a few of my favorite snacks... 

crisp celery and peanut butter

tea for one

cucumber & cracked pepper sandwich
eggless tofu salad sandwich - steve's excellent recipe here
almond butter and boysenberry jam sandwich


trader joes green olive tapenade with multigrain crackers and grapes

share your favorite vegan snack.

*no animals were harmed making these snacks


  1. These all look delicious !!! have a great taste.............good night sleep well Ria.........

  2. Toast and almond butter, TJ's olive hummus and crackers or toasted pita, potato chips :), guac and chips.

  3. My favorite is toasted pita with homemade salsa or sliced tomatoes with organic rice vinegar.
    I'll have to try Steve's recipe - sounds great!

  4. julie - my favorite snack at tj's is their thick cut potato chips. they say lightly salted, but they are not. i could eat the whole bag.

    sarah - love homemade salsa.

  5. My children used to love celery sticks and peanut butter in their school lunches.
    These snacks look so healthy and tasty Janet. I'm curious.. is it possible to bake vegan cakes?
    I like mashed avocado with a dash of lemon juice and chili or cracked pepper on toast or crackers.

  6. Oh my, everything looks delicious! I love celery and peanut butter. My snacks are organic peanut butter with toast, celery or on apple. I make a lot of hummus and eat that with carrots - and our refrigerator pickles! I also love anything with avocado - I think it's my Californian upbringing! And I also love artichokes...TJ's has a wonderful artichoke tapenade that is TOO GOOD!

  7. Ok now what is going on! Why does everything vegan suddenly seem sp perfect and delicious. Has it always been that way and I just never have noticed...must be so!


    kelley : )

  8. anne marie - yes it's possible and good.

    trina - i love hummus too and did not know about tj's artichoke tapenade.

    kelley - consider yourself in the loop now, where only really cool people are allowed.

  9. Oh yumm...I think I need a snack now....

  10. I don't snack that much but when I do, it's gotta be crunchy. Love the celery and peanut or almond butter, or pita chips with hummus or tabouli, or an apple.

    Your photos are great! Especially the oreos photo.

  11. My favorite "nosh" is a mix of whole unsalted raw walnuts, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips, definitely not lo-cal, :D Otherwise it is the pb or hummus with celery, apples, pita, bread, and kettle-cooked potato chips

    and now, d&*m it I am getting hungry again after downing a bowl of watermelon cubes....

  12. I love almonds...apples and look away (as FF would say) cheese...
    a piece of shortbread and a cup of tea.....

  13. Tonight my husband was the one to say it. "No animals were harmed preparing this meal." He should also love these snacks. FYI curried eggplant & garbanzos for dinner tonight.

  14. If I am being good...Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds or any nuts I have on hand. If I'm not being good... Newman O's (I just ate one) or a piece of Green and Black's dark chocolate. Heaven!


  15. steve - thankyouverymuch for the recipe and the compliment.

    meg - i'm a sucker for potato chips too.

    leslie - apples and almonds are another fav.

    sandra - kiss hubby for me!

    linda - green and blacks chocolate is the best.

    tammy - now with all these great ideas you should go have a snack.

  16. Yum!!! I love the eggless tofu sandwich!

    Thanks for your comment on the sofa. I am leaning in that direction myself. It is hard living in the fucking backwater of decor. I just want a cool, current, simple, elegant sofa. And everything at all those crusty stuffy furniture stores is so "made in China" and it all costs 3 grand.

    It is like the vegan thing. I just want something honest and good quality that i know where it comes from. Something responsible. Not something stuffed with asbestos.

    Ugh. Being cool is hard.

    Love u, xo Terri

  17. Hi J
    I too love peanut paste (we don't call it peanut butter in these here parts) on celery. Meanwhile I admire your commitment to healthy living. Do you ever binge or booze or junk food?

  18. Dear Janet, All of these look positively delicious and mouth watering but tea for one, so attractively presented, I could eat it all up right now [and here it is breakfast time!]. As it happens, egg sandwiches are amongst my favourites.

  19. it's almost 11:30pm and you've got me all hungry. thanks a lot janet! haha:)

  20. Your snacks look delish Janet. A favourite vegan snack of mine is peanut butter on rice cakes or 'Finn Crisp' crackers with shaved curls of carrot piled on top. (Semi Expat)x

  21. I would never have thought of celery and peanut butter together but crikey it's making my mouth water! x

  22. OOOHHH, celery and peanut butter, I went to Preschool with an American girl, who I thought was sooooo cool; she lived in a flat, her mother wore to-the-ground dresses, she looked like the Brady Bunch littlest girl AND they introduced me to celery and peanut butter. I was amazed at their exoticism and grooviness!!

    Still feel nostalgic about that snack now - thanks for taking me back to the 70s!

