Back at the ranch i've been working on having fun.  That just doesn't sound right but it's true.  We've been hiking quite a bit and enjoying the most unbelievably beautiful weather.  Here we are at Whitewater Canyon Preserve.  It's on your way to Palm Springs if you're ever in the area.  It's part of the Pacific Crest Trail, something larry dreams of hiking one day.  Check out the mileage from here.  I could go visit Leslie and Terri up in Canada.  When Larry says he is taking me to Mexico, I think this is his plan.

Look at this delicious Asian Tofu Salad I had with my friend Connie at Caprice Cafe in Redlands.
She took the pic with her iphone but look at the tofu!  Doesn't it look delicious?
omg, it was so good.

This is a Pumpkin and Toasted Walnut Pasta dish I created.

In a saute pan combine...

1/2 c pumpkin
1/4 c soymilk
1/2 cup vegetable broth
1 t chopped fresh sage
1/4 - 1/2 t red pepper flakes
season with salt and pepper
top with 1/2 c toasted walnuts

heat through and reduce until desired thickness and toss with pasta.
Delicious.  Larry says I always say to add too many red pepper flakes.
I say really?  
So do as you see fit.

I'm also smack dab in the middle of a 2 week whole body cleanse.
I try to do this once a year.  Have you ever done one?
I buy my cleanse tablets at the health food store and pick one loaded with lots of valuable herbs and roots to help detoxify all 7 of the body's elimination systems.

Oh the Fun.

On Sunday I will be going to see these two (wanda jackson and jack white) in Hollywood.
Now this will be fun.



  1. Janet you're adorable! I love that you make Vegan dining look so delicious {and not all crunchy-weirdo like my family thinks! :D } You are an inspiration!

  2. I'm quite jealous that you have the self-discipline to do something like a cleanse. But I'm much more jealous that you're hiking. I've been up to the Pacific Crest trail up by Truckee. It was exhilarating, if a little more than me and my middle-aged friend had understood, and so worth the risk.

  3. I have that VERY BOX of Red Quinoa from TJ...and haven't used it up yet. Now I know what I'll eat for dinner.

    And Lucky ME I'm driving up to Calgary over our kids spring break and I think I'll try and meet up with Terri. Woo hoo.


  4. Janet,

    I used to hike all the time. I need to start doing that more often - it's important to be in touch with nature.

    The pasta looks fantastic. I will have to try that recipe soon. I'm with you on the red pepper flakes. I like it hot!

    Have fun at the show! What are you planning on wearing?


  5. Where do you find the time to have fun? I'll have the Asian tofu salad, please; that pumpkin stuff sounds a little funky.

  6. hi B - thank you and vegan dining IS delicious!

    lisa - there really isn't anything to a cleanse, it's pretty easy. i'm jealous of your hike!

    mmw - oh you lucky! give terri huge hugs.

    adrienne - thanks and prob jeans and my red cowboy boots. haven't figured out the top. oh and lots of vintage turquoise.

    steveo - i make time. the pumpkin 'stuff' isn't funky, it's creamy, savory and spicy all at once. but maybe i'll rename it funky stuff in your honor.

  7. Janet,

    I have used Brenda Watson's cleanse...but it has been over a're such an inspiration.

    The hike sounds like hard work to me...I am not very inclined to rock climbing and such...give me a beach and I am happy...I see Terri's photos that she has been to Tofino as well...Chesterman Beach is the best beach walk going!

    Your lunch looks tasty too..

    Hugs XO

  8. MM! I want that pasta right now ....

  9. Actually, I think the correct name would be Funky Farfalle!

  10. Janet you are a super woman!! I love seeing all of your adventurea and creativity!

    Have you come and entered my Giveaway from Blydesign......


    Art by Karena

  11. Congratulations on having more husband and I are still working on that as well.

    Both dishes look husband always tells me I don't put in enough red pepper flakes...I think it's the Hispanic blood in him.


  12. so happy that you're following through on your mission of fun. Keep up the effort. Maybe you can do a post on the benefits of a cleanse. I was just having a conversation this weekend with a friend of mine about them. We didn't really know what they do for you. Educate me please!


  13. Oh how I would love to do the cleansing! I once read in G.Paltrows newsletter Goop about her cleansing method. Unfortunately those products are not available in Austria. Or would you consider those products generally safe?
    Looking at your various trips I wonder: do you do the trip on the weekend? Or do you take days off during the week? I have no idea how much time you spend at work. I envied the retired people in Carinthia during my winter vacation, they can do what we did any time!

  14. OH, it all looks good, Janet! So happy you are having fun. Amazing that we have to find the time and devote some planning to FUN, eh? You are inspiring me.

