a french beach bag

A few weeks ago I won this beautiful beach bag from Melissa at Color and Light Atelier. The bag is made by a company in France called Les Toiles du Soleil. It is gorgeous and I will get a great deal of use out of it. Melissa is a very talented interior decorator who just completed a massive renovation on their historic summer home in upstate New York. Go see it here.
I decided to shop my closet and throw together a few outfits to go with my new bag...

blue brooks bros shirt, skinny cropped levis, silver hoops & sandals

crisp white shirt and dark skinny jeans

orange t-shirt with dark jeans and bangles

same orange t-shirt with white linen pants

same white linen pants with turquoise t-shirt and earrings

beach bag & bike

I'm off to the market to get some maple syrup for a recipe I think you are going to love!


  1. hi Mrs Gardeners Cottage, just wanted to drop by and say hello, I am encouraged to learn you have 3 sons and have survived! I will come back for a nice long look at your blog after I have fed the masses, your blog looks fab, i can't wait, am loving the new bag and coordinating outfits! best wishes Blightyxx

  2. You've found an amazing number of outfits to go with your new bag - and they are all so chic!

  3. Gorgeous French bag, and beautifully simple and chic outfits.

  4. Hi Janet, You have such a great eye for fashion! You are so beautiful and elegant, you're so lucky to be able to wear such stylish things. And love the bike basket! The wicker ones are my favorite. xoTrina

  5. It's like she looked into your closet and found you the perfect bag to coordinate with everything! I love it with the bike ~ very classy.
    I love the side view of your yard and all those amazing trees!
    Can't wait for the recipe - anything with maple syrup has to be great!

  6. Maple syrup...Canadian maybe?
    It's the only syrup I buy!
    Love your ensembles with the great bag...the silver sandals look so dressy too....you definitely have the fashion thing figured out!
    Look for a package soon...I sent it airmail on Monday.

  7. You are going to be too cute in those outfits! And the bag is so fun and summery!
    For mothers day the little one bought me a big wicker bag that will be used a ton.
    My front garden pictures are up:)


  8. And we get fashion too? I knew I was going to love following you!!

  9. Hi Janet - Congrats on the beautiful bag! I imagine it will see a lot of use in sunny California. Fun outfits too--like a magazine editorial!

  10. Hi Janet,

    Thank you so much for showing all the great outfits with the bag!!! I am so glad that you won the bag since you are being so mindful of shopping right now.

    Also, thank you for mentioning my blog!!!!!


  11. Hi Janet, those outfits and bike all look very glam, like a a Ralph Lauren ad or similiar. I wonder if you are buying maple syrup or agave syrup? You need to get on board with quinces. I know you'd enjoy them. Hope all is well in Southern California.x

  12. Gorgeous Bag--I love stripes for summer!

  13. The bag is so you! Love all your outfits. Have been enjoying your lovely blog for a while now, time to let you know how much I enjoy it! I have a question too... I'm trying to wear more shirts (instead of the same old tees) your's all look so fresh and brand new. How do you care for real shirts? (not the cotton knit tee variety) xo,jools

  14. hostess - i'm not sure if it's canadian but it is organic.

    ff - i use agave but this recipe calls for maple syrup and i'd love to try quince! make me some.

    jools - thank you for leaving a comment. my button down shirts are brooks brothers no-iron so they always look crisp. actually to tell you the truth, too crisp for me. i wish they were a little softer. i just wash and hang them to dry.

    everyone else - you are all too kind.

  15. Hi my friend!! That beach bag is beautiful and you will use it very much for its colorful stripes. Kisses, Ana

  16. Oh, that bag goes with everything!! So summery. Perfect how one thing brightens up a million others. That was all your wardrobe needed!

    xo Terri

  17. i am in love with the first photo, blue top with silver sandals and accessories...love your bike, and will be waiting for your recipe. take care,janet...verbena cottage

  18. Dear Gardener, I had a lovely time the other night catching up on your blog, love it, loved your trip to Palm Springs and your slinky dress, love your cottage and garden and the orange trees in your part of the world, and your laundry room , intrigued by Dr Bronners soap and can't believe you have 3 grown up sons, you look about 25 and resemble the lovely Selma Blair actress lady, so how does that work? do you have some magic beauty elixir? and you were obviously a child bride!
    Also loved hearing about the Playboy chef job you did. Best wishes Blightyx

  19. dearest blighty,

    please get a blog. you need one, the world needs you to have one. selma blair, ha! 25!!, double ha.


  20. Dear Janet, now don't upset Selma, she has been going round telling everyone she looks like you.. Blightyx


kindness is never out of style.

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