more white

I adore these images...

my idea of fall decorating


  1. Can you believe I did not always love white...I used to tell my clients, "NO white walls!", but as I get older, I find I am loving white, but I do feel that you have to have alot of natural light to do it right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yes, me too. I love the combination of rich woods and crisp white especially. And I think white walls offer such a simplistic statement that is so timeless. ; ) Trina

  3. Beautiful photos! I have not seen the first two before. The first room looks especially light a airy. Love white rooms! Deborah

  4. I especially love the top photo. I find the juxtaposition of dark furniture and black with the white is more interesting than all white.

  5. What?! No bright orange pumpkins?! Where's your holiday spirit?! :)


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