~ cost of my kitchen renovation

yesterday I posted the before and after pictures of my kitchen renovation. Here is the cost breakdown:

kitchen cabinets (includes all baseboards, crown moulding and rebuilding pantry 4k

countertops (honed black granite) 2k

viking range 4k

kohler farmhouse sink 1k

vintage faucet 300.

backsplash (white subway) 300.

flooring (2x2 hex tile) 1400.

total 13k


  1. Janet,
    I think you did really well.
    I'm curious if you were happy (ok, no one is "happy" to spend that much money!) with the end costs? Kitchens are always so expensive....

  2. considering what we started with, i'm extremely happy. we were on such a tight time frame and budget. we did the entire house in 6 weeks! there really wasn't any time to agonize over choices. i had an idea in my head of what i wanted and tried to stick to it as close as possible.

  3. Great, you looks so professional in budgeting. And the way you fulfilled the renovations I think it will be excellent. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  4. Hey friend you know you have done in a very attractive & fine way, I think it is one of the best & cost effective natural way to remodel our kitchen. I really like the way you have show me.Kitchen remodeling cost

  5. Hi Janet,
    I don't know how to email you but wanted to ask you a question about your honed granite. We really want to do Absolute Black honed but have read a variety of comments that it should be sealed, should not be sealed, has lots of maintenance, has no maintenance. You are so educated in all things kitchen and use yours regularly. Would you mind sharing granite details, if you have them, and any tips?
    Thank you,
    Shelley Rose
    My email is rosebarn@sbcglobal.net

    1. i will email you shelley but also answer here in case others are interested. i do use it on the everyday all day and it's fantastic. i never had it sealed and it has no maintenance other than wiping it down with soap and water. it's black so shows no burn marks - which i don't think it burns anyway. probably the easiest countertop i've ever owned. hope this helps.


kindness is never out of style.

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