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I am on vacation here for a week.  This is the view of the Pacific Ocean from our balcony.  

This resort sits on land that used to be the site of Marineland.  If you grew up in Southern California then you know where I am.  In the above photo, I'm standing in the spot where they filmed the movie, Life as a House, with Kevin Klein.  It's a very good movie about love, addiction and forgiveness.  It's available on Netflix Instant Watch.  The movie was shot in and around Palos Verdes. 

We've only been here 2 days and I have to tell you that I'm starving!  This is supposed to be a 5 starish-like resort but I'm not too impressed.  I mean it is beautiful and all, but the food stinks.  After all, I'm in California, you would think vegan would not be too hard to get but you would be wrong about that.  Last night we thankfully found a little Italian place a mile down the road and we'll be eating dinner there all week long.  Vegan can be very difficult on vacation.   Also, the towels are not very soft.  Are you feeling sorry for me yet?


  1. Janet that spot looks lovely...and too bad about the lack of vegan food.
    It's fortunate that you did locate a spot that will offer suitable meals for the duration of your stay.

    As an aside our little lunch spot on the Gulf Islands at Hope Bay had lots of vegan food...I was very surprised and impressed.

    I am NOT feeling at all sorry for you yet...try ENVY!

  2. Oh, poor baby; it must be awful. All those annoying views. Don't you pack a case of Soy Joys or something? Sounds like a week of pasta with tomatoes and basil. Should we FedEx you some towels?

  3. Sorry, not yet! What a gorgeous view! Love the resort vacations y'all take! Enjoy!


  4. Janet, I don't feel sorry for you because that place looks 11/10 gorgeous!!!!! In Oz you'd starve round the clock-hardly anywhere I know whips up vegan meals round these here parts. The vegans I know make do on steamed vegetables and plain salads. Enjoy your holiday.

  5. Well, if I knew your resort's address I'd send an overnight package full of vegan goodies.

    Have fun. The views look lovely.

  6. No! I do not feel sorry for you! :) I'd gladly suffer an Italian restaurant and itchy towels for that pool and the ocean!
    Hope you're having fun - get off the computer and go play some tennis!

  7. Sorry. Nope.

    Itchy towels? Maybe they dry them on the line to cut down on electric? If not complain.

    Little Italian place? Yum. Maybe they can learn something from you and future vegans will be served!

    In any event, Par Tay on.

  8. Hi Janet!! enjoy your holidays!! Palos verdes... :)Kisses, Ana

  9. Nope! My "staycation" is comprised of visualizing and meditating on the special places I saw & loved half a lifetime ago, like London and Somerset, or knew well like Sanibel Island back in the 60's (pre-highrises). I miss the salty sea air.

    If you are dumping a lot of moola on the digs, then the unsoft towels are unforgivable and I would happily gripe at the management for your sake. :)

  10. janet - I only feel sorry for you because I know how irritating it is to pay 5 star prices for lackluster quality. Other than that, I don't feel sorry for you! I've been doing Sonoma County staycations all summer! It's beautiful, but I'd love some new scenery.

    And at least it doesn't look foggy at the coast like it's been up here for several weeks.

    Enjoy! I hope you have better luck finding vegan fare.


  11. Hi Janet, Allegra here. I understand how you feel--my weakness is dodgy plumbing, but it sounds like you are in a pretty nice place. I get irritated when places (restaurants, hotels, etc)try to pass themselves off as high end, but we've lost the little details that make life so civilized. I think that's one of the things we seek in reading blogs--finding kindred spirits who appreciate the finer, simpler things. Have a great time and I look forward to more veganism!

  12. Allegra again! I'd love to see what you're wearing on your trip. Any photos?

  13. Well I would be feeling a little grumpy too if I was hungrey. Thank goodness you found the Italian restaurant.
    And below par towels are not nice either especially if you are paying big bucks at the resort.
    The fabulous view is beautiful though and very easy on the eyes I would imagine.
    Love Kevin Kline to bits and will gladly watch any of his movies.
    Have fun!

  14. It looks amazing Janet... sorry, though cannot feel that sorry for you ;-)!! Hope you find some more vegan restaurants though! x

  15. Well, I feel sorry for you and the rest of us vegans that the world is slow catching on to our way of eating! I ordered a salad the other day, asked for NO MEAT OR CHEESE and it came with bacon. My waitress didn't know bacon was meat. Wow! Yes, I sent it back and they made me a new one.
    Have a wonderful time in Palos Verdes and please do share your outfits.

  16. uuuhh, then tell the hotel you did posted them in your blog and will do it again if they don´t buy good quality towels and improve the food!!!!
    Well, hope they hear you and that you can enjoy your holidays, at least eating delicious italian foold!!!!

  17. Janet - I'm getting out the tissues here for you. Seriously, though there is not much worse than bad food and scratchy towels when you're staying at what is supposed to be a resort. I hope you enjoy your time away though nonetheless.

  18. I do feel sorry for you. Although that place looks amazing, being hungry or not enjoying your meals can really put a damper on things (it makes me grumpy). I hope you find a full and satisfied tummy very soon so you can enjoy the scenery.


  19. SORRY? Uh na,,,lol It's 109 here. Bet you can guess who this is. I remember PV AND Marine Land.

  20. My sister is vegan, and when we flatted together as single girls several years ago I saw first-hand how vegan dining out is not easy. She would mostly end up with a bunch of side dishes. Her bliss was finding a cafe which was vegan. She could order anything off the entire menu and was in heaven. Perhaps as a former chef you could open a vegan cafe as your next career?

  21. What bliss! Enjoy it!

    Where do you like eat locally? I always loved the Farm when I lived in the Inland Empire, but it is definitely not a place I would tag as vegan-friendly. Things are much easier out here by the beach. I sympathize! Although I do eat dairy, but I can see how frustrating it must be.

  22. Hi Janet,
    I clicked on your blog from therichlifeonabudget and loved reading it! I do not feel a bit sorry for you.

    Depending on what part of California you are, most decent to fabulous restaurants will prepare you a spec (that's construction jargon for 'special') vegan dish. Just ask!

  23. My suggestion Janet, is to drink massive quantities of wine the entire trip and then you won't really care if the towels are soft or not.

    : ) kelley

  24. this made me laugh....and i love that wine comment...

    i know right where this is...i am up on the central coast in san luis obispo...

    have fun !!!!


  25. Dear Janet, I am not sorry for you really, it looks fantastic, I am off to the Frozen North tomorrow, I would kill for sunshine and sea that colour! I am a bit sorry for you on the food front though, should i send you over some of my nourishing deer stew? I are pretty sure the deer was vegan. Bxx

  26. ok everyone, these are perhaps the funniest comments i've gotten so far. yes, the views are SO annoying, i mean they go on and on. and no one feels sorry for me? these towels are rough! and i have begun drinking copius amounts of alcohol to get over the lack of creativity in the kitchens here. vegan deer, you kill me.

  27. French fries! That's my vegan daughter's default lunch whenever she can't find vegan, too! Karin/


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