new york city - the warwick hotel

what a gem of a hotel.  
i got so lucky when i booked this, not realizing just how perfectly located it was.
just a short, easy walk to beautiful central park, 5th avenue, st. patricks cathedral, rockefeller center, radio city music hall, madison avenue, park avenue - to name just a few.
incredibly helpful staff and doormen.

beautiful in an old grand manor style, spotless, great prices (our room was $250/night)
a bargain in new york city.

the warwick hotel
 i highly, highly recommend.
and no one is paying me to say this!

he insisted i wear his hat - and he did have a gun...

honestly, one of the best things of the trip, mass on sunday.
so beautiful.

st. thomas, just down the street from st. patricks

5th avenue, pucci

my handsome tour guide.

this is what i pretty much wore the entire time.
we had lots of weather changes.
rain to sunshine.
the j. crew trench was perfect!

from inside central park looking back toward our hotel.

the new ralph lauren women and home store.
absolute sensory overload.
i'm wearing these moccasins which pretty much saved my feet.
most comfy walking shoes ever.
this was a beautiful, flat walk from our hotel.
so much to see all the way there.
walked back to the hotel through central park.

the rl rhinelander mansion men's store.
breathtaking inside.  they wouldn't allow me to take pictures.
it is beautiful beyond words.

hello jack

outside our hotel after one of the shows.
a couple from australia took this and i asked if they knew faux fucshia, they said what is that?

the royal tenenbaum house in harlem
we took a taxi and it was a ride straight out of an action movie.  no lie.
classic new york.

louis vuitton 5th avenue

what a perfect trip and weekend.
so much fun.
we also walked the brooklyn bridge where a random rainstorm soaked us to the bone.
so pictures were impossible.

loved every minute we were there and can't wait to go back.

i've missed so much in blogland.
looking forward to catching up with you all.



  1. oh janet it looks so wonderful! i was thinking about you! i'm glad you had such a great time. larry is so handsome!
    i was in the RL in Paris this summer and it was exquisite. but no photos :(

  2. I was missing you .... thought maybe you decided to stay in the big city! I should have directed you to my sister's bar for a drink after the show. I heard there was a hiccup in one of Jack's shows...hope that wasn't anything big.

    You looked stylish as usual, like you fit right in! :)

  3. WELCOME BACK-! Missed you and was hoping you were having a fab time! Looks like you certainly did! GREAT! LOVE the pics! You & Larry are so adorable! Was it purely a pleasure trip? Had you been to NYC before? And you just wanted to return? Or why did you pick NYC-? I was there often as a kid and have been wanting to go back in the last few years!

    1. my mom was born and raised in new york so i've been there a few times as a kid but never as an adult. jack white was playing rcmh so we said, why not? we had so much fun!

  4. You were in my neck of the woods. I love NYC! Glad you had a great time.


  5. You look fabulous as always! I especially love your moccasins and was wondering what color you have. Thanks

  6. Janet,
    Finally....I've been waiting to see your NYC post. I love that photo of you at the Ralph Lauren Women and Home store. Looks like a prefect weekend, aside from the rain shower in Brooklyn. We somehow missed that the time we walked outside, the streets were soaked and the sun was shining. Your moccasins were a good idea! Last year on a trip with Mad I bought a pair of black Ugg ones that I would have purchased in purple at the point I needed them. Fortunately the Soho Bloomingdale's had them in black. I was hoping you would do a "what you packed" post. Any chance of that?
    Glad your back!

  7. Awesome! Looks like you have a great trip. Isn't that RL mansion something else? You have to see it at Christmas sometime!

  8. Welcome back, Janet! Glld you had a great time (who doesn't have a great time in NYC?). You look very stylish in the photos. Love your clothing choices for travel. I love New York (such a cliche!). So much happening there and so much to see...

    1. That was supposed to be "glad". Time to put on my readers..

  9. Now I am HOMESICK- big time!
    So glad you had a great time-although it's hard not to have a great time there, eh?

  10. What a lovely trip ! Does Jack White know you follow him everywhere ?

  11. I never tire of seeing fantastic & fun photos of NYC! I love it there--I mean, what's not to love!:) You look like you did a lot of what you love, which makes it perfect. We got engaged there many years ago (at the Four Seasons restaurant) and hadn't been back until last November when my hubs did the NYC marathon. We stayed in SoHo which I highly recommend next time you go--very much your vibe. We had a great time but also had to keep it more reeled-in than I would have liked (given we were there for him to complete that fantastic race!) Next trip--I'm pretty sure we will have teenagers along so we are going to REALLY pack it in:) Welcome home!

  12. I am so happy you loved NY Janet because my husband I will be visiting very soon. Do you know it will be around 24 hours travel time from the east coast of Australia. Mind boggling isn't it. Thanks for sharing your outfits as this affirms my clothing choices as I'm packing similar items.
    Looking at the horses in Central Park reminds me of the story my friend told after visiting in the heat of August, she was willingly hijacked into a protest in regard to the horse and carriage business and how the horses are dying from heat exhaustion during summer :(

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops! anyway I thought for second that YOU were the mannequin at Louis Vuitton. Glad you had a great trip! K-

  14. wow! this was SUCH a fun post to read!
    what an amazing trip ♥

  15. I am so, so, so jealous. I love your pics and can't wait to hear all about your trip. When we are old (cuz we are not right now), we are going back to Harlem and be the Tenenbaums.

    Love you forever + 7 yrs

    Margot <3

  16. JANNNNNEEETTTT, You are L look so young and handsome and I luff all the height in your 'do.

    Did Jack sing Doorbell and Did you think of me when he did?

