it's a date

skirt and shirt - talbots
 cardigan - j. crew
 sandals - oscar de la renta
copy kate bag - yours truly
bracelet - julie lorusso jewelry

i recently came across a lovely blog called danibp mop philosopher.  dani is a beautiful mom with a wardrobe that makes me want to ditch project 333.  she wrote a post about going on a date with her husband that i thought was just brilliant.  i think anyone who is in a relationship should read it, whether you are a newlywed or even terminally married such as myself.  read her post here, you'll be glad you did.

so taking her advice, and after a long day of working in the garden, i cleaned myself up and in no time we were sliding into our favorite booth in our favorite mexican restaurant, casa maya.  i ordered the potato and avocado empanada that is drizzled with a balsamic reduction glaze and a margarita.  they line the rim of the glass with salt and freshly ground chili pepper.  why i never thought to do this is beyond me because it is freaking delicious.  it's very hard to stop at one, so i usually don't.  this is when we do our best problem solving.  not our own, mind you but everyone else's. 

so tell me, are you dating anyone?



  1. We went on a date last night! We tried another mexican place. {I miss Texas.} I didn't dress up, but I will next time. Love your outfit!

  2. Good Morning!
    This is my favorite outfit are just adorable in it!
    I'm still hanging tight with Chad and I do look forward to date night. Sadly, though we don't dress up and now that I think about it...we definately should. We always dressed nice when we were dating...I think he deserves more than jeans and a tshirt every now and then!
    I checked out her, isn't she a doll.

  3. You look so "Roman Holiday" there!

    It's Mother's Day here, so I'm just taking my mum out on a date today.

  4. You look great. And yes, since you ask, I am dating someone:):.

  5. Yes! I am dating someone!! :) We had a wonderful date last night too. I was so drained at the end of the day, but decided that we should just get ready and have a night out. So glad we did...great minds think alike!

  6. Not, not dating Janet...coming up on 37 years of marriage!

    Date night happens when we go to the theatre, we have seasons tickets...once every 6 weeks.

    The impromptu lunches and occasional Friday dinners out often include sounds like a wonderful idea to have a regular evening out.
    Truth is, we have most evenings alone here now as we are what they call empty nesters so we date at home.

    Yesterday we had a date lunch just the 2 of us!


  7. oops...

    I forgot to say how cute you look and I love the sunny yellow cardigan with your great bag!

  8. Thanks for your kind words, Janet. I loved reading about your date and I think you are absolutely gorgeous in your outfit, it's perfect.
    xo Dani

  9. Your date-story, including a fabulous yellow cardigan is very inspiring. Maybe that's I want to go on a cruise with Mr Paula, every evening would be a date.

  10. You look so nice! As you know, I am terminally married too. (I love the phrase!)

  11. Ahh you look ready for spring.
    mmm DH & I have had very few dates, but we did have a date in garden this weekend weeding & spreading compost - wonder if that counts...

    off to ready the blog you suggest.

    Love Leanne

  12. Thank you for telling us about DanuBP - took a look this morning and wow! A blog right up my alley!

    You look chic, as always, in your date outfit.

    Bill and I try to do a date day on Fridays - he has every Friday off and we can usually squeeze in a lunch or a picnic while the teenager is at school.

  13. Well, I'm sort of dating my month old son right now .... he takes up all my time and is VERY demanding...

    I did get out with my husband this weekend - we went to my favorite wine bar (Paradise Pantry in Ventura - they have a vegan pate that is amazing, Janet, if you're ever in this area!) - it was heaven!

    I can't believe I'd never been to Casa Maya - I need to go next time I'm in town.

  14. paige - i'm shocked you didn't dress up!

    sarah - dani is a doll and before i started project 333 i know i would have worn jeans and a t.

    tabitha - i had to google roman holiday to make the connection, thanks. and what a good daughter you are.

    lisa - ohhh, that's news to me.

    glenna - sounds fab. i was exhausted too.

    leslie - sounds like you 2 are doing just fine with your dates. 37!

    dani - you are so welcome and thank you for the inspiration.

    paula - oh i'm jealous. a cruise would be so nice.

    deb - thanks and birds of a feather.

    leanne - well if you do count gardening then technically we had 2 dates yesterday.

    adrienne - i think you and dani will hit it off. and your dates are always so interesting.

    julie - a new man in your life is always demanding! how is your little guy? i googled paradise pantry but couldn't find the plate you mentioned, i'll have to go for sure. def try casa maya, you will be hooked.

  15. Hi Janet,

    You look beautiful in that outfit. So stylish! I love the way you have your hair as well.

