like most of the world i am just speechless these days.  i just can't get into the christmas spirit now matter how hard i try.  so i'm not going to force it.  instead i'm just going to be quiet.  i've gathered a few posts that you may want to read if you are new here or maybe want to read again.  take care and hug someone you love.  xo janet

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  1. It's hard to know what to do. On one hand, I think the world should stop; on the other, if the world stops then we've let the monsters win.

    I guess each of falls somewhere in that spectrum of wanting the world to stop and others that don't want the monsters to win.

    There's no right or wrong place to be.

  2. I blogged on Friday with the exact same title...speechless. It is hard enjoying the holiday season with so much sadness. On the heels of the Sandy Hook tragedy, a young man my youngest son went to school with was found dead, after being missing for over 2 weeks from ASU. It's so painful to think so many parents are suffering this holiday:(

  3. Elegantly put, Janet. It's hard to celebrate anything right now.

  4. I am there with you. My 6 year old is the only thing that keeps me going right now. So much to think about and contemplate and try to digest.

  5. Janet,
    I agree. Until eternity, we will never know or understand why things happen.
    However, our hope is in the Lord: S

  6. I feel the same way you do. As I said to a friend today there is so much that could be said and yet nothing to say at all.


  7. Perfectly said Janet. I am not in the spirit at all, how can we be. Quiet is good. Thank you for putting together some posts which I'm sure I've read before but I'll be going back to read them as everything you put out in the world is so comforting. Thanks for that my friend. xox

  8. love the lead up to Christmas but loathe the day- miss my family- reinforced by spending time with someone else's family who are polar opposites to mine.

    Christmas can be very hard and depressing and really make you lonely.

    Chin up and BRING ON MAY!!!!!

  9. I feel the same way Janet.



  10. Oh, in some ways I agree, but in other ways, the degree of devastation that comes with this loss, even for those of us who were completely uninvolved with this tragedy, also reflects the degree of joy and love that we have for our children, our teachers, our schools. I read long ago that sorrow only comes with joy, and this has always helped me through difficult times. Now is the time, especially, to treasure those that we love -- not just our family but also our community, and for me, the beauty and the sense of contemplation that always comes with the holidays actually helps me. A lovely post, thank you.


  11. "The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing... not healing, not curing... that is a friend who cares." Henri Nouwen

  12. Those poor beautiful children.... There were tears here in Australia.

    I have now thrown myself into Christmas - I have two children aged 5 and 7 and I am so grateful they are here, well and we are all together. I am going to celebrate that.

    Hope you feel more like yourself soon. And I agree - emotion probably shouldn't be forced.

  13. Truly, truly tragic. I can't imagine the devastation the people of Newtown must be feeling. But it's important to remember that the world is also full of beauty and love, especially at Christmas time. My heart goes out to the families in Connecticut who lost loved ones, and to the children and adults who survived and are dealing with the emotional stress, fear and grief.

  14. All the more reason to make the post of every day, one never knows what's around the corner.
    I'm looking forward to exploring your links, once I've done my nursemaid duties. xxx

  15. Dear Janet, do not be speechless with grief, but use your voice to let you legislators know that you do not accept that owning military assault weapons fall within the "right to bear arms".
    I cannot believe a country as wonderful as the USA can allow its children be killed in this way, as a direct result of policy failure.

    1. Dear Anon, I agree that the average person in no way needs to own, or have access to military assault weapons. England did away with guns, and killings by knives went up. The evil man in China did not use a gun, but a knife to hurt children. Sadly, there will always be evil ones who think the answer is to kill. Timothy McVeigh did not use a gun to kill hundreds, including children. The terrorists on 9/11 did not need a gun to take over take the planes, they used blades, and then airplanes to kill thousands of innocent men, women and children. Getting rid of guns, knives, planes, baseball bats, golf clubs (which all can be used to kill) is not the answer. Using ones grief, and anger to stop killers from getting off so easy to me is the answer.

      I for one think it odd that a country as peaceful as Norway can allow a killer of children, to have special treatment and his own special ward.

      We all react and grieve differently. Janet, take all the time you need.

      I will not allow evil to destroy what is meant to be a joyous time of year. For me personally, by doing so, is allowing evil to win. My husband and I will celebrate Christmas as planned, but now will go out, and purchase 26 gifts in memory of the victims and donate them to charity. By honoring their memory, we will hopefully brighten another child's Christmas.


  16. Thank you for your thought provoking writing this year. I think if we all use our voice we can create change, if the sound is loud enough the change makers will not dare resist.

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  18. Most speech seems so shallow right now...I think I'll make a loaf of "your" bread today.

  19. You need to read adrienne shubin's post on the rich life (on a budget). I found it a very sweet and lovely perspective. Hugs and kisses....cc

  20. I'm with you. And I'm not going to force it either. Feel like Christmas should be cancelled.

  21. Grief gives us time to be quiet and reflect. It is completely unavoidable at times like these.
    It's good that you are not trying to force Christmas spirit. It may come to you, it may not...and that's okay.

  22. Silence is appropriate. Sometimes we can't fill space with words. Thanks Janet.

  23. I think that the best way to get into the Christmas spirit is to take care of yourself. If you feel good then you will have that energy that we like to call Christmas spirit.


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