November Goals

I can hardly believe it is already November.  Time is flying way too fast.  I'm going to keep it as simple as possible this month.

1.  Hang the mirror in our bedroom.  Putting a hole in the wallpaper is not going to be easy but I'm ready. 😌

2.  I'm considering having the closet in our bedroom organized by California Closets.  In our old home we had them come in and redesign the existing master bedroom closet and it was pretty fabulous.  I think it could be pretty fab here too.  Going to schedule a consult.

3.  Deciding where to have Thanksgiving.  We are going to do whatever L's dad wants this year.  He'll be 88 soon and we want him to be as comfortable as possible.  This may mean we will be eating at a restaurant and I'm not hating that idea.

4.  Make my Christmas shopping list.  I believe we are only buying for grandchildren starting this year and I'm not hating this idea either.

5.  I'm wondering if you all would like me to put together some Christmas gift posts.  I know everyone does these things but I think it could be fun.  Let me know.

The weather has finally turned and it feels so good to be wearing flannel shirts, so cozy, and boots.  x


  1. Too sweet, 88 years old. Blessed.

    Congrats, your pic on the porch. Beautiful.

    This is what I know about Garden Design, for sure. Merely creating that single photo is a Life Success.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  2. i'm starting to sound like a gardener's cottage groupie. do they still call them that? or am I just a stalker now?
    I love this blog.
    I love its style and clarity and elegance.
    whether food or clothes or décor or simple and simply living.
    the thought that you are making it your father in law's Thanksgiving is just wonderful. and totally YOU.
    and the picture with the post is perfect.
    musing about it all there in jeans and tartans.
    uh oh. again the deceiving little comment box. I bet this comment is longer than your post. sorry!

  3. I love this blog too, for all the reasons mentioned by Tammi J., and because you don't have all these obnoxious ads popping up in my face (not to mention the pop-ups begging me to subscribe!). Having said that, I do not mind posts about products you love, whether or not you are being paid to endorse them (because I know you actually use them!). It's an easier and more personable way to learn about great products without the ad clutter. Thanks again, Janet, for sharing your simple but beautiful lifestyle with your readers. I really enjoy reading you.

  4. Totally here for your gift recommendations!

  5. Christmas gift posts would be very welcome!

  6. Can so relate to the changes in the gift list and where to spend the holidays. My son and his wife bought a new house earlier this year, and they want to make it Holiday Central. Yay! Get to just bring a dish and not have to worry about the whole thing anymore. And yes, do the gift posts, if you like :)

  7. I love it here too :) A Christmas gift post would be lovely. We live in an 1800's house. Our closet is a little wider than a hanger but very long.
    I'm wondering if California Closets could be of some help.

  8. PLEASE do a Christmas gift post. I feel like all the above comments, call me a stalker or a groupie, but I love every post :)

  9. I concur with everyone here, a gift post would be fun. Thank you.

    The November plan here is to celebrate life. It has been a difficult year, but we just achieved one of two big milestones and it's time to enjoy the good things. I may even go ahead and decorate for Christmas this month...just because.

    For Thanksgiving I may just make my infamous vegetarian Wellington, served with vegan gravy. They are both pretty divine. I hope everyone gets to enjoy this holiday season, and Thanksgiving preparations.

    Cheers, Ardith

    P.S. Janet, that is a lovely photo of you.

  10. Obviously we don't have Thanksgiving here (UK) and so I have a clear run at losing 28lbs by Xmas. Major goal. Enjoy all your posts Janet. Just wish I could buy those Everlane cropped trousers but they don't ship to UK - or if they do the tax is more than the trousers (can't remember offhand). Either way, it's disappointing as they look great.

    1. Forgot to add at the end of my post - so please keep posting your favourites in the side bar!

  11. I agree with the others I love reading your blog for its simplicity and elegance. Ardith, your Veg Wellington sounds divine.

  12. A gift post would be fun! Also, as seen on another blog, talk about stockings too, if you do them. That's always a highlight at our house.

  13. I've gone to a restaurant only once for Tgiving (Higgins, here in Portland), and it was divine. I highly recommend it as an option.

    Gift post would be terrific. I too love the clarity and serenity of this blog.

  14. Please do Christmas gift posts! I am a fan of California Closets, they did the closets in my house and the whole process went so well. Really excellent consultant and installers too. When I bought mine they manufactured all components in North America too.
    My father-in-law is 87 and our holidays revolve around him too. He might have a new puppy at Christmas (!) in which case I'll bring the dinner to him. He really likes my vegan cooking too, open-minded guy he is! xx

  15. Yes, a Christmas gift post would be so fun. Years ago, we all stopped giving gifts for the adults, and that was so freeing. We bake, get together, and celebrate, but no one has to rush around buying things.
    My November goals are to be more frugal until the end of the year.

  16. I"d love a Christmas gift post. We are simplifying/downsizing even more this year and I want something special, not six medium-special gifts for my daughters. We are also going out to Thanksgiving dinner, and I am SO glad. I will probably cook turkey over that weekend, but I am so over making a feast for four people. When I was growing up we always went out for Thanksgiving dinner, to an old mill in Massachusetts.

  17. First off you look so pretty in your flannel. And second,add me to the groupie/stalker list ;) Annnd I too would also enjoy any Christmas gift ideas that you would like to share. I'm so thankful for your tips and information you pass along - your blog is such an enjoyable read -
    thank you!

  18. Yes please to a Christmas gift idea post and more seasonal decorations and how you add those to your lovely home. Its wonderful that you all focus on the elders on your family...we have lost all but one parent and sadly she has severe dementia and is in a full time care home...she is 99 too which is quite remarkable!
    It snowed last night and it is very cold in our bungalow...I could definitely use that cozy flannel shirt!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend Janet.

