project 333 wrap-up

I just realized that today Project 333 is over.  It's been 3 months and boy did it go by fast.  You can read about it here.  My first thoughts are that I really liked the clothes I picked.  There was never an occasion that I felt deprived or wishing I had more choices.  My son bought me a shirt and I swapped it out for one I had not worn, but that's the only change I made.  Here is my original list of 33...

dark levis
not so dark levis
skinny black pants
black pencil skirt
black dress

chambray shirt
white shirt
rl red flannel
rl blue plaid shirt
red long sleeved t
black thermal
black v neck sweater
black turtleneck

black trenchcoat
cashmere coat
herringbone blazer
black belted blazer
blue plaid pendleton jacket

black loafers
brown oxfords
red cowboy boots
black boots
black kitten heels

pearl bracelet
vintage watch
2 turquoise cuffs
pearl necklace
burberry scarf
1 brown belt
1 black belt
1 brown handbag   
On this list, I barely (under 5x) wore these items...
black v-neck sweater
blue pendleton jacket
pearl necklace
I don't know why but I just didn't reach for these items very often.
The biggest lessons I learned is that I do wear the same things over and over.  Comfort is really key for me and I think I'd like to do this in the spring/summer and see what I come up with.  This has been a really practical experiment for me because I live in such a small house with such limited storage.  Now I really need to go through the clothes I didn't wear at all and see what I can get rid of.  I'll report back.


  1. Love it!

    I absolutely wear the same things over and over, too. It's a great lesson.

  2. I seem to wear the same things a lot too. I just filled a huge bag with clothes to donate.

  3. Ugh, I'm so jealous that you were able to do this but proud of you at the same time. ;)
    Happy 2011 to you.

  4. I love this... and I went back and read your original post... I ADORE Jack White... I didn't know he was your boyfriend ;o

  5. Oh, I wish I were more fashionable!
    Just today I took bags of clothes to donate...I'm sick that I have so many that I NEVER wear. I took them this time to the women's was the best feeling. I could go through my clothes again and donate just as many....I keep asking myself, "how many grey tshirts can one girl have?!"

  6. This is so inspiring Janet.

    I wonder - if you did this again, how would you divide it up? Would you have four separate wardrobes for each of the four seasons OR would you combine and only have two wardrobes (spring/summer and fall/winter)?

  7. What a great post Janet...some how I missed the first one.

    I wear the same stuff over and over because they are my "buddies"

    I'm off to read your first post!

    xo kelley

  8. michelle - jack is adorable and i don't think he knows he's my bf either.

    mmw - i've been thinking about that all day. i think i'm going to go for a spring/summer and fall/winter. and then sporting clothes (hiking, skiing, etc.) this is going to be my goal.

  9. Cool experiment/lifestyle. I need to give it a shot. years ago I was on a long term consulting job in CA. I packed very lightly and I really enjoyed the simplicity. In fact, I felt like I was more creative in making the few items look different because I could see what I had.

    So you've got your fashion figured out, how's your fun factor so far?


  10. Seems very instructive! I think culling must be part of jumping into a new year. You've proof that it works.

  11. I have so enjoyed following your experiment. Inspiring!

  12. julie - so far my fun factor is ok. i've only been home a day so we'll see.

  13. I think we're about the same size. Should I send you my address? ;)

  14. Janet,

    I am really drawn to your sense of style. I would think that having rid yourself of clothing that doesn't really appeal to you in some way must be very freeing. I have two bags ready for Goodwill.

  15. I thought long and hard about attempting this challenge when you first posted about it and I just couldn't discipline myself to limit my choices...
    I do not have a lot of garments and all are pretty basic and many are repeats of the same things so I might be practising a modified form of this regime already.

    I just have to say that you are so pretty Janet...

    I remember your fabulous weekend of outfits when you and Larry went to that opulent spot in the desert for your anniversary...and I thought how does she do it?
    and here you've done it again!

  16. Inspiring! I continue weeding out my clothes and am now down to less than 60 items in my closet (three season wear and not including shoes). I am paying more attention to what I wear daily and am quicker to get rid of things I am not using. I think I may try Project 333 in the spring/summer when I don't need so many types of coats, boots, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. I hope you will do it again and let us know how it works.

  17. Class Act all the way and always such an inspiration!
    I had not heard of Jack White until your blog, and surprisingly, my husband, who takes pride in his knowledge of music, had NOT heard of him either. We were definitely missing out.
    As for the 'trimming down' of the wardrobe..Brava to you! I welcome all suggestions as I do need them. You look absolutely gorgeous!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  18. I love your choices, Janet and thanks for the inspiration. I don't have a lot of clothes, but your original post reminded me to really think about the clothes I purchase -- i.e. to purchase quality items that will last and avoid impulse buys. My latest pet peeve is cashmere sweaters that are not inexpensive, but pill after only five wearings. These are from big name retailers and I refuse to buy them anymore no matter how pretty they look in the store.

