're back!

  29. I would wear this in a heartbeat. You look very elegant and ageless.
    Missed you.

  30. glad you're back--my rss feed was stagnating ;D

    great outfit, and i cracked up at your line about renaming this blog "herringbone jacket."

    wearing one of my swoopy sweaters today with skinny jeans and boots. have gone without flour and sugar for two weeks and it's already improving the tummy front. next goal: janet-quality hairdo....

  31. I agree with Adrienne, best outfit yet! And I was getting worried about you...glad to see you haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

    My closet needs help...


  32. Janet, I love your look! Please email me if you would like to Guest Post on the brand new

    My email is

  33. Dear J
    I missed you and you look so pretty.
    My wardrobe is looking great thanks, but I am limited to out 20 looks at the moment, being pregnant and all. I actually do not want less clothes- as you know I am a ruthless declutterer and donate anything I don't wear but I do not want to be restricted to a few looks. Clothes are My Thing! But I think the project is good for those who have heaps of stuff they don't wear, and don't have a defined style, or who are hoarders or who don't think very much about their look or clothes until confronted by a specific project. But I will look at the site anyway. For you.xx

  34. Janet...there you are...and yes I have missed you. I was thrilled to see another wardrobe post. And since you asked--"How is your closet looking?" Better! yesterday I emptied everything in my closet and then put only some of it back. This Project 333 is very inspiring and while I have not embraced it entirely, I am pretty sure I could easily stick to the rules. I love what you are wearing today and I for one will never tire of your herringbone jacket. You have amazing style and I'm sure you've been turning heads all day long!

    xo annie

  35. Dear Ms Janet, I missed you when you were away but hoped that you were having a good time and have come back refreshed. You look a million dollars - of course! I am not sure that I have 33 things in my wardrobe but I will check when I go back to Chile. I tend to wear things until they wear out and then I replace them. I do like to wear frocks. There is something very easy about putting on a frock and then putting on some lovely earrings or a necklace. One of the best things about having a limited wardrobe is that one feels a bit better about splashing out on accessories. How is the fun program going? Did I tell you I went on seven medium thrill rides at Dreamworld when I was in Queensland with the girls (I am thankful that my youngest was too small for any more thrilling rides). We had a blast.

  36. steppingmyway - thank you so much.

    leslie - i missed you too.

    sarah - thanks and pleeze go check it out.

    bonnie and emily - thank you both and i will try to post more regularly.

    joyce - thank you and you are too funny.

    joan - with your kitchen, who cares what your closet looks like. nope, same haircut.

    jane - you are fabo too. xo

    deborah & viv - def check out the website and thank you both.

    londen - i think you're allowed to say smashing while getting smashed.

    fiona - pls tell hubby thank you and you might want to have his eyesight checked!

    paula - i hope you go to the 333 site b/c it explains everything there. but i can tell you that you do not throw out things just because they are not in immediate use. the goal is to have your whole wardrobe functional and fabulous.

    karin - oh i'm so glad you are doing this too. lets compare notes!

    patricia - coming from you that is quite a compliment. thank you.

    meg - bravo on the flour and sugar. i should do that too.

    linda - no i didn't fall off. close though.

    courtney - i will email you.

    kirsten - thank you and believe it or not i love clothes too. you always look amazing!

    annie - thanks and i'm glad you emptied it. don't you love that feeling?

    ms linda - thank you and 33 things add up fast if you include accessories. i love dresses too. so easy. i can just picture you on the thrill rides with your darling daughters. how fun.

  37. Missed You! So glad to see your new post, and the outfit, oh wow! That blue shirt paired with all the black (2 color outfit--really fine)is just sooo very nice! It's an outfit, like you said about the woman you saw while shopping one day, that would look good on a woman whether she was in her 20's or 60's+. Now, THAT's simply GOOD TASTE. This may sound bold, but I must say that I have seen "older" women (not in their 20's-30's) trying to wear ALL trendy clothes--
    O. M. G. From the back, it's fine, but when they turn around, be afraid! :-) It's almost as if the trendier styles "accentuate" a more mature face because, frankly, it. should. not. BE. THERE! An obvious misfit, no matter the rockin' bod for one's age. Classic pieces, however, well, they complement and soften a person no matter the age, shape, time or anything else for that matter--it's just aesthetically correct.
    You've got it down pat, and what an inspiration you are! Stunning. -Suzanne in Illinois

  38. Janet, thank you! I spent some time and caught up with the "rules". It is already itching me ... hehe. Since we live in very limited space this could be fun!

