dining room evolution

When I started blogging this is what my dining room looked like (below.) The major renovations to the house had been done and I just filled up the rooms with my stuff, wanting it to feel like home. But I've never felt as if the living room/dining room related to the rest of the house, mainly the kitchen. When you walk in the front door, since there is no formal entryway, you are standing smack dab in the middle of these two rooms and you look right into the kitchen. I love the kitchen, it's white and spare and perfect in my eyes. So again, wanting the two rooms to flow I went ahead and painted the rooms BM Simply White which is the color of all the moulding in the house. Then I went through and removed a bunch of clutter, leaving only what I truly love. While it is by no means perfect, I like it so much better and I feel it is now more "me."

The room slowly evolved to the this, below

this is what it looks like this morning

Next week I will post pictures of the living room as there are a few details left to finish. So that's it. Not a big change, but for me I feel so much more relaxed in the space. Do any of you feel uneasy when you are sitting in one of your rooms and it's just not right? I was really dreading this project because in essence, the rooms were fine and I knew the change would be subtle, but I'm SO glad I did it and it's over (for now!)
"There is relief in imperfection." ~Darryl Carter


  1. I love the changes you've made. Just enough to clean it up and eliminate anythig that you don't want. I have one of those cottages where you walk in and you see all 3 rooms at once. It is a challenge isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday!


  2. LOVE IT JANET!!! The room is absolutely stunning and I love the new white - it looks fresh, crisp and bright! AND we've used BM 'Simply White' on EVERYTHING in our house!! All the trim, windows, and all of the walls in the upstairs! It's a great color ; ) xoxoxoxoTrina

  3. Love it Janet. I know exactly what you mean. You put a pillow in with the wrong colour and it wrecks the room. Editing is essential. I have such a hard time because I love things and changing things but find that less is more. Less clutter, less colour, less distraction. I love very simple clean decors like yours. I am trying now to "depattern" my house but it is hard. I made the mistake of getting patterned rugs and they are so busy and distracting. Great work - looks so inviting..

    Wish I lived closer and i'd come over for a visit!

    xo Terir

  4. Amazing. Small changes big impact.


    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Very nice, Janet. Subtle changes are the hardest to make and get right, I think. I've been up to some of the same thing in my home, and have missed more than hit. Getting frustrated but not ready to give up! I really like the books lined up under your console as you have them now. They look more "active" and line up nicely, in the visual sense, with the mirror above them.

  6. I see small changes that make a big difference, plus the addition of your chalkboard it looks magnificent to me!!!! I love the simetry of that white side table, topiaries, books and a vase with flowers... great!!!!...oh, and the mirror of course. I wonder what kind of books you have down it... and also love the white curtains, splendid!!!
    Lots of hugs dear Janet, and have a great weekend too.
    María Cecilia

  7. Your dining room looks great, Janet! I especially like the small table in the corner with the topiaries. It looks perfect!


  8. Your room was lovely to begin with, but even more so with these slight changes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Love the chalkboard and the thinner mirror too! Yes -- I will fret and fuss until I've found what the room "needs" -- sometimes I just need to be still and listen -- and other times I'll find inspiration in decor mags, decor books or right here in the blogosphere! LOVE your blog!

    Another Janet or Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  10. wow!! It looks fabulous! Love the evolution!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  11. Beautiful cottage indeed... please come and share it with us at "show off your cottage monday"!

    At the house in the roses!


  12. oh, I love your home. I can not wait for my children to be gone so I can have a white home. ;)

  13. Your little changes did make a big difference, I especially think the thinner mirror over the table made the room look more balanced and not as heavy. Good job!

  14. Hello Janet,

    I am thrilled that you stopped by FK and left a comment for now I have discovered you and your most delightful blog! When your site first come up on my laptop I read about you and the brief history of the cottage and then started reading the first post--but at this point I could not see the first photo. I was intrigued by your words and when I dropped down and saw the first 2 photos I literally let out a sigh. Absolutely beautiful...even love the "cluttered" shot especially with the sunlight washing across the floor. I do like what you have done and I know exactly what you mean about not being able to relax in a room until it feels right to you ~ I think we are tuned into the "energy" of the room and it's more about making that right than making it look a certain way. I am so grateful Maria Cecilia introduced us and I can hardly wait to return and look through the rest of your posts! Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful! ~Jermaine~

  15. gf, it is wonderful!!! I love all the white, and the bit of green. Old and new together, it's perfect! So pretty.

  16. I have such a hard time because I love things and changing things but find that less is more.

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  17. "feel uneasy sitting in your room, feeling it's just not quite right"......ummmmm....yeah.
    about every second of everyday... i'd be more than happy to just settle for "clean & uncluttered" - imagine what our house could look like with us not being restricted by being "renters", no toddler, having a housekeeper, some interior design budget $$, and a gay husband!! = HEAVEN:))


kindness is never out of style.

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