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So yesterday afternoon I'm sitting on my sofa drinking flat Prosecco from the night before, loving my dull life.  The new House Beautiful had just arrived and I'm flipping through it and settle on the "White Wash" layout.  The pictures are stunning. The house is done in all white with splashes of blue and mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean.   So I start reading the text and I'm liking everything the owner/designer is saying.  She grounds her white rooms with touches of black, I do that.  She doesn't obsess over matching her whites, me either.  White slipcovers for ease of washing, uh huh.  I can see that we have a lot in common, minus Fortuny pillows and Hermes throws and well lots of other things that I prefer to ignore and I'm liking her.  Then I read she has a blog and it's called Slim Paley.  Well what do you know?  The Slim Paley, right there over on my sidebar.  I've mentioned her once or twice before.  Just last week she told me not to quit blogging because she liked reading my blog.  That is so funny to me now.  Anyway she is the most modest person I have ever cyber-met.  Can you just imagine not telling your readers that your house was in House Beautiful magazine?  But she hasn't and probably won't.  So I am.  Go buy it and see for yourself, but if you live in Santa Barbara there are probably no copies left because her neighbor Penelope Bianchi's beautiful house is in the same issue.  Oh, and I've told you before and I'll tell you again, go read her blog.  It is really, really good.

the view, white slipcovers, antique dhrurri rug, stone fireplaces, hermes, fortuny

a desk where absolutely no work gets done

master bedroom


  1. I just discovered your blog because of a piece about veganism on someone else's blog. A vegan myself, with a cottage garden and an old house, I love what you do here. Wow. Thanks for being!

  2. How cool is that? Luckily am on my way out so can hopefully pick up a copy asap.

    Saw the movie. Owe you an email. Too bad I'm not comfortable blogging about it....

    xo Jane

  3. Remind me to get white cats the next time around. Love the look! Meant to tell you your photos looked fantastic in your last post.

  4. I got it for myself this morning and you're right, her home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

    How thougtful of you to show this off for her ~

  5. At one time, I used to buy House Beautiful every month, it was one of my favorite interior design magazines. Then, years ago, it no longer was available here in Finland. I do like white interiors too, but feel that all white works better in surroundings, similar to yours. Today, I wish for more color. Tomorrow? Who knows.

  6. charlotte - welcome and i hope as a vegan you will share!

    jane - yes email me i'm anxious to discuss the movie too.

    sarah - i told you it was gorgeous.

    steve - thanks. i can't take a pic now w/o thinking of all the advice you gave me.

    metscan - it's cold in finland, white would seem to make it colder!

  7. This house is beautiful and how fun that you found it! Thanks for sharing. I hope my copy is in the mail today.

  8. Slim Paley has some amazing images...I am not at all surprised that House Beautiful got in on her act.
    I'll see if I can find a copy to read...thanks for the tip.
    Your "dull life" sounds perfect to me...
    flat Prosecco and a magazine is anything but dull Janet!

  9. Dear Janet, my comment just got eaten, hope the cyber monster gets indigestion. Just wanted to say how exciting that Slim is in the magazine, her house looks wonderful. And please don't you stop blogging, I love seeing your house and will never tire of it. blightyxx
    P.S. look out for my house in next month's Home Health Hazards, Domestic Germs and Mould magazine (a specialist title but with a strong following among microbiologists)

  10. Must go see that magazine. I think your house would make a great subject too Janet. I also loved your photos in your last post. I'm already thinking I'll arrange my napkins like yours. Just remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. How funny that Slim Paley didn't say anything. Most would be falling all over themselves to trumpet out a magazine feature. I love a dull life too.

  11. hostess - her images are beautiful. and most of them are of her own life. i'm usually a little green reading while reading but she is so damn nice.

    blighty - i adore you. you are my idol.

    fiona - i think you are right about my house. it would be under the section of what not to do. but thanks for the compliment.

