lemon cupcakes* and reunions

what do cupcakes and reunions have in common?  nothing.  but yesterday i asked my friend tabitha from bourbon and pearls to help me out with a wardrobe request i sent her way.  tabitha is an extremely stylish and talented writer.  i just love reading everything she writes.  please go see what she chose for me to wear and help me decide.  so now back to cupcakes, i went to a tea party on saturday and my friend cheryl made the most amazing cupcakes.  i was so jealous/inspired that i decided to go home and make my own.  lemons and oranges are in season right now and i thought lemon would be perfect for spring and easter.
these came out really good. a friend gave me the recipe a while ago and i just now got around to trying it.   they are not too sweet, actually they are perfectly, light, fresh and cupcakey, not all smashed down and dense like a lot of vegan baked goods. 

lemon cupcakes

dry ingredients (sift together in small bowl)
1 1/2 c flour
1/2 t baking powder
3/4 t baking soda
1/4 t salt

wet ingredients (mix well)
1/4 c vegetable oil
2/3 c sugar
1 c soymilk
1 t vanilla extract
1 T lemon zest
1/4 c lemon juice

add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until smooth and fluffy.  fill cupcake liners 2/3 full and bake at 350 degrees for 20-22 minutes.  let cool.


lemon frosting

1/4 c shortening
1/4 c earth balance
2 c powdered sugar
1 1/2 t lemon zest
2 T vanilla
2 T lemon juice

mix shortening, margarine and sugar slowly adding vanilla and lemon juice until fluffy.  frost cupcakes when cooled.

*no animals were harmed making these cupcakes

 please don't forget to pop over and check out tabitha!



  1. I'm making these for my kids today, a perfect after school treat.
    Your recipes are amazing!
    I loved Tabitha's ideas. I really like the look of a strapless dress with a cardigan over it, as she suggested.
    I loved the green dress, but I am also thinking about how fabulous you look in shades of red. So there I'm not much help am I?

  2. Lemons are never in season here but I would make these with imported lemons. They look awesome.

    I would stay away from the Lanvin flats. They look like something Kitty Carlisle would have worn to Pilates class. God bless her.

  3. How fun! All of it!

    All of her suggestions are great. My favorites are Tangerine dream and In the Navy.

    Those cupcakes are making my mouth water!

  4. Thanks for the thanks! I'm laughing at urban cottage, I always wear Lanvin flats, I don't think I'm going to like the look of Kitty!

    I was reading your posts about where you live, what a beautiful area.

  5. dani - they will love them. the lemon and vanilla mixed in the frosting have a real cream cheese taste.

    steve - you kill as usual. kitty, geeezus we're old.

    paige - i think those are my fav's too.

    tab - he's v funny but don't encourage him.

  6. She was definately the right person to ask! Good thing you didn't ask me!!! I vote for the David Meister green dress for sure...definately with your dark hair and light skin...LOVELY.

    Love lemon anything - these will be perfect for Chad's bday party.

  7. I read Tabitha's post and she has some great ideas Janet!

    I am salivating thinking about these lemony treats...

    I am having stewed rhubarb (from the bungalow garden) and Greek yogurt for breakfast...

    Do tell us more about the upcomng reunion.


  8. I agree with Sarah - I thought the green would be lovely with your hair and complexion. It's sexy but that green is visually very cool.

    I can imagine you in the tangerine dream, too.

    If I were dressing up for an event that was going to be "sweltering," I would not want the outfit to depend upon wearing a cardigan!

  9. Janet - The cupcakes look too good to eat! I am anxious to try them (this weekend would be a good time...)! I'm on my way to check out tabithas blog now. Karin

  10. Well, I'm a little non-plussed. I agree with the previous commenter about wearing a cardigan in sweltering heat. With your capsule wardrobe project I sorta thought you would use pieces you already have and then add a fun and colorful accessory or two. But I agree with Tabitha that the cool jewel colors would look beautiful on you and have a visually cooling effect in the heat. Can't wait to see what you choose. Do we get to vote? Allegra ps--as you have pretty feet I think jewelled or beaded flat sandals would be beautiful and cut down on the amount of jewelry you need to wear.

