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My favorite meal of the day is by far breakfast. I love it so much, I technically have two each day! My first breakfast always consists of a cup of green tea and a slice of toast in bed under the covers. Then I go for my morning walk and come back and make breakfast #2. For the last couple of months I've been addicted to Homemade Granola Parfait slightly modified from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

Homemade Granola
2 c rolled oats
1 1/4 c almonds, pecans or walnuts
1 c unsweetened coconut
1/4 t sea salt
1/4 c maple syrup
2 T safflower or canola oil
Arrange oats on large baking sheet and toast lightly at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes.
Meanwhile in a large bowl combine nuts, coconut and salt. In a small bowl mix maple syrup and oil.
Stir toasted oats into nut mixture and then add syrup, mixing thoroughly.
Spray sheet pan with non-stick spray and spread granola out evenly and bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool. Makes approximately 6 cups.
Assembling the parfait is easy. In a bowl, I cut up about 2 cups of fruit, such as 1 orange, 1 banana and a handful of strawberries. Then I add 1/2 container of soy yogurt and sprinkle top with about 1/4 c of granola. This gives me about 4 servings of fruit, fiber, protein, calcium and omega 3's to start the day with.
*no animals were harmed in the making of this dish.


  1. I always have two breakfasts also, 1st before I walk, cheerios-blueberries-bananas & coffee, after my walk , yogurt & coffee & a small chocolate-chip muffin leftover from my son's lunch. The muffin is the big no-no of the group, but it is small what the heck. Breakfast is the best meal of the day ! Gina

  2. Hi Janet! This sounds fabulous-I've been looking for a granola recipe...I typically buy mine from Whole Foods but it has too much salt and way too much oil.
    I like your 2 breakfasts plan-I think my lack of energy some days is because I don't eat breakfast at all. I know that's wrong but I never feel hungry until lunch time when I can really put down some food! :) I should also reschedule my walks to the morning rather than so late in the evening. I like to peek into the lit houses at night ... ok, I guess I could take two walks!
    Did you use your lovely new bag to get your groceries? Giveaways don't count with the no-shopping plan, right?! :)

  3. antique art garden-you are so right, breakfast is the best part of the day.

    sarah-i think you will like this recipe b/c it's not loaded with fat and sugar and the goodness of the oats and nuts shine. that's the last give-away i will enter. i entered before i started my no shopping.

  4. This looks like a pretty low-fat version which is great and anything with coconut can't be bad. Don't love the soy yogurt though. Tastes a little like joint compound.

  5. Sounds delicious! I'll make the granola on Sunday. My son will enjoy making and eating this one too. We love coconut in this house.


  6. Yammie yammie............two times breakfast !!

    Good from you !! happy sunny weekend .......hugs from Ria

  7. Hi, Janet,

    I will most definietly try making that granola. It sounds so yummy! In honor of the friendship you have shown me and the waus in which you inspire me, I am passing on a blogger award to you. Please accept it as a token of my esteem and friendship.


  8. Just discovered your blog & love it!!! It is so refreshing & wonderful to find someone else who has the same philosophies. Your writing & pictures are terrific, too! Keep the posts coming!


  9. Yummy...and beautiful to look at.
    Tea and toast in bed...sheer decadence.

  10. I too make and eat granola with yogurt and fruit. But I take mine to work, the yogurt and fruit in a jar and the granola in a little bag. Right now I'm on strawberries and bananas, but have you ever had it with pineapple? Mindblowingly good!

  11. flwrjane-yes i have and i too change up my fruit by season.

  12. hi janet! thanks for leaving sweet comments and i am sorry to hear about your mom. to be a good RN you need the dedication, and for 45 years of RN like your mom, i think that goes above and beyond. you have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  13. Oooh yum this looks really delicoious Janet. I do have a granola recipe from Nigella L but the list of ingredients are so long I have never done it. Yours seems much better so I will have a go next week... x

  14. Hi Janet,
    I haven't made my own granola in years! Breakfast is my favorite meal as well - mostly because I'd get dizzy and faint if I went without it!! Your recipe looks delicious, and so much healthier than the store bought kind.

  15. Hi Janet!
    I wonder how you manage the first breakfast: do you get it served or do you get up and lay down after preparing tea and toast?
    sorry if I bother you with my questions :-I
    This culture is just so different from ours: we get up, take a shower and sit down for breakfast. Except weekends: pyjamas at the breakfast-table.

  16. hi paula, in my pj's i make my tea and toast then get back into bed, it's barely light out at this time. then i change into my sweats or shorts, depending on the weather and go for my walk. then i make the "real" breakfast. by this time it's about 7:30 am. when i had a job that i had to be at early i did what you do but now my days are much lazier.

  17. Hi J
    Looks nice. Is freezing here. And damp. How's the no shopping going? xxx

  18. hi ff,

    it's warm and sunny and the days are getting long and relaxing and it may be b/c i've stopped shopping. i don't know what is happening to me! but i like it.


  19. Oh no! I just ate my plain, boring oatmeal, wish I had seen this first! Yummy!

  20. Hi Janet,
    Drew and I made it this morning--Drew really did all the "work" and he made a modification to the recipe by adding few dark chocolate chips. What would the skinny bitch in the kitch think of that?!

    It was delicious.


  21. julie - they would think that it was bitchtastic!

  22. Janet you are so healthy! I usually smoke a cigarette and power down a good stiff bloody mary.

    Just kidding


  23. I've been meaning to make some homemade granola - thanks for the recipe!!


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