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Last week I posted a picture of where I blog from in my home. I was curious as to where other people blogged from also. Well a few people sent me pictures and here are the results...

Vicki , a self described decorating and gardening fool (I love that), at room service ~ decorating 101 blogs from her youngest daughters room. Complete with a home gym. She says this space is a work-in-progress. Vicki has a beautiful blog that is so full of information and advice I make sure to read it daily. Be sure to check out her new concrete countertops that her son-in-law installed in her kitchen, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing Vicki.

Another one of my newest and favorite blogs to read is mockingbird hill cottage. Claudia has a beautiful cottage that she graciously shares with her readers. Claudia's chair looks so cozy and comfy and her vintage wicker footstool is beautiful. Look at her adorable doggie. Please check out her blog and say hello, she is so sweet.

My next blogger photo comes courtesy of Sling's domain. Sling told me he found my blog by hitting the "next blog" button at the top of the blogger page. Until he told me that I never even knew what that button was! He says he does that about once a month and when he finds something interesting he'll make a comment. What a great idea. Anyways, he has a great blog full of great photos and his hilarious take on life. I thought it was funny that he says he positions his tv and computer for maximum audio/visual laziness. Also, that's my homepage on his computer! How sweet is that.

Thank you all for taking the time to send me a picture and leave a comment. I feel like I know you all a little better now.


  1. Hi Janet, your great idea turned out very well... sad not being able to help you, as I told you my blogging space is something not to be happy about.
    maría cecilia

  2. Three things...thanks for the shout out! That was my daugther's kitchen, not mine. And last but not least, you inspired me to hang a picture in my blogging room. Well, four things, I did not know about the blog button either...I will have to find it. Thanks


kindness is never out of style.

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