    So glad I finally got your that article today.

    Take Care J, xxxxx

  17. Looks like a great trip, and lovely photos, love NY.

  18. Looks like you had a fantastic time. I do properly love NY. How was Jack?!

  19. You are such a fabulously attractive pair, just look at you both!!
    Jack White and the Royal Tenenbaum house, there's two reasons why I need to go to NY plus the astounding architecture and the outrageous eye candy in the shops! I've missed you! xxx

  20. Janet! SO glad you had a wonderful trip! NYC is amazing! I need to look into those moccasins!

  21. Hi Janet
    You're teasing me to NYC! the photos are all fabulous! The Warwick looks lovely, thanks for the recommendation...Enjoy your weekend:-)
    Fiona x

  22. Great post, I love a vicarious jaunt! Looks like it was a FEAST of music, architecture, food and design, what fun!

  23. Definitely worth waiting for this lovely romantic post.I can't believe how much you fitted in.
    Loving the trench, black jeans and boots ensemble xo

  24. Great pics Janet. You did New York goood!! Rosanne

  25. The Louis Vuitton outfit looks like it's right out of Downton Abbey! I love that style - so elegant.

  26. Glad you had a good time. You and Larry look like two kids in love:).

  27. You look so happy and chic. What a fun getaway with your sweetheart.
    Happy Friday.

  28. Looks amazing and what a brilliant stroke of luck choosing the hotel!
    Your JCrew trench is rocking NY...:-)

  29. Can you please list the outfits/clothes you packed? You looked wonderful. I am going to visit my son in Chicago soon and want ideas on what to pack.
    Thanks-loved the post.

  30. Wonderful looking trip. And you're so brave with the man with the gun. His hat looks very jaunty on you. The moccasins were a great idea and the looked great with your outfits. Chic hair, trench everything. Lovely fun post.

  31. Your NYC trip sounds wonderful. Your photo's are great. Love the one of you at the Ralph Lauren store. Hmmm, I might just be on the hunt for a stone cardigan. You look terrific sporting one! I agree that I would love to hear your weekend packing ideas. You are so good at simplifying and choosing the important stuff. Glad your weekend was memorable.

  32. Welcome back, were missed! It sounds like you had an amazing time on your trip. Thank you for sharing all of the pics with us. I especially love the one of you and Larry together. Such a handsome couple you are! :)

  33. Love New York! my husband and I eloped in that fair city.. and took one of those horse drawn carriage rides to the Plaza for champagne lunch afterwards.. great memories, thanks so much and welcome home!



  34. Don't you just love New York!!!!!! I'm so glad you had a great time.

  35. Maybe he'll play in DC sometime....have you been here?

    We have several RL stores,Rugby and the White House.

    Come here!

    xo jane

  36. That photo from Central Park looking back to Fifth is gorgeous. I love that corner of NY. Did you know there's a penthouse atop the Pierre? For a while it was the most expensive private home in the US. Even has its own ballroom. The view from Bergdorf's cafe looking up Fifth is magic too. You both look so happy. Makes me want to go back there again with my husband! Love those mocs too. I need shoes for a trip to Paris soon. Must buy those. Thanks for the great recommendation. xx
    PS Isn't the staircase of the new RL store extraordinary?

    1. yes, yes, yes!

      the penthouse you speak of was pointed out to us by a tour guide that was leading a tour in the park. we were not part of the tour but happened to be there when the guide was speaking of the penthouse. he said it was for sale for one hundred million dollars. and the staircases in both rl stores are extraordinary!

  37. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing.

  38. Oh Janet how wonderful your weekend sounded and so love all the gorgeous photographs too... Very handsome tour guide too! Fantastic. X

  39. you shoud work for nyc tourism! these photos are the best
    and you and your love are beautiful together.
    i read about jack white throwing a temper tantrum and walking off his show.
    it said he just left and didn't come back. he didn't like the 'sound' equipment or something.
    i remember thinking "oh no! he didn't! and janet went clear across the country
    to see him!!! how DARE he!" LOL.
    oh well.
    looks like your trip was wonderful in spite of him!
    tammy j

  40. Oh...this looks like such a good time! The Ralph Lauren store...I'd love to see that. Your Hotel looked wonderful. And I was really thrilled to see the Royal Tanenbaum House. I really love that movie. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Your husband is cute.

  41. Welcome back. We missed you too.

    Your trip looks magical. You two look like honeymooners... and native New Yorkers.
    I smiled when I read your comment about Mass at St Peter's. I was lucky enough to travel to France a few years ago: I went to Mass almost daily in Paris. It was amazing to be in the old cathedrals, surrounded by ancient art and holy music. It was truly sacred.

    Thanks for the memories!

  42. Those pictures of the horse carriages break my heart. Those horses are abused, hit by cars, spend their lives breathing in fumes, and have to run around a congested city instead of in nature. There's a movement to get them banned from NYC, and lots of nonprofits have documented the abuses and deaths they face. It's disgusting. I hope to never see another horse cart again in the U.S. just as soon as possible.

  43. Dear Janet, what a lovely weekend, I'm glad that you had a wonderful time. We went to New York one December and were frozen! Gold star from me for your packing.

  44. Look at you two, you are like honeymooners :)

    Thank you for recommending the hotel, tipps like this are always very helpful when it comes to planning a trip to NYC.

    Paula from Vienna

  45. Must be one of the nicer hotels in NYC! Thanks for sharing your fun experience!


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