The day before Thanksgiving I found 6 of these darling English ironstone dessert/salad plates at the Salvation Army for $1 each. I thought they looked perfect for my Thanksgiving table. Since I will be at work today, I'm wishing you all happy shopping. Be brave!


  1. Nice find!

    Are those peacock salt and pepper shakers? Love them, whatever they are.


  2. Great find! I really must start checking out my local Salvation Army!

    xo Terri

  3. Hi Janet!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was lovley!
    Great find on the plates! I have some that are similar in my favorite 'split pea green'! Your table setting is so pretty.

  4. Hi Daryl,

    I think they are quail. Got them about 20 years ago for $5 at a junk store.

  5. Hi Janet,

    Love your new treasures and this vignette you composed is just beautiful! Thanks for the great soup recipe, too. Hope your week is wonderful!

  6. Oh I too love those "treasure" hunting moments when you stop at a thrift store and suddenly before your eyes is that lovely treasure, or that other "something" you must take home with you.. ;) yes, I too love the simplicity and purety of white dishes... in fact, that's my post for today... ;) come see! And nice meeting you


  7. Wonderful finds Janet. I really have to get into my local Salvation Army! The table setting is lovely and I love your feathered friends. xoxoTrina

  8. Hola querida Janet, my god, that cheap!! Those English plates are really so, so beautiful. I don´t find "good" things for that price where I go, and English antiques are so expensive here, whatever they are, just for being English they cost a lot, same for French stuff.
    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!!
    Hugs to you my friend
    María Cecilia


kindness is never out of style.

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