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a recent comment on my blog...

Hi Janet, I think you know how interested I have become with the 333 project. As a former math teacher, I used clothing and outfits to teach an area of math called combinations and permutations. Did you know that with 4 four bottoms X 8 tops X 3 pieces of outerwear, you have 96 distinct outfits? Nevermind the dresses, shoes, and accessories. Pretty impressive no?

camille of the vintiqueobject

thank you camille, i did not know this and until i googled it i did not know what a permutation was either.
knowing that my 33 pieces can give me a minimum of 96 outfits makes me crazy happy.
camille is participating in project 333 also, go see.

it has been cold and rainy here for the last couple of days so the above trench is getting lots of use.

AND while we are talking numbers...

my good friend julie lorusso is generously donating 100% of all her jewelry sales in the month of april to the people of japan.
AND her husband's company is matching that amount.
so that's 200% that will be given to japan from each purchase.
is that not awesome?

this is a perfect time to purchase birthday, mother's day, graduation, anniversary, bridal or treat yourself day gifts.
talk about a win win situation.

read about the lorusso's kind gesture here
and donate wouldya?

julie's signature bracelet

triple strand of pearls with turquoise stone

triple strand of pearls with vintage clasp



  1. I am in the market for a triple-strand pearl necklace, I'm going to head on over and buy one from Julie.
    You look absolutely completely gorgeous in your red trench.
    I have been reading about Project 333. I have so many clothes but a small closet, I like the idea of putting everything away but the key 33 for 3 months and giving it a try.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. You look sooooo pretty in this picture!


  3. Are you up already? Come by for a coffee.

    love the trench and the bracelets.

    xo Jane

  4. Hi Janet,
    You really do look so pretty. Thanks for mentioning my latest "giveaway" :)

  5. Love that red trench coat! It looks stunning on you. Have a wonderful week, and if you'd like a snack, please stop by!

  6. I'm joining in the you look so pretty chorus.
    Phew those stats have fizzled my brain, I'm hopeless at maths.

  7. This is good to know!!!

    As I told you before, red Is your color!!!

  8. 96 items that is pretty cool! I have caught myself wearing not really wearing all the different items I could.
    I'm still enjoying project 333

    Love Leanne

  9. Hi Janet, Super darling picture of you. It's really been cold and windy here in the South Bay too. Everyone is commenting on it. Will go and visit the sites you mentioned, thank you. Stay nice and warm and cozy. Hugs, Joyce

  10. That sounds like statistics to me. Dreaded college subject.

    I love your bracelets, what a generous couple! I'm heading over there now.

  11. Yep, me too in that "you look so pretty" chorus!

    Wow, 96 outfits with 33 pieces! I really hadn't done the math, but that's pretty cool.

    xo annie

  12. Pretty Pretty as always! -Suzanne in Illinois

  13. I'm still trying to figure out that math! But it sounds like an amazing number....

    Love the bracelets...I was just shopping for one for a trip in May. I will definately check out her shop. What a sweet couple too ~

    You were up early today. :)

  14. The red jacket against the brick red of the building makes for a striking picture. So glad you are pleased with permutations! See? There's an example of pre-calculus math working in real life. And with fashion, no less. If I were still teaching math, I'd offer The 333 as extra credit.

  15. You look great in the red trench, what a lovely way to cheer yourself up on a rainy day. I see you have Lambs Ears in your garden, I just planted some yesterday, I love stroking it's velvety ears.

  16. Tres chic as ever Janet.. and I am amazed - 96 outfits!!! XX

  17. Hit me up with the reader request!

  18. You look great! I love the thought of having 96 outfits out of 15 pieces.

  19. Red is such a great color on you Janet! I just purged my closet yet again this weekend and the thought of 4 bottoms and 8 tops is really appealing to me right now, so much stuff!

  20. Picked out some ideas for you!

  21. Hi janet! Thank you for quoting and linking to Camille. I enjoy her blog and her approach to the project333. I just hope watching others doing the project333 does not become an experience like watching "The biggest loser" on TV while eating fast food ;-)

  22. You really are something else.


kindness is never out of style.

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