  11. I'm not much of a lemon dessert person but these look amazing!

  12. Oh, I love anything lemony. Like Steve, we don't have a season for citrus here in the frigging north.

    Your fashion dilemma sounds fun and sad all at once. I love your description of the frightening blondes. As a not-thin, large-chested blonde, I have a hard time not looking like a fat ho in anything I wear. I have never done sexy as it is more sleazy on me. So I feel your pain. We all have our issues. You look fabulous - classic, beautiful, don't fret about your pale skin. It is refreshing and lovely against the cookie cutter fake chicks. I have always found classic and tasteful to suit me for obvious reasons. Sounds like it will work for you too! You look so great in bright colours with your dark hair, so you can stand out like a jewel in a sea of sameness...definitely you need a colourful dress.

    xo Terri

  13. Okay, you had me with lemon in the blog post title. The minute I read that, I craved lemon. I will be trying these very soon! Thank you.


  14. Love Steve's comment about Kitty Carlisle, by the way.

  15. I think she hit it out of the park with the green dress. Sexy AND classy. i think if you do something like that with your little kitten heels you'll look and feel amazing!

    I always think about something you wrote last year. All the trees are fruiting so you just walk outside and you can smell the citrus. Must be amazing.

  16. Oh Oh Oh...Lemon cupcakes. And Lemon Cupcakes by The Gardener's Cottage nonetheless. Add another "OH." I so look forward to making them!
    As for the outfits? Hmmmm...I can see you in either the blue pant outfit or the J Crew Tangerine Dream. Beautiful! Those fake tanned enhanced ones have nothin' on you. :-)
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  17. Those sound so good and I love lemon cake! I must try making these. Thanks for the recipe!

  18. We love lemon anything and these look so yummy! And the photos are gorgeous which is why I went with the Canon camera. I remember asking you quite a while ago what kind of camera you had. I really researched all the possibilities, but in the end wanted to get shots just like this! It's a Canon T3. Thanks again for all your help janet.

    xo annie

  19. I vote for the green David Meister dress---very classy and sexy. And, it will be very useful in your wardrobe.

  20. I can almost taste them...yum!!

  21. Lemon cupcakes sound absolutely delicious right now...thank you for posting the recipe, I saved this page :)


  22. Oh looks delicious and lovely! Good thing that you posted the recipe! ;P :)

    Have a great day! XO

  23. Hi Janet, Beautiful cupcakes. How about your black summer dress, black kitten heels and one of your pearl bracelets. You are always so naturally beautiul and stylish. You already have every thing you need. Hugs, Joyce

  24. Ooh the cakes look delicious, and I like the photos on your blog - they're beautiful. The Gardener's Cottage looks lovely!

  25. Dear Janet, I would dress you in those fabulous Jaeger pants with very simple ballerina pumps, a block colour top and a really drop dead necklace - think Audrey Hepburn/ Grace Kelly. I'd carry a dainty shoulder bag with a spaghetti strap so that your hands will be free to express themselves. You'll be the belle of the ball!

  26. I haven't gone to check it out yet. I'm going to pop in the bath first and save it for an after clean treat.

    My life is small but --------.

    xo jane

  27. Janet, Oh, how I wish you could e-mail me a cupcake (or two or three or..)! They look delicious.
    Also, thanks to your last post I bought a red coat - it takes the place of so many other coats cluttering the closet. Several are going to the consignment shop, yay -it feels good to get rid of stuff! It was really a very smart choice, thanks for the idea. I've worn it several times this week and I do feel a little more "pulled together". Do you look more chic if you feel more chic?
    Have a wonderful weekend,


kindness is never out of style.

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