~ the kitchen renovation



  1. It's stunning! Really, just an amazing job. It looks so loved and happy now!

    So, the 4th photo- is that a pantry? And what is the charming bump-out on the wall in the 6th photo? a vent? I love how you moulded around it! It turned it into a charming focal point!

  2. Hi Joan,

    Yes it is a pantry, it's very small, so it's hard to take a good pic of it. But it holds most of my kitchen junk. The bump-out is the original chimmey for the stove. It's other side is in the living room. Glad you liked the pics. J

  3. Janet, You did a great job. It is beautiful!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to blog with you again!! Connie

  4. GORGEOUS! Wow, that is amazing.....


kindness is never out of style.

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