  15. I am so going to make the pumpkin walnut pasta dish. It look so delicious, and I am so hungry right now.

  16. Oh...those big chunks of tofu look good. That pumpkin pasta looks delicious too.....I need to print out this recipe and tuck away for when I'm inspired to cook. Wanda Jackson and Jack great is that?

  17. All the best for the cleanse Janet and no I've never attempted a full-on detox because I'm a wimp!

  18. Jack White again?! He's going to think you're stalking him! That sounds like a great show though.

    Your adventures sound fun to always be travelling, hiking, really sounds like a charmed life. :)

  19. Ah, I was thinking about you and your fun program just today! We're going to have to compare notes on the Wanda/Jack shows after this weekend :)

    And have you seen this video, too?

  20. First I cut out meat... now its a cleansing! Please share the brand name of the herbal you use.
    Great to see you ARE having fun!!

  21. Sure the tofu looks nice, but your pasta creation looks out of this world. It's more restaurant looking than the restaurant dish.

    A vegan doing a cleanse? You must have the cleanest tubes around Janet.

  22. I'm going to try your pumpkin pasta dish, it looks wonderful.
    I'm ready for the FUN to start but it has been so cold here in SC.
    Tell us all about Jack White.

  23. I love this post. Yay for having fun!! And how come Larry still looks like he did 20 years ago? Not fair.


  24. VERY glad to see that you have been working on your fun quota but I think it's just a little too far to branch out to Mexico from there! Yummm gorgeous food photos - what you ate with your friend and what you cooked too (and yup, I am always accused of being a little too heavy handed with the red pepper/chilli flakes too!!) x

  25. body cleanse...i need to do that! i think i will try your recipe with a kabocha pumpkin, as they grow in abundance in Hawaii...thank you!

  26. I just traveled back in time when I saw the photo of the rock. Deep Creek Hot Springs! Wow...used to go there all the time in the old college days (aka "hippie" days). This all looks like so much fun! Glad you are enjoying life!

  27. Oh, and I don't think you CAN put too many pepper flakes in anything!

  28. Hi Janet,

    That looks like a wild and beautiful place to walk in! I wish we had wildlife like that on our doorstep.

    Your vegan dishes look very tasty! I will have to remember that pumpkin pasta.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  29. Hi Janet,
    I am a vegan, but "gasp" I do not like Tofu! Unless it is pureed in a sauce or dressing. Your pumpkin pasta is being added to my list!
    And, if you want to try a very safe, healthy, cleanse go to I've read his book and did it, but next time I will be buying his products to make it a lil easier.
    Have fun with my husband's best friend (he wishes) Jack White! What a good time you will have!!!

  30. Hi J
    Good for you having fun and hiking and stuff. You will be unsurprised to learn that I have no interest in and do not believe in body cleanses but I support your involvement in one 100% (you know how I love the ability to action Individual Choice) I am hardcore mourning the loss of my life as I know it and planning an uber glam baby shower with my girlfriends xxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Also I am so jealous that Larry keeps himself fit and slim and hasn't embraced weight gain. You are lucky x

  32. Janet,

    Your food posts are NOT making my New Year's Resolution easy! I must have some that pumpkin pasta!! Have fun at your concert!


  33. All good things. I am so happy to read about someone who makes her world the way she wants it to be instead of just wishing it all away. We always have a choice, don't we?
    Big hugs to you! -Suzanne in Illinois

  34. Janet, when you are all cleaned out, call me. We'll do lunch!


  35. Hi Janet,
    FIrst: That pasta is dinner tomorrow and as luck would have it, I have the ingredients (I will use organic heavy cream..sorry!) and it is easy. I've only "cleansed" at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. It is raw foods, juicing, wheat grass juice and rejuvilac. Can't say I have a blast while I'm there, but I do feel fantastic when I leave!

  36. Janet,
    You have a quiet grace about you and your blog reflects this admirable trait. I'm researching all things vegetarian/vegan at the moment and have been introduced to something called "Veguary". Have you heard about this? Would you recommend someone trying the vegetarian route before vegan? I've completed the Wild Rose cleanse a few times. I do find it long and hard, but I've had great results with my insides, and my outsides. Thank you for the inspiration.

  37. Janet- Those hiking pictures are just stunning. I could feel the fresh air in my lungs!


  38. How did I miss this post? I did a cleanse a few years ago and it was the best.thing.ever. I don't seem to have the willpower now though.

  39. the pumpkin dish is making onto next week's home menu.

    and i'm delighted to see such a yummy tofu plate available in redlands - you are totally expanding my options for lunch when we drive through redlands to our church camp!

    hope the cleanse is going well.

  40. I LOVE wanda jackson and take advantage of the chance to see her whenever she is in town!



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