dinner for one*

While larry is away I like to indulge in a few of my favorite foods that he doesn't like.  One of which is mushrooms.  I adore mushrooms in any form and he hates them.  So tonight I threw this little mushroom pizza together with an arugula salad.  The whole shebang is courtesy of trader joes.  I bought their herbed pizza dough and divided it in half.  I sauteed a few of their vine-ripened tomatoes with some mushrooms, s&p, and a few red pepper flakes with a drizzle of agave.  I rolled out the dough, placed it on a preheated pizza stone and slathered on the thick sauce. Into a 450 degree oven for oh, about 25 minutes.  Have you ever tried their Goddess salad dressing?  omg it's so good and it's vegan.  I discovered it one day while shopping and a mom with 3 kids in her cart stopped in front of the salad dressing and they all started shouting...goddess mommy, goddess.  I'm like wtf?  They left and I grabbed a bottle and have been hooked ever since.  Goddess Mommy Goddess.

So that means...

*no animals were harmed making this pizza



  1. Looks amazing Janet...and I am a Trader Joe Virgin...never been, maybe will, I do want to be a Goddess !

    There's a rumour that Target is coming to Canada...maybe Trader Joe will follow.

    I took my lovely daughter to The Great Canadian Superstore tonight and she shopped til she dropped...she does not drive so I take her, and we went after she finished work so dinner was very late here in the Bungalow...President's Choice Chicken Wings (for Mr. HB) and a Green salad (homemade) for me....now it's time for bed...Pepper is already on the duvet waiting :)

    I love mushrooms too Janet...have you ever had a truffle?

  2. I would love to try that Goddess dressing and your dinner for one looks so yummy. Am very hungry - just got in for the evening and now waiting for Mr SE to return ..... going to make an aubergine (eggplant!!) dish with tomatoes! x

  3. Hi Janet! I can not imagine a pizza without cheese on top. Is there a vegan substitute for cheese you can put on pizza?
    Congratulations to the sunlight! In Vienna its misty and overcast, somewhere above 2000m the sun surely shines. :-)

  4. Looks delicious! I love home made pizza - it's one of the easiest things to make and the pay off is great.

    There is vegetarian cheese but not sure if there is something like vegan cheese?

  5. I had to giggle because when my kids were small they would call pizza crust "bones"....I would always say there are no animals in this pizza! LOL!

  6. PS here is the link to a recipe for a vegan goddess dressing that the author claims is very similar to Trader Joes


    Bon Appetit!


  7. Dear Janet, I wonder where the nearest Trader Joe is....?!!!
    Dinner for one sounds rather sad but yours looks and I am sure tasted,absolutely delicious.

    I too like mushrooms and in Hungary there are registered fungi inspectors so that you can forage in the woods for wild mushrooms and then have them inspected to ensure that they are edible. A brilliant idea I think!!

  8. Speaking of dinner, tonight (our time) I thought of you Janet as we tucked into a variety of roasted vegetables with lashings of gravy. No meat.
    So yummy.

  9. I'm so impressed. Roger travels a lot and I end up picking up a salad, and may be a cup of soup at Whole Foods or I bake a sweet potato. I truly should follow your example and make myself something yummy! Looks beautiful!

  10. I still have Trader Joe's withdrawal symptoms after not living in a city with one for almost 13 years! Gosh I miss that store!

  11. Never tried the dressing but I want my kids to yell, "Goddess mommy" at me too! :D And our husbands must be brothers or something, mine hates mushrooms too!

  12. That look excellent.

    To the person that asked about cheese, I made a grilled cheese and tomato with soy cheese and the cheese was okay. I think it lacks salt. I'm going to try again for lunch with salt. I think I've used it on pizza and it was good enough. You probably know which soy cheese it best.

    That goddess dressing is probably like Annie's Goddess dressing which is excellent but has eggs (I think). Does it have soy sauce and tahini in it?It's great on a sandwich of smoked tofu, tomato and alfalfa spouts (or greens). One of my fav sandwiches.

    I'm talking to much, sorry.

  13. Janet,
    I'm impressed - cooking for one! When I'm on my own for dinner I usually don't cook. I just head down to my favorite sushi place and get some of my favorite sweet potato roll and take it home. That pizza looks wonderful, but I have to admit giving up cheese is the main reason I haven't gone from vegetarian to vegan. And don't get me started on Trader Joe's! LOVE that place!

