survival tacos*

Yesterday with 107 degree heat we had a 14 hour power failure.  Just after noon the power went out and didn't come back on until 3 am.  Let me tell you it was hot.  We could have fled to a hotel but that would have been cheating.  Cheating who? - I don't know.  But anyway, we went into survival mode and faced it square on.  So what did we eat for supper?  I made a raw dinner that was cool and crisp and was just what the doctor ordered for sweltering heat.  Did you know that eating spicy foods is supposed to help the body cool down?  We noticed nothing to that effect.

Survival Tacos

1 1/2 cup black beans
1 ear of corn shucked (raw)
1 cup chopped cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup jarred jalepeno
1/4 cup chopped red onion
top with salsa or whatever topping you have on hand

place in tortilla.   enjoy.

and guess what?

*no animals were harmed making this dinner.


  1. Good Morning!
    Janet, you are quite amusing lately! Me...I would have cheated and been at the nearest hotel!
    Maybe I would have come over for dinner though - it looks delicious. :)

  2. I heard from my mother (who lives out your way) about the weather yesterday. It figures - now that the weather here in NC has become bearable, (well, better than that, it's been BEAUTIFUL the last few days)I am getting ready to come to Cali, where it's hotter than hell! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, and mostly for me, that it cools down soon! Karin
    p.s. dinner looks and sounds delish! I'll be trying that recipe myself.

  3. I know this may sound odd but I nver thought you could eat corn without it being cooked. I am going to try it!

  4. Cricket, corn can be eaten raw if utterly young and fresh. Older sweet corn benefits from at least a blanching. Your digestive system will tell you what's best ;D

    Janet, we had a chopped veggie salad wrapped in flatbread the other day--too hot and too tired to cook!

  5. You are quite the trooper! I would have headed to an air conditioned restaurant for a salad.

    Love all your recipes you've posted lately.
    It has been 3 weeks since I took my 30 day vegan pledge and it is unbelievable how much better I fell. My skin is even clearer and less dry. I may an have egg occasionally (minus the salmonella) after my 30 days but will stay vegan.

    Thank you for the earthling website, it changed my life and think of the animals saved!


  6. What a nightmare but it looks like you made the best of it. They look really good!

  7. sarah - me amusing? ha. but come over for dinner. how far is nebraska?

    karin - the weather is supposed to break today so you are in luck.

    cricket and meg - yes, who knew? raw is the only way to go in this heat.

    betty - the animals are smiling. you are an inspiration!

  8. Dear Janet, You must have been in the US equivalent of the Girl Guides in order to have coped so admirably in the face of such horrendous heat!! I imagine that when it comes to starting a fire without matches you are pretty adept with two sticks!!

    Happy weekend.

  9. Janet...thes looks very nice......and so hot !!! it is raining here the whole week......happy weekend love Ria....

  10. Your dinner sounds delicious...did you find out what caused that outage?
    14 hours is a serious long time especially if you are in a heat wave.
    Survival skills are highly under rated.

  11. Yum! I just talked to my mom and she says it's been so hot down there! I remember sleeping with cold washcloths on my head when I was growing up. And I also remember that instead of snow days, we had 'over 100 degree days' at school. Back in those days (I feel old saying that), the schools weren't air conditioned!

  12. Yes it would have been cheating. Welcome to an east coast summer. But your meal was perfect and you did survive. Didn't you.

    has it cooled down yet? We're back in hell starting Sunday. of course, my day off!

    XO Jane

  13. steve - yes it was a nightmare. it made the towel situation look silly.

    edith - oh, i can start a fire!

    ria - rain, lucky you.

    leslie - no clue about the outage. and lucky i live w/a survivalist. well, he likes to think he is.

    trina - you bring back fond memories of the first day of school, new scratchy uniforms and heat, a lovely combo.

    jane - i'm in one piece sorta.

  14. Hi Janet, I love use-what-you-have cooking. The sign of a good cook is being able to improvise. Hope it cools down soon. Allegra

  15. Bravo for sticking it out! Not easy when it is that hot. Dinner sounds like it was delicious. I hope you are nicely cool at the moment.


  16. Those tortillas are beautiful. Don't even tell me Trader Joe's. Even in hard times your meals are a work of art.

  17. Janet,

    Ugh! I detest hot, hot weather. And no fans or A/C? Dreadful!

    How creative you are with those tacos. They look yummy.
    I'll have to add black bean tacos to my vegetarian/vegan recipe arsenal.


  18. Dear Janet, I`ve seen in many blogs that hot days are all over USA and Europe... gosh!! hope our summer doesn´t brings that much degrees...
    I didn`t know why indian people heats so much spicy food but reading you perhaps that´s the reason... and maybe just once that not make the difference.
    maria cecilia

  19. allegra - i'm a huge fan of make do style.

    claudia - the tacos were good, either that or we were delirious.

    amy - trader joes. sorry.

    adrienne - put these in the vegan arsenal file, no one will guess.

    maria cecilia - i think you are right about the regularity of the spicy food being key to the cool down effect.

  20. Dear Janet, I love your 'can do' sprit for living a beautiful life no matter what! Joyce

  21. Thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog. Your blog is just beautiful and I look forward to reading through your posts.

    Your meal sounds delicious! Despite the heat you came through with flying colours. Hope your weekend is cooler and more comfortable.


  22. Hi Janet,

    How was 105 here a couple days this week. We have a/c but I save it for the hottest days. But not having power at least to run a fan?? If you had asked if anyone felt sorry for you, I would have said YES!!!


  23. anon & sandra - thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and a compliment

    linda - thank you for feeling sorry for me. finally someone.

  24. I feel for you Janet. I go all floppy in the heat and am useless. And what you experienced was EXTREME.

  25. It looks good! I love your survival mode meal! I like your space here, I'll have to visit regularly now! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  26. fiona - i can't picture you floppy!

    lyndsey - glad we met through the perfect pantry.

  27. Janet- you're KILLING me with all this talk of heat! I feel like that comic strip character who walked around with a rain cloud over his head (Was it someone in Charlie Brown? Or maybe it was Eeyore... I'm too young to remember :))
    I wish I could trade temperatures with you!
    Anyway, those Survival Tacos look yummy, and I always have been a big fan of Survivor!

  28. Oh my! That happened at our house when I was a child, and I remember how miserable it was! It was probably only for 12 hours or so, but it felt like a lifetime. I will try your taco recipe. I love anything that only takes a few ingredients, especially ones like these that I already have on hand!

  29. slim - i'll trade temps (and a few other things) with you anytime.

    marygrace - it was memorable heat.


kindness is never out of style.

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