  12. O my such a nice story..i go to see her blog now !....happy evening darling..love Ria.....

  13. I really loved her home too Janet! Great issue, I agree.


  14. Drop dead gorgeous home. I so love black and white.
    Well it would be difficult to achieve any office work if you had to suffer a beautiful view like that!
    Our study desk has never been that tidy.
    Would like to grab this mag, I wonder if we get American HB in Aust. must investigate pronto.
    Thanks J for bringing this article to our attention.

  15. We were probably spewing our drinks at the same time! Like you, entranced by the pictures and interview...I screamed: "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! IT'S HER!" My husband thought I'd lost my mind. She is ever so humble - a lovely soul through & through!

  16. Hi Janet,
    I admired that spread too. She really is modest. I think anyone else would be announcing they're coming, they're here, they just left, look for the picts in this months issue. I really should start reading my interior decorating magazines--I usually just look at the pictures. I could learn so much I think:)


  17. Picked up a copy of House Beautiful a few days ago, but was saving it to read during a car trip this coming weekend. (My husband likes to drive, freeing me to enjoy the scenery, nap, and read. Lucky me!)

    But now that I've glanced at the spread here on your blog, don't know if I can wait!

    I think that it's going to be one of those stories that I label "died and went to heaven"!

  18. vava - were you drinking flat prosecco?

    julie - you know i would be telling anyone/everyone that would listen.

  19. Hola dear Janet, she is a darling sweet and I have recently met her and her stunning blog!!!!
    I see you are enjoying your lazy time... that`s good my friend!!!!
    hugs hugs

  20. That is one beautiful home. I must pick up this issue along with the current Town & Country issue which is supposed to be great too. How nice to hear of someone so talented and modest. I'll be sure to check out Slim's blog. And really, I don't know what you were talking about earlier when you said you are running out of ideas for posts. See how stuff just comes along and lands in your lap sometimes? Now you have a place to share it.

  21. Thank you for posting about a fellow blogger, I always find it refreshing when we can celebrate someone else's victory. I am on my way to check out her blog now!

  22. Yes, I was shocked too - as I have been looking at her blog a few times. Nothing beats modesty in my book. xo Terri

  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you Janet... the magazine looks amazing and I am going to hop on over to her blog too. Hopefully, if I scan the shelves here in Oz for USA House Beautiful in a couple of months we should get that one shipped over here... Is it the September edition? What a fabulous house. x

  24. Oh my goodness- truly, I am blushing (I wish I knew how to do those blushing smiley faces)
    Thank you Janet for such a lovely post about my blog/article.
    You are as generous and nice (even if you insist you're not!) as you are funny. And that's saying something.
    And thank you to all your Cottage "Devotees" both for their wonderful comments and for stopping by to visit me on Slim Paley.
    I love my blogging friends!

    Lastly, I'm so happy that you've 'found your voice' again- you scared us for a minute there...

    I raise a glass of flat Prosecco to you (but can we at least add some peach nectar and pretend they're Bellinis??!)


  25. I got my magazine yesterday.... LOVE her house! Absolutely beautiful! Do you think she will mind if we all come live with her now?! Must have been such a hoot to be reading the article and then to read it was a bloggy friend!
    Yes, I'm thinking I would be buying billboards!! She is modest indeed!


  26. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check out Slim's blog and the magazine. I am glad you are finding you have more to say!

  27. Just started subscribing to House Beautiful a few months ago...couldn't pass it up for 80 cents per issue!


  28. Slim Paley decorating - pure genius!!!

  29. How very attractive, it is unfair that we don't get this magazine in Australia dammit. What a divine home.

    Looks like Slim has a Killer Ocean View too lucky thing.

    Meanwhile Janet it finally rained here-maybe the drought's broken? Fingers and Toes. I can hear my garden practically singing with Joy.

    It's a public holiday here so no trip to the Coalface for me- brunch, lunch and then afternoon tea are planned.

    I ate no meat last night either. 'Tis the New Me x


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