    I went on a date today with my husband. We had a stroll along the beach and sat on a terrace enjoying the sun! We had a lovely day!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Right that's it, the prompt, kick in the butt i needed! Married since '89, still adore the man, but useless at disentangling ourselves from the needs of our 4 kids and going on a date. (But love it when we do, and kind of remember why we married eachother in the first place!) Time to change this sorry state of affairs! Thank you from him and me!;)

    And, of course, you look date-tastic!

  17. Class Act! My compliments as always...You know how to remind us of what's important... Dear One,you surely are a book in the making. Happy Sunday!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  18. I will look at this blog you mention, as I should get out of my jeans as well. You look classy and springy~~lovely as always.

    Your question made me smile. Yes, I find myself not only dating someone at 53, but in 2 weeks moving to his town, into his house, and starting a new job! Life is going to get even more interesting!

    If not now, when?

  19. How cute are you!? Went on a dinner/movie date with husband last night - perfection!

  20. madelief - oh a stroll on the beach sounds so good right about now.

    belinda - i know how hard it is and i only had 3. that 4th would have put me over the edge. i tip my hat to you!

    suzanne - hi dearest, and it was dani that got me to thinking.

    colleen - how thrilling. all these new things at 53, i'm v impressed and now seems perfect.

    happy homemaker - thank you and hope you had a nice time.

  21. Hi Janet, looking gorgeous as usual!!

    My husband and I try and have a date night once a week, but sometimes it drags out to only fortnightly. We both do shift work - I'm a crit care RN, and he's a chef, so occasionally we've not seen each for up to 72 hours! We also think it's an important thing to do, and a bit of problem solving tends to go on as well - ours, our friends, the world's...

  22. Don't you look like spring itself.

    I am dating someone:) but we have too many work dates, not enough time in our lives it seems.

    maybe we'll make some time.

    xo Jane

  23. You look so effortlessly elegant. I am off to book a date night...

  24. Maybe if I was looking as cute at you my husband would be more inclined to date me :)

    We have recently tried to implement a 1 or 2 times a month date night. I bought a bunch of cute little summer dresses and found a few baby sitting options in the neighborhood, but we haven't ramped up the schedule yet.

    Mexican and margaritas is my dream date!!!

  25. Love this outfit on you.....may have to pick up a shirt like that for myself!

  26. You look absolutely lovely! Thanks for the much needed reminder that I need to take my hubby out for a great date :)

  27. amanda - thank you and i think it's even more important to date when you do go long periods w/o seeing ea other, don't you?

    jane - yes, i know you two rascals work too hard.

    lilacs in may - why thank you and do book it.

    julie - you can't fool me - i know how gorgeous you are. love to see the dresses btw.

    janet - let's go together.

    rebecca - thank you and that's why i loved dani's post - it was a great reminder!

  28. Janet,

    Well you look absolutely gorgeous and I love what you wrote...Our idea of a date night right now consists of a glass of wine as we look out over the ocean and watch the sun set over Catalina. It's breathtaking every time.

    xo annie

  29. So lovely in your cute outfit... Very chic as ever, Janet.
    Mr SE and I try to go on 'dates' once in a while.. come to think of it we haven't recently.. hmmmm thank you - need to remedy this one soon! XX

  30. Oh, thank you for the link too..xx

  31. the outfit. White, yellow and black look crisp no matter how you pull it together!

    Second...I married for the 2nd time in my 50's. My husband and I have kept Saturday as a "date night" from the very beginning of our 4 yr. relationship. It's reserved for a special meal (usually at home) and "us" time. I highly recommend it!

  32. Hello Gorgeous Lady!

    I'm your fan, Janet! I truly admire how beautiful, smart and genuine you are. Honestly... it's wonderful to "know" you.

    I'm "dating" my husband for almost 8 years now. :-) It's being a great and crazy adventure in my life. :-)

    Have a nice day, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  33. You look fabulous and I love your yellow cardigan, I've been looking for one for awhile now. That margarita sounds SO yummy right about now.

  34. You look beautiful here- love the outfit- very chic! BTW I thought of you- recently ordered Veganomicon cookbook and really like it. We eat vegetarian/ vegan about 5x a week. Are you ever going to put out a cookbook one day? I would buy it! xo

  35. Hi Janet, I think you know how interested I have become with the 333 project. As a former math teacher, I used clothing and outfits to teach an area of math called combinations and permutations. Did you know that with 4 four bottoms X 8 tops X 3 pieces of outerwear, you have 96 distinct outfits? Nevermind the dresses, shoes, and accessories. Pretty impressive no? Bet someone with a huge closet full of clothes cannot boast 96 separate outfits!

  36. Hi janet,
    I was wondering if your date dresses up to for the dress date? Mr Paula probably wouldn't.


kindness is never out of style.

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