it's the little things

after almost 2 years we finally added closet doors to the only closet in the house

this is what the closet looked like after a major clean out

our neighbors were getting rid of these and they fit perfectly.

next, i polished the chandelier

added some garden roses

& a RL plaid blanket for warmth.
"if a room gets too busy, nothing looks special. keeping it simple lets the wonderful details stand out." ~mitchell gold


  1. It looks lovely! We are thinking of adding a closet to our guest room. It already has one that is full of my fabric and yarn and all sorts of things. Our little house is sadly lacking in storage space and if we add one to the Guest Room, my husband can use it and I can use the one in our bedroom. Hopefully, we'll get around to it soon!

  2. Very pretty! Can't believe you have so little closet space. Although I suppose if I had less space, I might have less stuff. Useless, closet-clogging stuff at that!

  3. Looks fab Janet. You never cease to inspire me...

    Hey, I am interested in including you in a list of inspiring bloggers I am thinking about writing (I have too many post ideas and not enough post TIME). Would you mind??!

    I don't think so. I will write nice things. :)

    xo Terri

  4. A WONDERFUL POST JANET!!! So lovely, your room is gorgeous!!! Everything so white and bright and the contrast you make with blacks, love it!! So different from what I have, and Mr Gold would criticize me as I have so many stuff gathered together that nothing looks special.... but I love my stuff!!!
    María Cecilia

  5. What a truly beautiful room!!! And I love that's so me :)

    :) T

  6. Janet, It is absolutely the little things isn't it! The closet looks wonderful - and wow, perfect fit! Love your bedroom...LOVE your bird lamp. Also, you're delicate pink roses. xoTrina

  7. Janet, You have done such a beautiful job renovating your home. You must be so proud of it. Hugs, Connie

  8. Janet, you have a fantastic home and a fantastic blog. ¡Congratulations!
    I follow your blog for a long time and I love it. Greetings from Spain. Ana

  9. i love that room, just found you, i am off to explore your blog

  10. The bi-fold closet doors are perfect!
    Sometimes,a plan comes together. :)

  11. Beautiful bedroom , and the closet doors are perfect!

    Have a happy weekend:)

  12. It is the little tthings, isn't it?! Your doors look perfect, like they've always been there! Your bedroom is lovely, so serene!
    Happy weekend!

  13. Isn't it great when things work out like that? Good for you! Love the quote too. Words to live by.


  14. Peaceful, pretty. Would love to see your views out the windows, Vanishing Threshold.

    Thanks for sharing the provenance of your doors.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  15. It all looks great! I especially love the quote at the end to go with it!


  16. Hi Janet! I mentioned (and linked) your closet story to my new post about my closet catastrophe.

  17. seriously.
    are you SURE my husband is YOUR son?
    he sure does look like you guys.... but....i'm thinking that's where the similarites cease...


kindness is never out of style.

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