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When I have a problem and don't have a solution I usually turn to experts. My dilemma, the color of the exterior of my house. I turned to expert gardener, Tara Dillard. She has the amazing blog, LANDSCAPE DESIGN DECORATING STYLING, get to it here ...http://taradillard.blogspot.com/. Her knowledge is vast, her designs incredible but her advice is soulful. What a killer combination! I'm sure you will agree when you read her response to my question below.

Dear Tara,

We just finised renovating the interior of a small cottage built in 1890. The interior is done mostly in white with black accents. Here is the dilemma. The exterior is painted red. It is very charming and I don't even have to tell people my address, everyone knows the little red cottage in the park. BUT, I've always wanted to live in a white house with black accents and red roses growing up the sides. People will be heartbroken if I paint this house, but I'm 51 and I'm planning to stay here forever. Do I respect history or do I live for myself? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tara.


Tara's Response...

Architecturally/historically your colors, white-black, are correct. Check plus. Next, you're making the choice from a deep well of passion. Colors that make you happy. Someone did that at your home, hence the red. Respect history by making a passionate color choice too. Paint the house white with black accents. It's obvious you love this house. When you paint it your colors and plant your garden/landscape your home won't be, The house that used to be red. It will become, The white garden cottage in the park. People sense passion. It's already in your words. Soon it will be in your garden.

XO Tara

I LOVE this woman! I am so comfortable with her answer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tara. Now I have work to do...


  1. I love her too! What a wonderful answer, so wise and so true! I can totally imagine it as you describe it Janet and it will be absolutely beautiful! ; )

  2. I love her answer, and I wholeheartedly agree... now off to the paint store!
    It's going to be so pretty Janet!! Can't wait to see it!

    p.s. ours will one day(!) be white with gloss black shutters too! Oh, and my favorite split pea green front door!

  3. Dear Janet, You have always wanted to live in a white house. Make your dream come true. There is nothing like a white house with black trim and roses growing up the side. Hugs

  4. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I think what you've done to this house is fantastic! I absolutely love the classic look that you've designed around. One day I hope to implement some of these design elements into my own charming home. Both my sisters and I love that classic look filled with white kitchens and furniture. I think that painting the house white with black accents would be beautiful. In fact, my sisters would love to paint the little red carriage house behind our house white! So you wouldn't be upsetting any of us if you make the change. Keep up the good work!

  5. hi kim,

    thank you so much for you kind comment. i can't tell you how happy i was to meet another vegan at the most unlikely place! i'm glad you like my blog, i'm so embarrassed to tell people that i actually know about it. i hope we see more of one another and you are welcome here anytime.


  6. Here we are 2011- and that was 2009 and you are still contemplating the fresh white....funny how things haunt us until we finally commit.
    It is like a marriage. We must make sure we are totally making the right decision. We have to live with it forever, right!

  7. i know patricia. your sketch has done it for me though.


kindness is never out of style.

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