thanksgiving menu

What exactly does a vegan eat on turkey day? The answer is, really, really good clean food. Food that is colorful, healthy and delicious. Food that digests easily and that you feel good eating because you know that no animals were harmed in order for you to enjoy this day of gratitude.
pumpkin soup with roasted pepitas
garden lettuces with apples, dried cranberries and pecans
wild rice rissoles with mushroom gravy
roasted garlic mashed potatoes
fresh green beans
cranberry orange relish
whole wheat rolls
blueberry apple pie


  1. That sounds delicious!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  2. We are eating vegetarian, as always, this Thanksgiving. It will be delicious and we will know that no living being has been harmed. I am thankful that I am a vegetarian and have been for many years.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. It all sounds wonderful!
    Happy Thanksgiving,and many blessings on your house.

  4. I was a vegetarian for 13 years, so that menu sounds positively delicious to me!! I am sure your ingredients will be so fresh and lovely that even the simplest of items will be lovely, but what a great selection!! I am a carb addict, so I always fill up on mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and could care less if there was a turkey in the house, haha. Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving, Terri xo

  5. Sounds delicious Janet. So fresh and wholesome. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoTrina

  6. We are still taking baby steps, so this year we did go organic on the turkey. Your menu sounds wonderful!

  7. What a delicious menu! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Janet!

  8. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for your kind words today...Your story of your Christmas in Colorado with 3 very sick children sounds awful! That is my worst and a sick child.

    Your menu sounds so fresh and light. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  9. Hello dear Janet, this time I red the whole menu and I think I would just love to try this one. You can do so much with just vegetables, nuts and delicious sweets. One turkey that don´t need to be sacrificed, this is a good thing!!
    Lots of hugs to you
    María Cecilia

  10. sounds so delisch!!
    wish everyone had that menu for "turkey day"... nothing like seeing a carcas coming out of the oven, and seeing a look of horror on your child's face...
    I think Loma Linda/Worthington needs a national PR campaign push for "Dinner Roast".

  11. Sounds so delicious, and fresh and wholesome! Janet, have you ever posted about your journey to veganism? I'd be very interested in how you got to where you are now, and I second the request for recipes!


kindness is never out of style.

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