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Are you being enticed out to the sales today?  I will confess to making a couple of online clicks myself today.  But if you are home and keeping your green in your pocketbook maybe you'd love a moment, a deep breath of gorgeous green.  A short, beautiful film by Dunn Edwards celebrating the color of 2018.



  1. What a fascinating group of photos/images. Stunning. How nice of you to post on a busy holiday weekend.

    I'm not buying anything anywhere today. My husband is putting up exterior holiday lights, yard & house = = because it's HIS family tradition = = but it's not mine; I think it's too early. I don't like the holiday music already playing on TV commercials. November is November. December is December. Quit blending them into one long month! The dollar stores around here already had Christmas decorations out, in September. I resist. I.just.resist.

    Hope you survived our SoCalif heat of the past couple of days. I'm so over it!

  2. No spending here either...staying home and doing some domestic chores.
    I recently purchased the Good Housekeeping special magazine Organizing Your Home and your gorgeous pantry is on the cover!
    Lovely to see some lush green images....thank you.

  3. Another year and the black Friday hype hasn't worked on me yet again! I'm feeling weary from seeing black in my inbox so your green oasis is such a pleasant relief. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks, Janet! Hugs, x.

  4. I also said no this year to going out, though I did buy some jeans online and purchased a hotel stay on Michigan Av. to enjoy the lights in Chicago before Christmas. We have opted to go for experiences this year as opposed to lots of gifting. So far, we have a play and a couple of free or inexpensive Christmas concerts lined up in addition to our quick trip to Chicago. Our 17-year-old (and last one at home) enjoys these things so we're really looking forward to a fun season.

    1. Oh, and I loved the "green." One of my favorite colors.

  5. your blog lowers my high blood pressure.
    didn't know you were positively beautifully medicinal did you!
    have a wonderful weekend! xo♥

  6. Loved these photos!
    I stayed out of the mall and went wine tasting with the hubs, our son and friends! Spent a bit on wine though but, we all had a great time and the weather was glorious!
    Renee in Northern California

  7. the green TR3 makes me want a long cruise on a coast highway

  8. I like green and have done for years, it's the colour of nature. My granny had a 70s green theme going on and ironically my home accents are green and gold, enhanced by a beautiful woodland painting... so happy to see all this greenery (though - have you seen Prince Purple?!).
    For some strange reason they have started trying to do Black Friday in Europe, which is just annoying to most people. ugh. We are getting ready for Advent, it's so cosy :)

  9. We went to a small town with my daughter and her husband that are visiting. It's decorated very sweet for the holidays. Then we came home had had leftovers for dinner. Very low key. I'm not a fan of crowds no matter what the occasion or tourist destination. I don't let the holidays overwhelm me. We enjoy savoring the moment. Love your green photos!!


  10. I didn't shop either. My brother and his wife were visiting from MD for the holiday and we all went to Plimoth Plantation (a living history museum of the Pilgrims' settlement) since it's only 20 minutes away from our home. Perfect time of year to visit and be reminded of the origins of our Thanksgiving.
    ~ Martha

  11. Beautiful photos and an awesome video link. I stayed home the entire weekend and avoided shopping since the day before Thanksgiving. I dislike black Friday and what the holiday season has become, superficial. Seeing the shades of green in the photos is refreshing and soothing. I also love having shades of green in home decor.


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