normandie court

There is a charming little street in Redlands, actually there are many, many charming streets here. But this one in particular has 18 petite cottages that were built in 1926. While they are all French "Chateaux" in style each one has it's own personality. They rarely come up for sale and when they do they get snatched up quickly. They are soooo cute. Here are a few of my favorites...


  1. Glad you knew we wanted to see those houses. Perfection. No wonder they don't turnover often.

    Of course I imagined how I would garden at each one.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Love the pictures....

    Three different "dunce cap" houses!

    I think the traveling gnome might live in one of them : )

  3. They are so sweet, like fairy tale cottages. I especially love the one with the ivy growing on it. And Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore is the color I used in our bathroom. ; ) Trina

  4. Hi Janet, you live in a very lovely neighborhood (neghbourhod??), I would like to walk around looking at the houses and gardens and I would love to be invited in, in all of them!!!
    maría cecilia

  5. Hi Janet, I just found you thru JunkGarden. I wanted to say hello and then go back for more.

  6. Hey Janet! I am awarding you with the Honest Scrap Award. I hope you like it and will share ten honest things about yourself. Check out Vermont Cottage to see all the rules! (They aren't that bad.)


  7. I love the ones with the little spires.
    They're all Middle Earth.

  8. How pretty! Like a storybook village. Are you familiar with the cottages in Carmel that have names like Hansel and Gretel? I haven't seen them in person...yet...but I will! How fun that you have these right around the corner!

  9. Hola amiga, saltando de blog en blog he llegado a su casa, y quiero decirle que su casa es como sacada de un cuento de hadas, me enamoré de su casa en cuanto la vi, es una belleza!!! Le dejo mis saludos afectuosos, mi deseo que sea usted muy feliz en este dia. Chany.-

  10. The only word I can think of to describe those cottages is "charming." What a lovely neighborhood.


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