peas and carrots

yikes this soup is beautiful and what an antioxidant powerhouse.
who doesn't need that right now?

i personally love peas and carrots - but it wasn't always that way.   when i was little, i'd be the one sitting at the table long after everyone else had been excused, pushing those peas and carrots around my plate trying to make them disappear.  but i guess the fact that i love them now means i've finally grown up?

i made my favorite carrot cappuccino soup and took the cappuccino part out.
that is, i did not put it through a sieve after it was done.   i left it thick so it could stand up to the peas.
after the soup was finished i just ladled about a 1/2 cup of freshly cooked peas into each bowl.  
those peas deliver 8 grams of protein per cup.
it's almost too pretty to eat.

carrot cappuccino soup
recipe by rick tramanto of tru restaurant

1 lb sliced carrots
1 celery rib fine dice
1/2 med onion fine dice
1 1/2 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger
2 oranges juiced
3-4 c vegetable stock
salt and pepper to taste

sweat carrots, celery and onion. add vegetable stock and ginger. bring to simmer, add oj and cook until carrots are tender. puree in batches until smooth, pass through fine strainer, season to taste.
note: as you pass the puree through the strainer, use the back of a ladle or spoon to really press the liquid through.
i left that last part out and left the soup thick but by all means try it pressed through - it. is. amazing.

eating your peas and carrots never tasted so good.

***to anyone who reads in the UK, if you can get your hands on the december issue of Esquire magazine,
i'd pay for it and the shipping if you could send me one.  Jack White is on the cover.***

thanks so much!!!



  1. Janet, of course I'll get it for you!

    That soup looks like a work of art, I'm going to make it.
    I just bought my veggies for the day, a head of broccoli and two orange pepers, it's the same colour scheme and exciting me know end.

  2. Unfortunately I'm not yet grown up because I cannot eat peas. I cannot even really look at them. I looked quickly at the picture you posted, through squinty eyes and yes the colors are amazing. But NOOOOO to the peas for me. ~smile~ Lina

  3. I don't have a food processor. Can I purée in a regular blender? My DIL brought over carrot soup just last night that she'd made. Yummy.

    1. a blender works better than a food processor for soups.:)

  4. Oh that sounds and looks delicious. Am a huge fan of both carrots and peas:). And carrots and ginger are such good friends!

  5. yay, the recipe-month is not over yet :-)

  6. Great photo and simple recipe! I'm making this tonight!

    I discovered your blog very recently, but I'm finding it very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

    1. The recipe worked like a charm. Amazing carrot soup with peas was had! More for my lunch tomorrow. This recipe is so simple and economical. I'll be making it often from now on. Thanks for getting me back into my kitchen cooking something vegan.

  7. wow. you sure know a thing or two about minding your p's & q's.

  8. Sounds delicious and looks beautiful!

  9. Janet this is a work of art---and I love the orange in the soup, I never thought of that. And fresh peas are such a luxury!

  10. Tabitha's beaten me to it but let me know if she can't find an Esquire mag and I'll do my best!
    That soup looks wonderful. I hated carrots as a kid and would only eat them raw. Today I made spicy parsnip and carrot soup so it must mean that I've finally grown up , too! xxx

  11. I have always loved the combo of peas and carrots, but my mom was a hippy and grew all of our own food, so we ate a ton of veggies all the time. Meat was a treat, if you can imagine that. I even remembering being mad because I had to eat homemade bread while the neighbor boy sat at the back fence and taunted me with his wonderbread.... UGH! I think I will make this soup this weekend as I have never had carrot soup before!
    ps, I am buying a dutch oven tomorrow to make your bread~!

  12. I had carrot soup for lunch today, no coriander to hand but it was still yum. I love the idea of jazzing it up with peas. My other fav soup is pea and parmesan, it is a truly delicious combination.

  13. Those were probably much different peas and carrots you had on your plate. All I can think of is that nasty frozen medley of peas, carrots and corn.

    This sounds great and looks very healthy with all that bright color. But why's it called cappuccino?

  14. Of course Tabitha will come through for you...she probably already had a copy just waiting to send to you!!! This soup looks amazingly beautiful! Thought of you the other day when I saw a NY license plate that read something like was a mercedes in the parking lot of a mansion turned into a thrift shop in Greenwich...which you would have loved. I almost took a pic with my phone, but the trendy gal was in her car and would not leave.

  15. Pretty! Pretty!
    9 more days and I move into our new home--finally!
    I think I will make this soup the very first meal to be shared in my new house.
    I am so grateful to be on this earth, and once again, to you, Janet, and your readers, I thank you for all your support.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  16. I would also be willing to look for Esquire... I'm in England till the 20th of this month! ;)

    Always loved peas and carrots (keys and parrots in our house...) but need to try this delicious and beautiful combination!

  17. Hi janet!

    you made me go and get some avocados (your wraps had me). And I went and got the ingredientes to make this dressing since Trader Joe's dressings aren't available in Austria.
    It is delicious! I am sure you will enjoy it, too.
    What else did you make me buy: more avocados, oranges, lemoms – my kitchen is getting fresh thanks to you. Thank you!

  18. My stomach is growling and it's 7:20am!!! This soup is going to be on the menu soon! Thanks Janet!

  19. Peas and Carrots never looked so good! I love the idea of adding ginger.
    Lucky you, looks like you will get your JW cover!

  20. I definitely try the recipe. I have never put orange juice to the carrot soup…

  21. Dear Janet

    Looks lovely. Do you make your own vegetable stock? If so, would be great to have the recipe.
    Rarely buy supermarket stock cubes/mix because often contains monosodium glutmate (allergic) and other nasty chemicals.
    Best wishes, Pamela

    1. i make my own veggie stock most of the time. when i don't have any i will use a premade one. i just collect all the veggie scraps i cut everyday and along with an onion and a few carrots and just simmer them all with some salt and pepper and any other seasonings i feel like adding and then i strain it. i just kinda throw things together but it always comes out pretty good.


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