  19. Janet, what a fabulous idea!!! Thanks for sharing!
    You always look lovely, I love your blazer collection!

  20. You are an inspiration Janet. And in agreement with Leslie and others, you are gorgeous.

  21. So interesting this project 33. I think I will try and do it too as I feel I only wear such a small range of clothing. But I like that. Looking forward to more of your findings and what you decide to get rid of, Janet. X

  22. I did not realize you were wearing a limited wardrobe at all! Please show us the clothes you are going to give away, I am just curious to see what needs to go. I do remember the jeans with the high waist. ;-)

  23. Dear Ms Janet, One of the things about being in country Australia is that the internet is very very slow so I have had some difficulty reading blogs including yours. But the Internet Gods are looking favourably on me and I have just been able to read all your latest posts. It was lovely seeing your videos and hearing your sweet voice. I agree totally about the need to have more fun. I want to make it my business to have as much fun and as many laughs with my family as possible! I think I have to remember what I did as a child which was laugh out loud funny. When did we all get so serious?

  24. I keep complaining because I have "no clothes" since I'm still not into my prebaby clothes, but I actually do have enough and honestly would probably just keep going back to the same favorites anyway. No reason to clutter up your closet with extra items you rarely wear.

  25. You are an inspiration!

  26. I want to know what drives us to wear the same favourites over and over. Maybe it's a sense of comfort or security, still debating this issue with myself. Meanwhile I have been sorting and sifting our belongings and realise the older I get the less I need. Priorities are front and centre in my life this year and of course having fun is top of my list.

  27. Janet,

    You look stunning in your photo shoot! maybe it's all that fresh Utah air. I really love this Project 333 idea. I think about it everyday as I choose what to wear...I have not actually counted, but I do not think i would have a problem with 33 items. You are proof that you can look fabulous with just the right pieces. I too love a project, so before the month is over i am going to empty out my closet and get started. I'm looking forward to your next wardrobe post.


  28. Hi Janet
    I found your blog thro Miss Minimalist in the autumn and have been enjoying it ever since.
    I work from home and wear the same few things day in, day out. It took me until 40 to realise that I only wear 2 outfits at any time, one on, one in the wash!
    I only want to own things I really love and wear them constantly, then replace them, as I find I 'grow out' of clothes quickly - fortunately not often physically (!) but emotionally. I hate it when I put something on and it makes me feel like an 'old' me.
    But then bizarrely, some things I can wear until they are threadbare and never tire of them. Pity I can never tell at the start so I could stock up on the favourites!
    This is such an interesting subject. Have you come across 'The Thoughtful Dresser' by Linda Grant? Brilliant book, I've read it 3 times!
    I'll need a wardrobe revamp in the spring and may well use your Project 333 list as inspiration. Many thanks!

  29. Dear Janet,

    A Happy New Year to you and your family! I will have to have a look at your post about project 333, but I understand you have only worn part of your wardrobe for a period of time. I don't know if I would manange....

    You look great on the photo!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  30. Hi Janet,

    I just checked out Project 333. It is so interesting. I will go back and spend more time, but I didn't see your name...did I miss it?

    Thank you...I will visit For the Love of a House. I trust your recommendations!


  31. I have been wanting to try this when I first found your blog and read your post about project 333. I was excited to see that you posted this again. Thank you. I love your sense of style. You inspired me to go out and look for blazers because I love the one that you are wearing in the picture. I even found a few to add to my collection of winter clothing as well. No I need to get to work on deciding what items to keep on my list...decisions decisions.

    Thanks for sharing your cute house. I live in CA as well.

  32. Janet, While our styles are a bit different the core ingredients in your list are universal! I now have a concise list from which to build my wardrobe. You make it effortless and so tasteful!! (And you look positively gorgeous!)

  33. Does sleeping in the same 5 pieces count? I have a sweater that I wear when I keeps me warm and cozy....jeans, t's, boots, and I am content.

  34. Dear Janet, Loved reading this, I truly believe in this too. Saves so much time, money, space, waste. To quote Kate Hepburn again "I wear the sort of clothes I wear to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear". Thank you for showing us how its done! Hugs, Joyce

  35. P.S. You look so darling in that picture. Hugs, Joyce

  36. I will be cleaning out my closet soon and I will be thinking about this post, I think it will work perfectly for me.

    Have a great weekend, enjoy your weather!

  37. Hi Janet
    I am very impressed and inspired that this experiment worked out so well for you. Needless to say, I will NOT be sharing your success story with my husband.
    One thing that perplexed me though- How did you manage hardly ever reaching for a black v-neck sweater??! With jeans, that is usually my #1 reach!


  38. Best thing about it for me, Janet, was opening my drawer of t-shirts, and just seeing a few folded there, all wearable, all co-ordinating with other items, instead of a crushed mash of ancient tees! I have to say I did miss a bit of variety, but it was a really useful wardrobe editing exercise, and less but better is definitely the way to go for me.


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