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Well, we go home tomorrow and I have nothing left to complain about.  A few of you asked for some fashion pics and here they are.  I should say that if you want real fashion go here quickly.  Otherwise, stick around, I'm sure you will be amused..  No one will ever be able to accuse me of not suffering for my blog.

first up is my shiny pair of coral sandals that just so happen to match the carpet in our room.

next up is a family pic
 (that's me on the left in case you had mistaken me for the gorgeous 20 year old on the right)
i'm wearing my favorite white linen pants in the whole wide world with a turquoise tshirt and green hoodie and my coral sandals that you cannot see.
the real fashion here, of course, is on alex and meg.  double rl everything.  her bag makes me weep.
travis (arm around me and affectionately referred to as #3) is in j crew.
larry in the back, who knows?

i warned you.  but i got involved a few weeks back in a discussion about beach cover-ups with leslie, the hostess of the humble bungalow.  i normally wear a mens white button-up shirt as a cover-up but i felt the need to swank it up and get a real beach cover-up.  i'm definitely going back to the mens shirt.

this is me wondering where my next meal is coming from.  i bought these shorts at target b/c they have a chinoiserie print on them.  i believe in taking an idea to the hilt.  yes, that's a hanes white v-neck t under the green hoodie and coral sandals that you cannot see, again.

i can't wait to get home.


  1. Hi Janet--it's Allegra here. First, and most important, you look very SLIM and are a postergirl for veganism. And I love the orange sandals. I think you should wear the coverup as a top--it's that beautiful to me! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the cover up! It says HOLIDAYS and FUN!

    Your style is so honest...and you have a great trim figure...elegance and grace.


  3. What a beautiful family and you look like the sister. How nice you go on vacation with your family, too. I

  4. Great family pic and I must say you have classy taste! And you are so tiny! I am sure you can't wait to get home to get some food...


  5. allegra, leslie, amanda - i am not tiny. but i love you for saying it!

    steve - sisters? i could kiss you.

  6. Janet, You're a gorgeous woman! I love your style, your grace and your lovely elegance. Welcome Home!!!

  7. I agree you look beautiful and fit!! If these pictures don't sell a vegan lifestyle then...

  8. You're too your fashion choices here. ;)
    Happy weekend.

  9. Well Miss Flippy, you sure are looking good here. Shows what healthy eating, good skin care and a lot of champagne will do for a girl.

    In the family pic you do look like the sister.
    Go figure!

    xo jane

  10. Janet, looking FAB! I have that same Tarjay coverup and it looks so expensive, don't you think?

  11. julie - it does not look like target at all to me. but either do my chinoiserie shorts.
    i bet you look way better in it.

  12. Hi!!!
    That family picture look like something straight out of a LA model shoot! A beautiful group ~
    Love the shorts...I haven't worn shorts since high school but maybe I would at a California beach resort. :)
    Hope you had fun - have a safe trip back.

  13. Hi Janet, what a stylish crew you have there! I love the beach cover-up. And you are such a doll--that healthy living suits you. Safe travels. Hope your trip was fun.

  14. OK, that post made me laugh a few times out loud. Very cute. You look great, like I said before, she looks like your girlfriend.

    I would wear that tre chic coverup as a regular top (and I do, because they cover my backside--obviously not an issue for you).

    It seems that you've got your blogging mojo back, even doing it on vacation!

    Good for you!


  15. Thanks to you and the film on your blog (Earthlings)I am off meat. I have no problem with milk & eggs because I get that locally, right from the artisan farmers with Happy, well tended, grass fed, free range animals.

    You look great and honest, you all look like siblings.

  16. Janet, you are well and truely a poster girl for the over 50s. So chic!

  17. You look great!!! And where did you find those coral sandals? I have been looking for a pair in that color.

  18. jw - i meant to include where i got everything and the cost. the sandals are from the gap and were on sale for $12. the cover-up is from target and was on sale for $9. the shorts, target $10. so my entire "resort wear" budget came in around $30.

  19. Gorgeous family!!! I love seeing your fun and stylish outfits:) Enjoy settling back in to home and "real life"!

  20. I cannot wear red or pink, but coral is one of my colors. I have always had high hopes of finding coral-colered sandals and, thanks to you, I know they are out there somewhere. Gracias!

  21. you look the same age as the 20 year old-love the coral sandals and love the red top. We are in a gripping election fever here- it is a dead heat! x

  22. Hi Janet - you are looking FAB if I may say so and how lovely the family are too - very cool! I love your beach cover up! x

  23. Your holiday gear is lovely. I never know what to wear in the heat of summer. Love the family portrait - you're all gorgeous.

    When I saw the photo of your pretty sandals my first thought was 'surely Janet wouldn't have a patterned carpet' and then realised it was at the resort. Phew.

    Not that the carpet is terrible, but it just wouldn't go with your style.

    Go on, now tell me it's actually in your house.

  24. fiona - the carpet is at the resort. and i love that you call my clothes gear. faux fuchsia calls it clobber.

  25. I love reading Faux Fuchsia as much for the descriptive words as her hilarious stories and gorgeous photos.

    We do have a bit of a crossover in words between New Zealand and Australia. Clobber is very Australian but my mum has said Paws and Mitts forever, as in 'get your dirty mitts off that' or 'wrap your paws around this'.

    My parents spent a couple of years living in Sydney and Melbourne before I was born, so perhaps they picked up on the Aussie lingo and I'm actually speaking Australian in New Zealand. I'm surprised I haven't been kicked out.

    I call a chilly bin an Esky because of them. My husband always corrects me and says to say it the proper way (chilly bin). Maybe you would call it a cooler?

  26. Dear Janet, I concur with all these wonderful comments. Your style is clean, classic and timeless. Thank you for taking us on your trip. Gorgeous pictures, wonderful post! Hugs, Joyce

  27. fiona - chilly bin? esky? maybe refrigerator?
    too funny.

  28. you look fantastic! i love the color combos; green, turquoise, coral, navy - some of my favs. may i inquire as to that bag?! it's wicked awesome. RL? What season? love your blog!

  29. alicia - thank you for your comment. i believe it is current double rl. if not last season. in person, it is a work of art.


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