menu monday

Starting today I will be posting my weekly dinner menu schedule. Mostly to keep me organized. I plan my menus the week before according to what's available at the farmers markets. I try to eat 100% vegan but occasionally will eat eggs that my friend Sarah gets from her next door neighbor. I try to be what I have heard referred to as a "gentle vegan." Someone that will eat the food that you have prepared without a big fuss made over dietary restrictions. Anyways you will see that we pretty much eat the same things over and over again. So here is what's on the menu for this week.

mushroom risotto cakes
european greens w/apples & cranberries & walnuts
black bean tacos w/guacamole
stir-fry w/tofu, broccoli, peppers & carrots & brown rice
black bean & brown rice tacos w/peach salsa
roasted broccoli & walnuts w/pasta
european greens, sugar plum tomatoes & dijon vinaigrette
nicoise salad w/red bliss potatoes, green beans and artichoke hearts
french baguette
potato & leek soup
toasted baguette slices
Edited note: I have decided to give up eggs completly since Dec. 09. Yah!


  1. Mmm your food sounds delish! Maybe you could also post some of the recipes? I am a vegetarian but also have dietary restrictions due to allergies to fresh fruits and dairy products. So I am always looking for ways to widen my diet. =]

  2. Janet, Your menu sounds delicious. What time is dinner?? Hugs, Connie

  3. Oh - everything sounds so good. I just read your menu our loud to my husband!

  4. Yum, everything sounds glorious. I envy the great things you can get from markets in warmer climates! I like the gentle vegan concept. I was a vegetarian for 13 years and then re-started eating meat, but the more I read about meat production, the more I want a simpler, less costly (from all perspectives) diet!

  5. Sounds delicious, I'll be right over! Guacamole, peach salsa, sugar plum tomatoes, red bliss potatoes...they all sound like poetry. Absolutely heavenly. xoTrina


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