  39. Looking GOOD Janet !!! Love the jacket and pencil skirt and you have legs too! (Very stylish pins too) And yes, we have missed you in this household, most definitely. Now, I am going to go over and have a look at this project - I'd love the idea of a stylish streamlined wardrobe.X

  40. HI gorgeous girl.

    Changed my style last summer. Heat/humidity/mosquitoes were extreme.

    Into the closet came linen dresses + long sleeved linen shirts. Thankfully they worked, literally. Because you know I work outside.

    Love your choices.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  41. Hi!

    You look very classy Janet! :) project 333 sounds interesting, maybe I give it a try.

    Take care! XOXO Nicky

  42. Just saw your past post of your beautiful rose garden. I just decided to follow your post being that your a fellow gardner and a Ca. one at that. I luv the town of Redlands that is my hometown too. Have a great weekend..........Julian

  43. Hi Janet,
    I'm having trouble with that idea of restricting the wardrobe.
    I've been in Europe for 5 weeks now, with one small bag of clothes.
    I'm over everything I have been wearing, seriously.
    doing it at home seems like torture.

    I'm meeting Blighty for the day tomorrow, and I'm going to have to pull out all steps to spruce up for the big occasion. I'm wondering if three Hermes scarves might be overkill?

    You look wonderful in the skirt, by the way.

  44. suzanne - here in southern cali ye old mutton/lamb look is v popular and v scary. i hear you.

    paula - glad you found the rules.

    sarah - i'm laughing at pins. too funny.

    tara - thank you and it sounds v out of africa. which i LOVE.

    nicky - thank you v much.

    julian - thank you and i'm going to go see where you live now.

    louise - oh im so v jealous. everyone gets to meet blighty except me. tell her hello and i don't think 3 is overkill by any stretch of the imagination, it's blighty after all and all stops should be pulled.

  45. Hi Janet,
    OK, I have gone to the website. First I am going to eat a biscuit (thanks to Kaylee's of post with photos) and after, I will remove all the riff-raff in my closets and on my shelves. Oh and BTW: A fantastic hair style and great shoes are everything! You do your wardrobe proud!

  46. Dear Janet, you are looking very foxy my dear, very chic. I was interested before in the 33 project but got rudely interrupted by people demanding to be fed so never got round to reading up on it. I am now really in the mood for it, would like to get rid of stuff that i have hanging just in case it comes in..v excited to meet Louise tomorrow, when are you coming over? now, I have given you a Stylish bloggers Award, swing round to my place to check it out xx

  47. Fabulous!!! You are really making me rethink my wardrobe. I have to look very professional for work and a lot of the stuff I have is not working but with the right pieces, I have much more flexibility and I look great. Thanks for the inspiration. Y'all look wonderful!!!

  48. Janet, I really did miss you. I must say that I think the wrap jacket, pencil skirt and kitten heel is the foxiest look on you yet! Keep it going girl. Been thinking about you all week.

    Wishing you the best!

  49. Hello Janet,
    I'm inspired again and have started majorly cleaning out my closet. I've always had little, but now I have even littler little! I have my list and am checking it twice to refine my 33. I couldn't do it all at once. I have to reflect on things. I so love your jackets. I looked at BB but they just do not have those belted jackets right now. sigh. I'll keep looking there and elsewhere. Thanks for sharing. Christina (the PA woman who lived in Hungary)

  50. Yes, I've really missed you - and my closet, and drawers, are full, very full. I find that no sooner have I given an item to the charity shop than it either becomes once more the height of fashion or one of my daughters says, 'Mum, can I borrow your....'

  51. bodeci bod - thanks and you don't strike me as anyone who would have riff raff of any kind around.

    blighty - you know when you finally throw it out it will come right back in.

    heather - thanks and i bet you look great.

    julie - thanks for the foxy comment. too funny.

    christina - just in case you misunderstood me, my brooks bros jacket did not come with a belt. i just belt it using my own belts.

    rosemary - you are so right on. the minute it leaves the house you need it. omg.

  52. Hola my dear Janet, I´m amazed on how you acomplish every task you take (hope I said it right in english)and since I have met you and become friends I have enjoy every persuit of you!!!!
    Love to you my dear and lots of hugs
    p.s. I would suggest you don´t forget to wear jeans too....

  53. Wow, you look amazing in all black. Very sleek and chic! Love reading about your wardrobe and i really do find this concept of 333 incredibly inspiring, though i haven't tried it myself yet.

  54. You look great! My closet is a big mess.


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