  19. Thank you to Down Raspberry Lane AND Tammi J for pointing out WHY I also love your blog. I do hope you receive some enumeration for your time spent delighting your readers.
    - I also use ironstone and transferware as wall art. I noticed in your lovely contemplative photo that you had a dish "hanging" within a dish. So clever! Would you share how you accomplished that?
    - We also focus on grandkids for gift-giving. For the adults, we use to scramble our names, create wish lists with links, and agree on a price limit! Since 2014, this app has made sure there is no duplication as well as reminds me (Admin) when to send emails. Easy and Fun.
    - I reside in the San Fernando Valley (NW of L.A.) and am also delighted with our cooler sweater weather!
    - Yes to any posts regarding Christmas gifts.
    Thank you!
    Charlene H.

  20. Would enjoy Christmas gift idea list also.

    I am so relieved (and a little proud of myself) for finally being able to let some traditions, etc. go-- most of which I was still doing for myself and not my kids as they have their own thing now. Everything has to evolve and change and if we can't evolve and change with it, I think you just become bitter.

    Not always easy to make everyone in the family happy though and I am done trying-it is what it is as they say.

    I do love the holidays-the music is my favorite part besides being with friends and family which has become even sweeter.

    Know blogs are very time-consuming so count me in as someone else that appreciates your endeavors.

  21. Janet,

    I recall reading your posts when you were staying with your FIL and helping him through a rough patch. I felt at that time it was such a blessing you were able to do that. When I read your comment about Thanksgiving, perhaps even at a restaurant, I smiled. Kindness never does go out of style, does it?
    I'd love to see a gift post for Christmas, even if it's only to look. :)


  22. We have only bought for the grandchildren for several years now. We give a donation to a homeless shelter instead of buying for our adult kids. They didn't like it at first but they are ok with it now!

  23. I am sure your FIL appreciates you doing that for him, whatever it may be. As they get older they are just not up to all the "hopping around" that we do. Blessings!

  24. Good job on the few and manageable goals for November. I have not started doing this yet as I tend to get carried away with adding too many things and it becomes unmanageable, but this post has inspired me - I can do it! How kind of you to do what is best for Larry's dad for your Thanksgiving. I do like your Christmas gift lists idea for future posts. I'm always happy and appreciative of any and all posts that you do, Janet. Happy weekend.

  25. We only buy gifts for our 6 grandchildren. So much easier!
    I would love your Christmas gift post! Please!

  26. I would love to see how you decorate for Chrisrmas and hear of any traditions. 😀

  27. I am an Australian Groupie of your blog. My husband and I are currently visiting our son and daughter in
    law and their 15 month old daughter in San Francisco. We enjoyed our walk to Pacific Heights on Halloween night, decorations were wonderful. Would love to see a Christmas Gift post.

  28. I only have one gift-shopping stop left and then my (Christmas) holiday shopping is DONE. Although I miss, closer to Christmas, some of the revelry and excitement of, for instance, mall shopping (carols in the background; lots of pretty window dressings, too), especially on colder nights with frost nipping at my nose (sort of in the 'wintery' spirit of the season even though this is beachy SoCalif), I can no longer handle crowds or the pressure of last-minute purchasing. Too many Christmas Eves I can recall...when everybody else went to bed, I was up all night to daybreak, not watching for Santa but instead wrapping gifts (especially all those stocking stuffers).

    Gosh, and already today, seems like everywhere I went, people are coughing, snuffing and, yeah, I'll cocoon now, not that I'm a germaphobe as much as just, at this age and health, a bad cold can keep me down for months and I unfortunately come down with cold and flu too easily. I just instead want to enjoy being home, as much as I can, with a slower pace from Thanksgiving to Christmas; don't want the hubbub of other Christmases anymore.

    (I guess my holiday shopping is the ONE thing I'm pretty organized about these takes planning, if not for anything else but how to keep on budget. I used to dread those credit card bills in February from overspending at Christmas. Glad those stressful days are over!)

  29. I would love a post on how to simplify- simplify- simplify your Christmas so it’s an enjoyable holiday. Thank you! Jen

  30. Yes I would love to see your Christmas post.

  31. Wallpaper help: use an exacto knife and cut 2/3 of a triangle, raise flap, put hole in. If you remove the mirror later, you can repaste the wallpaper down. Saw this somewhere online, you can probably google better directions. Hope it helps! ~ Joy

  32. Would love to see your Christmas recs. I know they will be soooo good!

  33. Yes please to a Christmas post love to see how you decorate.We would have a light Christmas if we only bought for Grandchildren as we only one she is at uni and will come home for Christmas but does a Christmas shift at the local restaurant on the day. We also have an 88yr old with some dementia and mobility problems so not sure who will do the meal this year.

  34. Love the gifts only for the little kids. We are a no gift family at this point in time and I just love it. Keeps holidays so much easier. Love your goals.

  35. All of our children have moved out of California now. We used to send Christmas presents by mail or FEDEX but the cost of shipping was almost as much as the cost of the gifts. Now we send restaurant gift cards for places we know they love but may not be able to go very often. When we do get together as a family we keep the "presents" simple because Christmas is really not about the presents.

  36. Lovely picture on the porch Janet !!

  37. I would like to see the before and after of your closet.

  38. Would like to see a post on California Closets if you go ahead with a consult.

    A gift post would be fun - though I buy very few gifts and those that I do give are usually food, candles, honey bell oranges (delivered in January), and amaryllis bulbs.

  39. Yes please post Christmas ideas. Love your porch!


  40. Hi Janet, I'm interested in seeing your Christmas gift ideas. Please do share! Kind regards, Miranda


kindness is never out of style.

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