  14. Yum Janet! I will try to make your pizza this weekend. I want some goddess in my life too!

    xo kelley

  15. your pizza was just in time for vegan pizza day, on saturday!

    looks lovely, just like all your other food posts.

  16. I find soy cheese on pizza is great. I wish we had Trader Joes up here. sigh

  17. That pizza looks divine Janet. We have a Trader Joe's and I love it. There is an incredibly tastey Goddess dressing that we have bought at the local coop before that is just wonderful...and let me just say Horray for the mushroom! I think they are just yummy.

  18. I will be giving that Goddess dressing a try, too funny!

  19. Oh, I want to live with you. We don't have Trader Joe's and Goddess dressing in Canada. Sucks to be me apparently. Coming to visit, I swear, so you can introduce me to the good life...

    xo T.

  20. I think people either love mushrooms or hate them right? Luckily for me everyone in my family loves them. Your pizza is making me hungry...

    Thanks for mentioning the dressing, I'll have to check it out next time I'm there. I know there are so many things at T.J.'s that I have missed. (I used to make a green goddess dressing a gazillion years ago that had tofu in it)


  21. I'm allergic to dairy so I always have pizza without cheese. Yours looks wonderful!
    Trader Joe's is coming near me this fall, yeah!!

  22. Hi Janet, it's been awhile since I've commented but I truly do check in every day to see what you're doing. And because of you I also love Jack White--GO FIGURE!!! Love your dinner idea as my husband works out of town and I cook for myself 4-5 nites per week. That's OK--I just pour a glass of chardonnay, turn on some classical music and create. YUM! Thanks for all your wonderful posts. Allegra

  23. Oh what a delicious pizza! I will definitely try it! Perfect that you add that drizzled touch of agave; a sweetness cuts the acidity in a tomato--and thanks to Connie Lou for the web address to making the "Goddess Mommy Goddess" since a Traders Joe is no where near me. A beautiful little recipe--as always, thank you so much! You're the best! -Suzanne in Illinois

  24. paula - there are many vegan cheese substitutes but i find the pizza w/o cheese is still fantastic.

    connie lou - that is too funny about the bones and thanks so much for the link to the goddess dressing.

    allegra - omg, you love jack white too! i'm thinking of starting another blog dedicated to that subject!

    suzanne - thanks love!

  25. This looks so delicious...and beautiful photography. BTW, i sorta hate that woman in the grocery store with three kids screaming for salad dressing. My kids would never eat salad and i'm pretty sure my son has never had anything green...unless you count sour patch kids.

  26. Trader Joe's is my happy place .....

    I want to eat that .... now.

    My husband is trying out the vegan thing (he was veggie before, though). It's kind of fun cutting out dairy.

  27. annie - you are too funny, and those kids were v enthusiastic too!

    julie - i find vegan eating to be way fun and challenging. i'm surprised more people don't try it. now go eat.

  28. Wish we had Trader Joes in Oz. I like mushrooms.

    Where's old Larry gone?

  29. By the way, speaking of your White Stripes I've been listening to Doorbell a LOT lately. It's so 70s. Thought you'd be interested in this. My frind Trina and I were talking about you tonight and she said "is she the vegan one from the playboy mansion who sneaks into movies?" and I said "why yes, that's her". This is how you're talked about here in the Antipodes. xx

  30. I ♥'d your "Seven Things"...and think I'll have to scout around for a Trader Joe's.

    Sure wish there was a way to inhale second-hand-pizza!

  31. This was fun. Love it when you visit. Merci mille fois.

    I just tried to follow you --AGAIN -- I'm losing it. . .

    Warmest regards,

  32. ff - i'm thinking about my doorbell, when you gonna ring it, when you gonna ring it?

  33. One Goddess that ate mushrooms to keep her svelte figure was Jackie O. My Mother-in-law told me. She is a Goddess....and her son a god-send to me!

  34. Hi Janet,

    This slice of homemade pizza looks really good. It's been ages since I ate something like this!I have to make one myself sometime soon!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  35. love mushrooms, love pizza, looks delish!
    I would never have thought of the drizzle of agave.... love it! And I never buy dressing, but now I must try the Goddess Mommy Goddess dressing;)!


  36. Still catching up on some old posts but not making comments (although I've wanted to many times) figuring they are too old to be seen. But OMG, this made me laugh my ass off! Love that, "wtf?" She had a cart full of food critics with a discerning palate;)


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