menu monday*

i'd like to start this week off by saying that the simple act of posting my weekly menus has brought a great deal of focus to my cooking. instead of shooting from the hip and running to the store every other day for ingredients, i'm much more organized. organization and simplicity go hand in hand. what may seem like a bit of trouble; making lists, shopping and menu planning, pays off in the way of always having exactly what is needed for each recipe. plus i get the added benefit of eating a fresh, healthy dinner each night with a variety of locally grown organic produce. so in the end i save time, energy and money. i encourage each of you to become the executive chef of your own kitchen. plan, shop and create a beautiful meal each night just like a professional. that being said, this week i only have to plan for 5 nights, as we have dinner engagements for 2 nights.

sweet potato & black bean enchiladas
recipe from clean food cookbook
garden lettuce salad
soba noodle salad with ginger peanut dressing
carrot & white bean soup
french baguette
oven roasted broccoli & walnuts w/pasta
steamed veggies over brown rice w/dijon mustard sauce
*not a single animal will be harmed in the making of this food


  1. The sweet potato and black bean enchiladas sound delicious! Did you create the recipe or find it in a cookbook?! Yum! xoTrina

  2. Oh Janet, you already know how I run away from cooking and also reading recipies... really would like to change my state of mind someday... hope soon!!
    María Cecilia

  3. Oooo it all sounds so'll have to share some of the recipes! I should plan better, because I too tend to run to the store too often!

    :) T

  4. Hmm, wondering about your resources. Which cookbooks or magazines or...........

    And I don't cook. Only garden!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. almost all of my recipes are in my head or i take a regular recipe and veganize it. i am planning to take the time to write down amounts, cooking times etc., but ummm, how shall i say this...oh yeah, i'm lazy. i do use recipes from vegan yum yum and vegetarian times and recently have begun browsing fat free vegan cooking. 2 have links on my blog list. i promise to do a post soon on my vegan substitution list.


  6. I so love the idea of "executive chef" of your kitchen. Every item looks so well thought out but not complicated. Please post a few recipes if ypu have the time. thanks again janet~*~ xo kelley

  7. I actually can spell you, sorry!!! kel

  8. Love the Menu Monday's! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love cooking, but some days it's hard to think of new ideas...Kammy

  9. I almost gagged on some chicken last night and I thought maybe its time to go veggy. Your menu's are inspiring.


kindness is never out of style.

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