Last Minute Table Inspiration and Outfit Ideas

So the day is here and there's no going back.  On the east coast you may already have guests arriving.  I thought I'd throw together a quick post on some last minute ideas that may help out. 

If you are running out of room (like I always do), put a table outside and throw a blanket on it...voila! 

Jeans and a Pendleton always work.

Running out of bowls?  Use teacups or mugs

A cozy sweater, jeans and boots.  Maybe not the rake.

Go for a walk instead of talking politics

Shove a table and chairs in another room if needed

Move the refrigerator??!!

Most of all, have a wonderful day whatever you are doing.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for always being here, always giving me support and for all your lovely comments.  This blog is absolutely nothing without you all. xoxo janet


  1. Wishing you a really wonderful Thanksgiving Janet, for you and the whole family. Love these photos which showcase your singular style including moving the refrigerator! XX

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all your fabulous posts. I have learned so much from you and love your elegant yet down-to-earth style. All the best to you and your family!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Janet. Thank you for being endlessly inspiring.

  4. Move the refrigerator! I never noticed that before!
    Your suggestions as always are spot on Janet...
    Hope you and your family spend a joyous day of feasting and giving thanks.

  5. A big resounding YES on going for a walk instead of talking politics.
    And a smaller yes for loosing the rake. My Vitamix showed up yesterday. neice is coming this afternoon and we're going to get creative with it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours in all your creative glory!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Janet! You are such an original. xoxox.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I used your table idea with the pottery barn napkins today but made my own (look alike) from material from thrift.
    Added a white sheet (table cloth) and a blush runner.
    Bought a cream knit sweater like yours to wear on anniversary trip.
    Will enjoy a walk after dinner.
    Thank you for ideas.

  8. Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas through the years. You are a gem. I particularly like that second outfit - the jeans, boots, camel sweater, and lovely scarf. Right up my alley.

    1. Would love to know the camel sweater brand...looks so cozy!

  9. Like your practical and lateral thinking ideas! Of course, it's like any other day for us this side of the pond but your tips work for Christmas too.
    Happy thanksgiving, Janet, hugs to you and your family, x.

  10. and in my book you can never go wrong with tartan! I love all your last minute ideas.
    and I hope you had a wonderful dinner at a special place with your men. :)
    to say we're all grateful for such a warm and elegant writer of a life well lived... such as yourself... is an understatement! xo

  11. All good ideas- I wore jeans, an Old Navy print top, and a quilted vest. Our day is usually pretty simple- nearby family always host the feast. We bring two simple dishes (cranberry relish and sweet potatoes) that we always have to make the same way for the family. We also travel around picking up some family members. Nice to see some faces we don’t get to see that often. Happy Thanksgiving! One of the things that I am thankful for is this blog and the community of commenters.

  12. Always a source of inspiration----ideas that are realistic and doable. Thanks so much.

    Bobbie Allgood

  13. Thank you, Janet, for creating such a lovely, uplifting virtual destination...and for the classy and thoughtful people you draw to it as a result.

    I love all the outfits you show here, the first one in particular because it resonates with my own style. I did end up wearing a festive version of my go-to boyfriend jean outfit, with block heeled tall ankle boots.

    I hope your Thanksgiving gathering was thoroughly enjoyable. After three and actually fun days of cooking and baking, I am thankful for the abundance and tastiness of our Thanksgiving feast (not to mention the leftovers). To make my husband so happy makes my heart sing. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

    Cheers, Ardith


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