    I love salted almonds and bitingly dry Spanish sherry for a pre-prandial snack! Not sure if Sherry can be vegan? Also good old Guacamole is so good - no garlic, tomatoes or anything extra in it for me, just avacado, lime juice, chillies and salt and pepper. Yum!

  23. Belinda, did you by any chance grow up in Fort Lee? ;-)

    Janet, my favourite vegan snack is a peanut butter sandwich with jelly on top. a life saver.

  24. I'm with the Hostess, I love a crispy apple cut into pieces paired with a small handful of raw almonds.

    I've never tried peanut butter and celery even though I like both these things. I must try it. Thanks Janet!

  25. Paula, I grew up in Kensington, London!

  26. Janet.. Thanks for living me a comment regarding my oar... I'm going to prove my Mum wrong for once and actually listen to advice! I also asked for advice about getting Hydrangeas to survive the summer (last post)... Mine don't make it past July... As for this post... My 3 year old refuses to eat meat (much to the hubby's dismay)... I was brought up vegetarian, so no probs for me... anyhoo our favourite ever dip is Trader Joes Tuscan White Bean Hummus... we can house a tub in one sitting... yum!

  27. I loved peanut butter on celery when i was a kid. Your photos look like they're out of a magazine.


  28. I eat cut up vegetables w/sprinkle of sea salt, chips and salsa/pistachios/wild blueberries and pomegranates when they are in season. I love a good pomegranate.

  29. teri - i know you will find the right sofa. do you have crate and barrel?

    ff - a binge for me would be coke and a bag of thick cut chips. i will bounce off the walls for hours. it's quite interesting to watch i'm sure.

    edith - i love this eggless tofu salad 11/10.

    grace - go to bed.

    sarah - i've never heard of finn crisps.

    love and lilac - crikey! i love the way you talk.

    belinda - i'm not cool like the brady bunch but i know sherry is vegan.

    paula - i love pbj too.

    fiona - you must try it - you'll love it.

    laura - hydrangeas here are hard. they are heavy drinkers and don't like direct sun. if you can get them past their first year or two then they get established and will thrive. i think i just made year 2 so i'm thrilled. but it is an ongoing saga.

    julie - thanks, i wish.

  30. I love whole wheat crackers with peanut butter, love trail mix, but my fave is probably home-made salsa fresca with chips or toasted pita bread. Never thought of Oreos as vegan but heck yeah! Also thanks for the paint color tips - I LOVE the color of your house! Karin

  31. Y'all passed over the obvious...Celery and salsa a perfect mix and practically '0' calories.

    Who else? but your Desert Rat sister.:)

  32. amy - at first i thought you ate those all together! i'm like ok that's weird but ok.

    karin and desert rat - salsa seems the big winner. love the idea of a celery stick to scoop up the salsa.

  33. I just printed Steve's recipe for the tofu salad, it sounds SOOO good!! Love all of your other choices as well. I eat anything but a newbie I've been making is gluten free pizza crust with fresh garlic, olive oil, tomatoes and basil, yum.

  34. Its not vegan, but I love celery with aged cheddar.

  35. t - you are gonna freak out when you taste it. it's so very good.

    jennifer - oh the days of aged cheddar. sigh.

  36. Oh and what did I tell you about your photography??? Now you can add no photographers were hurt...;)

  37. hummus and chips - salt free these days.


  38. My favorite snacks are everything you have pictured here and i wish i had some to eat right now. I'm hungry!

    Handfuls of warm cherry tomatoes from the garden have been pleasing me this long summer and snow peas and hummus are amazing.

    xo Jane

  39. Nutella on anything is my favorite snack, but not sure if it is vegan. Maybe there is milk in it. I only buy it a few times a year because I tend to eat, um, a lot of it in one sitting and am afraid I won't be able to fit into my pants.

  40. Hi, Love V8 juice a few planters cocktail peanuts. Super post Janet!

  41. Hi Janet, for me and my girls...Oreo. Happy weekend, Kisses, Ana

  42. claudia - i love hummus. am planning to make some today.

    jane - yes, i love tomatoes off the vine too. so sweet, almost like candy.

    deborah - nutella does have milk in it. too bad b/c it is delish.

    anon - i have not had my v8 today or anytime recently but it does sound good with some cocktail nuts.

    ana - glad you and your girls love the oreo.

  43. HI, i´m in germany, we´ve got Oreos here, too, heard a lot about that they are vegan, so I read the label and it said, they´re not! What´s up with that!?
    ps. love your blog! :-)


  44. Crisp celery and peanut butter??!! wow!! this I will try for sure!!!!!

  45. kai - i don't know what is up with that. they are vegan here. hmmm.

    maria cecila - try it and let me know what you think.

  46. My mouth started watering at the mention of almond butter. That is hands down my favorite treat in the world! I eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon.

  47. marygrace - i can picture you on your beautiful sofa sharing a spoonful with jemima.

  48. I would devour each and every one of those tasty snacks! I just might do that this Labor day weekend.


kindness is never out of style.

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